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Zhouzhi golden monkey nature reserve

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Yuhuangmiao village, located in a high mountain depression in Qinling Mountains, is surrounded by mountains on three sides, covered with ancient trees. Every winter, golden monkeys gather here to roost, find food and mate.
Before liberation, because of indiscriminate hunting and killing, golden monkeys here are on the verge of extinction. After liberation, golden monkeys were listed as the first-class national protected animals, which were forbidden to be caught. Although the number has increased over the past, it is extremely rare. In 1979, a golden monkey farm was established in Shuangmiao township for artificial breeding and reproduction. Today, golden monkey nature reserve has been established here.
Golden Monkey
Golden monkeys, compared with other kinds of monkeys, are beautiful and strange. It has a large tail of about 60 cm, and is covered with long golden hair. The longest hair on its back is more than 50 cm long. Golden monkey is named after this. Its blue face and gold collar stand out most. Its biggest characteristic is that it has a pair of nostrils facing up to the sky on the blue face, so some people call it "the snub nosed monkey" or "the snub nosed monkey".
Most golden monkeys in Qinling Mountains live in the mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest with an altitude of 1500-2500 meters, and live a typical arboreal life. They eat, walk, rest, play on trees, and rarely go to the ground. There are fifty or sixty to hundreds of monkeys in a group, and there are hundreds of large groups. If you encounter a disturbance, immediately silence, body close to the trunk, watching the surrounding movement. In case of catching up, move quickly. They are quick in action and can climb as fast as flying. They can fly up to 40 meters at a time. They can fly hundreds of meters on the tree in a minute. Therefore, they are also known as "flying monkeys".
Monkey King is the natural ruler of a group of monkeys. He not only commands the activities of the group of monkeys, but also deals with the disputes among them. If a monkey fight is found, it immediately runs, chases and bites; the fighting monkey sees the monkey king, escapes quickly, becomes angry and tames, and a fight immediately subsides.
Golden monkeys love their young very much. In a critical moment, in order to protect their young, mother monkeys can put their lives aside. If she is caught by a hunter, the mother monkey resolutely throws the little monkey down the valley to escape, preferring to catch herself. People also saw this situation. When the mother monkey found that she was surrounded and couldn't get out, she immediately fed the baby monkey. She was afraid that the baby monkey would starve to death if she couldn't eat the milk. Some female monkeys waved to the hunter to stop shooting. In a very urgent time, the mother monkey put the little monkey aside and pointed her finger to her chest, which means don't hit the little monkey, just hit me if you want. In the past, some hunters saw the mother monkey's love for her son and couldn't bear to kill her, so they let her escape.
Now the state has established golden monkey nature reserves in Zhouzhi, Taibai, Foping, Yangxian and other counties in the Qinling Mountains, strengthened the publicity and education of forest management and protection of rare animals, and strictly prohibited the killing of golden monkeys. Golden monkeys no longer have to worry about protecting themselves and their young.

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