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Tomb of caiwenji, Lantian

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 Key cultural relics protection units of Shaanxi Province. It is located about 100 meters northwest of caiwangzhuang village, Sanli Town, Lantian County, Southeast of Xi'an city. Cai Wenji, a famous Yan, was a female poet in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He was erudite and talented. He could distinguish and understand the melody. He had not been in Xiongnu for 12 years because of the war. Cao Cao, thinking of talents and admiring talents, redeemed them with gold Bi. After his death, he was buried here. In 1991, the Memorial Hall of CAI Wenji was established, in which Cai Wenji's "Poems of sorrow and indignation" and Qin lyrics "18 beats of Hu Jia" and "biography of Dong Si" in the book of the later Han Dynasty were displayed. *

Cai Yan (about 177 -?) That is, Cai Wenji, a famous pianist at the end of the Han Dynasty. According to historical records, she is "erudite and talented, but also good at melody." Cai Yong, his father, was a close friend of Cao Cao.
Cai Wenji married Wei Zhongdao when she was 16 years old. The Wei family was a Hedong family at that time. Wei Zhongdao was an outstanding university son. The couple loved each other very much. Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. Within a year, Wei Zhongdao died of hemoptysis. Cai Wenji never gave birth to a son and a half of a daughter. The people of the Wei family thought that she had killed her husband. At that time, Cai Wenji, who was only arrogant at that time, went back to her mother's house regardless of her father's objection. After her father died in prison, Wenji was taken away by the Huns. She was only 23 years old this year. She was taken as the princess by Zuoxian king. She lived in the South Huns for 12 years and had two sons. During this time, she also learned to play "Hu Jia" and some foreign languages.
In the 13th year of Jian'an (208), Cao Cao remembered his friend Cai Yong's friendship and learned that Wenji was exiled to the South Xiongnu. He immediately sent Zhou Jin as an emissary, carrying a thousand liang of gold and a pair of white walls, and redeemed her. At the age of 35, under Cao Cao's arrangement, she married Tian Xiaowei and Dong Si. That year, the famous battle of Chibi broke out
Cai Wenji married Dong Si. At first, the couple's life was not very harmonious. Cai Wenji is always in a trance after suffering from the turmoil and sadness. Dong Si is at the peak of his life. He is a talented person, has a good command of history, is familiar with the melody, and has a high self-esteem. He naturally feels inadequate about CAI Wenji. However, because of the prime minister's encouragement, she has to accept her. In the second year after marriage, Dong Si died of a crime. She can't care about the gap and comes to Cao Cao's prime minister's office bareheaded. Cao Cao thought of his friendship with Cai Yong and Cai Wenji's tragic life experience. If Dong Si was executed, it would be difficult for Wen Ji to survive, so he forgives Dong Si.
From then on, Dong Si remembered his wife's kindness and re evaluated Cai Wenji. Both husband and wife saw through the world and lived in the foothills of beautiful scenery and lush trees. Several years later, Cao Cao hunted here and once visited. Cai Wenji and Dong Shisheng have a son and a daughter. Their daughter married Sima Shi, the son of Sima Yi.
Wenji married three times in her life, and her fate was bumpy. Ding Zhen described her marriage in CAI Bozhe's female Fu
A large number of women in Iraq are naturally favored by gods;
In the 28th year of the Chinese year, it's the best of Deng and Lin.
The language of the history of women's clothing is the same as that of the six columns;
Having participated in the court's training, he is able to understand and pass the cloud.
When the golden moon of spring, it will return to the sky;
She is wearing the light clothes of danluo and the golden and green mother of pearl.
Envies the glory to follow The Place luxuriantly, mourns the frost already to be numerous;
It's not a long time to grow old together, but a long time to live together.
Wenji is erudite and gifted in music. When she was 6 years old, she heard her father playing the piano in the hall. Across the wall, she could hear his father playing the first string. His father was surprised, and deliberately broke the fourth string, and was pointed out by her. When she grows up, she is even more a super musician. She missed her hometown day and night in Hu Di. After returning to the Han Dynasty, she wrote a heartbreaking piano music "18 beats of Hu Jia" with reference to the tones of Hu people, combined with her own miserable experience. After marrying Dong Si, she was sad and divorced, and wrote "Poems of grief and indignation", which is the first autobiographical five character long narrative poem in the history of Chinese Poetry (of course, some people think it is a fake one).

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