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Tangyu Lake Forest Park

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Located in Lantian Tangyu, 50 kilometers southeast of Xi'an City, Tangyu Lake Forest Park was built by Shaanxi Wuyang enterprise group with an investment of more than 80 million yuan in 1998, including the whole Tangyu lake and nearly 10000 mu of forest land on both sides of the mountain, green mountains and waters, elegant environment. It is a large-scale tourism and leisure resort integrating tourism, accommodation, catering and entertainment. Here, there are peaks and peaks, valleys and forests. The pines and willows embrace an artificial lake with a water surface of more than 300 mu. There are also monuments and natural and cultural landscapes such as Shimen pass, Qipan mountain and Liuxiu refuge cave. There are mountains, rivers, hot springs, lakes, beaches, caves and pavilions, which can be climbed, explored, bathed, boated, fished and viewed District, Lantian County Government as a key investment projects Tangyu Lake Hotel, subordinate to Tangyu Lake Forest Park, has two guest rooms and five luxury villas, which can accommodate more than 500 guests of different levels at the same time. The restaurant is equipped with a hall that can accommodate 300 people at the same time, 10 large and small private rooms, a multi-functional hall that can accommodate more than 500 people for meeting, learning and entertainment, large and small meetings, billiards room, table tennis room, luxury KTV private room, outdoor bonfire party. It is also equipped with parking lot, swimming pool, speedboat, cruise ship and other water amusement facilities. It is an ideal service place for you to entertain friends, hold meetings and study, expand training, and have a holiday.
Tangyu Lake Forest Park is located 50 kilometers southeast of Xi'an City, Lantian Tangyu is open 24 hours a day, ticket price is free from 2016
Qipan mountain, a famous scenic spot in Shimen pass
Hot spring country city of China Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province suitable for playing season spring summer autumn three seasons suggested playing time 4 hours
brief introduction
Tangyu Lake Forest Park takes the forest landscape as the main body, Cangshan Mountain as the skeleton, Qingxi and Bitan as the vein, and cultural relics and historic sites are interspersed among them, forming a unique animation volume with a static landscape and a dynamic landscape, natural landscape and human landscape integrated.
From spring to autumn, the flowers here are colorful, pink apricots and red peaches, like silk, just like a blooming lotus holding up the East and West peaks;
Here, the mountains are green, the lakes and mountains are quiet and magnificent, the meandering streams are crystal clear and clear, the smoke is vast, the beads are splashed with jade, and the strange peaks and rocks are like paintings. Among them, the canyon stands on the wall, the stone path lingers, the ancient trees hang in shade, and the gullies are deep.
The legendary "Liu Xiudong" and "lover's Valley" will lead you into the beautiful fairy tale world and the legendary love story. Here is not only a mountain, a river, a gully, a peak and a stone are very unique and beautiful, even a forest, a wood, a flower, a grass, a tree and a branch on the mountain are so wonderful and magical. Walking in the garden, walking on the green land, the vast forest, the shade, the brilliant sunshine through the canopy of umbrella, the golden light spot full of winding path, the roaring peak over the top of the tree, the distant appeal echoed in the forest. At this moment, the feeling of transcendence and seclusion comes into being.
Quiet forest, fresh and humid air, how can not be intoxicated and fascinating. Through the development and construction in recent years, Tangyu Lake Forest Park has made great progress in the development and construction of tourism infrastructure and scenic spots. At present, Tangyu Lake Forest Park has formed a supporting service system of food, housing, travel and entertainment. It has become a bright pearl of Shaanxi tourism.
The magic of nature and the beautiful scenery in the countryside. If you are tired from your work, please come here to go boating and fishing, and enjoy yourself; if you are tired, please come here to enjoy the mountains and water, and relieve your worries and worries; if you are successful in your career, you are ambitious; if you have lived in the city for a long time, please bring your family and friends, come here to have a rest and express your feelings, and enjoy the joyless pleasure of returning to nature! The ancient and mysterious Tangyu River Valley, beautiful and moving historical legends and spectacular Forest Park will take you into the green dream.
Tangyu Lake Forest Park takes "guests first, love Tangyu Lake" as the service tenet, the staff are hospitable, simple and polite, welcome you here! We will wholeheartedly provide you with the best service.
Practical information
Ticket Price
1. Adult ticket 25 yuan / person, more preferential for group.
2. Children's ticket: 15 yuan for children between 1.2m and 1.4m in height, free for children under 1.2m
3. For the elderly over 65 years old, 15 yuan of tickets for the elderly can be purchased with the elderly card, and those with the longevity card or the officer card can be exempted from the ticket
Tangyu Lake Forest Park
Opening Hours
Open 24 hours a day
Tourism season
Spring, summer and Autumn
Accommodation situation
Economy room: 20 yuan
Standard room: 50% discount with door ticket 150 yuan / room - 200 yuan / room
Villa: 2800-4800 yuan / building of different grades
Group accommodation is free of admission, and the price is more favorable!
Traffic information
Take 920 Tangyu and get off at Tangyu station
Self driving
Drive taiyigong / Guanzhong Ring Road / S107 exit along Baomao Expressway to leave, enter taiyigong interchange and turn to Guanzhong Ring Road, the relevant central ring road enters Hongtang Road, enter Wenquan Avenue and turn right for 1.3km to reach the destination.
Catering, KTV
500-1200 yuan / table
KTV: Hall 1200 / field, big bag 800 / field, medium bag 600 / field, small bag 400 / field. (19:00-23:30)
Walking by the lake, there are various kinds of farmhouses on the mountain path, with different prices.
Entertainment items
Hook fish: 20 yuan for the hand pole, 30 yuan for the sea pole, 8 yuan / Jin for the wild fish in the lake
Suspension bridge 10 yuan / one way, cableway crossing 20 yuan

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