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The mosque of the University

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Xi'an University Xi'an mosque is located in the north side of Xi'an University Xi'an West Street, opposite to Huajue Lane Mosque from east to west. The building scale of the temple is large, second only to Huajue Lane mosque in the East, so it is also called the West Temple. It is one of the oldest mosques in Xi'an.
Location of daxuexiang mosque in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, covering an area of 2700 square meters, construction time: 705 ad, scenic spot honor, 1956, listed as the cultural relics protection unit of Shaanxi Province
Historical evolution
According to the so-called inscription on the creation of a mosque written by Wang Yi of the Tang Dynasty, which is stored in the temple, it is recorded that "during the reign of kaihuang of the Sui Dynasty, its religion (Islam) entered China and spread around the world." However, it is a fake work. The year of kaihuang ended in A.D. 600, and Islam was founded in A.D. 622, which is inconsistent with historical facts. The mosque was built about 150 years after the introduction of Islam, but for various reasons, it was built and destroyed repeatedly. There is no trace of the mosques built in the Tang Dynasty. The mosques preserved in Xi'an city are the two mosques in the East and the West. They can be traced back to the song and Yuan Dynasties, probably built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties From Yuan Dynasty to the end of Ming Dynasty, it was rebuilt and expanded several times by saidianchi, Tiexuan, Zhenghe, etc. There are monuments in Yongle, Tianqi and Qing Dynasty. Since liberation, the government has twice allocated funds for maintenance. The layout of buildings, platforms and pavilions is solemn and solemn, the appearance is old and bright, the structure is spectacular and compact, the inner view is symmetrical and harmonious, and many steles, carvings and paintings are rare The mosque covers an area of 9.1 mu, with a total construction area of 2700 square meters. It is composed of Zhaobi, Shifang (with the word "government building times"), gate, three chambers, Provincial Center Pavilion, North South Hall, Beiting, Imam's room, bathing room, main worship hall and other buildings. According to legend, the Provincial Center Pavilion was built in the Song Dynasty. After Zheng He returned from the four voyages to the West in the Ming Dynasty, the mosque was rebuilt. After several repairs, it still remains the original.
The four walls of the main hall of the University Xi Xiang mosque are decorated with a pattern of flowers and engraved with the Qur'an and Arabic "DUWA". These leached pink and gilded sidings are the existing fine works of the old mosque of the unity of China and have high artistic value.
Scale establishment
The architectural form of the temple is slightly similar to that of the Grand Mosque in Jue lane, but the scale is small, and the layout of pavilions, platforms, halls and pavilions in the temple is proper. There is a large screen wall decorated with brick carvings on the opposite side of the temple gate. There are four pillars and three stone archways outside the gate, which are inscribed on the lintel of the archway. The Provincial Pavilion is one of the main buildings of the temple, which is said to have been built in the Song Dynasty. Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty was rebuilt into a four corner building with three floors and three eaves after he returned from his four voyages to the West. Behind is the North-South stele Pavilion. Inside the South stele Pavilion is the famous "Zhenghe stele", that is, the monument of Qingjing Temple rebuilt. In front of the hall is a broad platform surrounded by stone railings. At the front of the main hall, there is a plaque of Cixi's calligraphy "paiyantianfang". In front of the hall, there is a kiln hall, with the original Koran written on the top. It is a famous "Turkish" calligraphy. On the right is the Imam's speech platform. The main hall covers an area of more than 500 square meters, and can accommodate 500 people to worship at the same time. The walls are surrounded by flowers and grass patterns, and the Koran and Arabic are set engraved. The whole temple is solemn, solemn, compact and harmonious. In 1413 (the 12th year of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty), Zheng He sent to the West for the fourth time. He once invited the leader of the sect, Hassan, to translate in the temple.
The provincial heart Pavilion is a four corner building with three floors and three eaves. It is a solemn and elegant layout. Now it is painted with green and flying pills. It is exquisite and gorgeous. It is one of the main buildings in the temple. In front of the main hall. A broad platform surrounded by stone railings. In front of the stone railing, there is a stele Pavilion on the left and right respectively. The South stele Pavilion is famous. "Zhenghe monument", that is, "rebuilding the monument of Qingjing Temple". At the head of the main hall hung a plaque of Cixi's calligraphy "Pai Yan Tian Fang". The back center of the hall is the kiln hall. There is the original Koran written on the top, which is a "Turkish" style calligraphy with vigorous strokes and smooth lines. On the right is the ashen preaching platform. The main hall covers an area of about 600 square meters and can accommodate more than 500 people to worship at the same time.
The four walls of the main hall are decorated with a pattern of flowers and a set of "DUWA" engraved with the Koran and Arabic. These leached pink and gilded sidings are the existing fine works of the old mosque of unity in China, which have a high artistic value. The whole layout of the mosque reflects the early architectural style of the Islamic Parthenon temple in China by the architectural method of front wall closing. The college was listed as a cultural relic protection unit in Shaanxi Province in 1956 In 2009, there were 3 imams, 1 talented man and 7 academic directors in the temple. There are 5O0 households and 3000 people in the community, all of whom are Hui. We hope that Haji will be able to help you. Yuan Azhen, tie Fuquan, MI Ziyu and his wife, tie Zhixian and his wife, tie Zhiming, tie Yuanqing, Hui Haili, etc According to Zheng He's stele, during the reign of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty, Imam Hassan, a scholar and teacher of the temple, was once employed as a member of Zheng He's fleet and translator, and went to the West with him, making outstanding contributions to enhancing the friendship between the Chinese and Arab people.
Architectural characteristics
The Xida temple in the University lane was supervised by Yuchi Jingde, the founder of the Tang Dynasty. However, it is hard to say that there is no Tang Dynasty style in the investigation of its buildings. In 1523 (the second year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty), Liu Xu wrote the inscription on the restoration of Qingjing temple in Chinese and Arabic, and the inscription on the granting of Qingjing temple in 1857 (the seventh year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty). In view of the buildings, everything in the temple is completely arranged in accordance with the Islamic system, including the chapel, Xuanyu platform, bunker building, Imam's room, Provincial Center Pavilion, left and right stele pavilions, etc.; the shrine faces Mecca, lights are lit in the temple, and animal pattern decoration is forbidden. The hall is covered with glass and blue tiles, and there are floors and reliefs in the hall

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