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Tomb of Zhou Zhili

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-11 16:00
Li Xuan (1624-1705 AD) was born in Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province, with the character Zhongfu and the number Erqu. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, the famous Neo Confucianism, sun Qifeng and Huang Zongyi were called three famous Confucians.
In the 12th year of Kangxi (A.D. 1673), the governor of Shaanxi, Eshan, recommended Li Yuan to the court with "Seclusion", and the emperor approved the call, but he refused to accept the excuse of illness. In 1678, Li Yi was recommended by the Ministry of rites as a "true scholar in the sea". The imperial court sent him to his home for urging, but he still insisted that he should not, and even committed suicide to express his determination not to be an official. After that, he moved to Fuping County to live in seclusion, closed doors to thank guests, devoted himself to research, wrote books, and did not associate with the world. Only when Gu Yanwu and Hui Sicheng visited, he was pleased to receive them and discuss their academic theories. In 1703, when he was old and ill, he sent his son to show his gratitude to the emperor and present his works, the four books against the body record and the collection of two songs. Emperor Kangxi said to Li Yi's son, "my father read and kept his mind, which can be called the end of the festival." he also wrote a plaque with four characters of "ambition is high and clean" and praised poems and verses. In 1705, he died of illness.
Li Yi's tomb is located in Zhouzhi County, his hometown. It is now a provincial key cultural relics protection unit.

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