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The imperial mausoleum of the Han Dynasty

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In July of the 10th year of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty (197 BC), Emperor Taishang of the Han Dynasty died in the palace of Yueyang and was buried for ten thousand years. "Wannian" is a auspicious language. Gaozu took it as the mausoleum of the emperor. Wannian mausoleum is also known as "the mausoleum of the emperor" and the octagonal tomb.
"Three auxiliary yellow map" records: "emperor Gao buried the emperor in the north of Yueyang To the east of the mausoleum is the emperor, to the west is the empress Zhaoling. That is to say, at the junction of Yaocun village, lvcun Township, Fuping County and Tiexi Mille ditch, Yanliang District, it is 12 meters high and 28 meters long; the mausoleum of empress Zhaoling (mother of Liu Bang, Gaozu of Han Dynasty) is 4 meters high and 8 meters long, 120 meters northwest of the mausoleum.
Chinese name wannianling foreign name Wan Ling geographical location northwest of the old city of Yueyang
brief introduction
Wannian mausoleum is the mausoleum of the emperor of the Han Dynasty. It is located in the northwest of the old city of Yueyang.
The Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of social sciences has carried out exploration and trial excavation of the old city of Yueyang, and has also carried out investigation and drilling of the cemetery, which has yielded fruitful results. According to the drilling, there is a ramp in the middle of the four sides of the tomb under the cover of the square earth. The east one is the longest, 82 meters long and 10-35 meters wide This proves that the record in Huanglan that "the burial of the Han family, a hundred steps in the square, has been built into a square city with four doors, four connections, and six horses in full" (cited in the book of rites in the later Han Dynasty) is not false, so it also shows that the emperor was buried according to the emperor's rites. 120 meters northwest of the imperial mausoleum of the supreme emperor is another Tomb of a co buried empress. In the East, South and north of the mausoleum, the ruins of the underground walls were found, which basically surrounded the mausoleum of the emperor and the tomb of the empress. This is similar to the common Mausoleum of the emperor and the empress of Changling, reflecting the mausoleum system in the early Western Han Dynasty.
occupant of a tomb
Who is the owner of the tomb, that is, who is the co burial of the emperor's Mausoleum? Mausoleum of Sanfu Huangtu: the emperor's mausoleum in the Han Dynasty says: "the emperor in the East, the empress Zhaoling in the West." The investigation report also says from then on. However, this statement seems to be contrary to historical facts, which need to be considered.
Zhao Ling was the mother of Liu Bang. In the fifth year of emperor Gaozu, "zhuzun first called Lady Zhaoling" (the book of Han Dynasty, Emperor Gaoji). In the seventh year after LV Hou, he once again called his wife Zhao Ling Hou (the same book as "post Gaoji"). When Liu Bangbing got up, she had died of Chen liuxiaohuang and was buried in Xiaohuang. Later, she was also buried in Xiaohuang. This is clearly recorded in the old instrument of Han Dynasty. Such as Chun, Jin burning note "Hanshu" has also been quoted In the ten years of emperor Gaodi, Ruchun said, "notes to Hanyi: Emperor Gaodi's mother soldiers died in the north of Xiaohuang when they started, and later worked in the mausoleum Temple of Xiaohuang." Jin Shao said, "Han Yi Zhu" first buried Chen LiuXiao Huang. " Since the mausoleum of the empress Zhaoling is in the tomb of Xiaohuang, which is not buried with the emperor for ten thousand years, there are many separate references to the mausoleum of the empress Zhaoling in the book of Han Dynasty, some of them appear in parallel with the temple of the emperor. For example, in the fifth year of emperor Yuandi's reign, "in autumn and July, gengzi was restored to the emperor's sleeping Garden Temple, the original temple, the empress Zhaoling, the king Wuai (Gao zuxiong), the empress zhaoai (Gao zuelder sister), and the empress Weisi (Li Prince's mother) garden." "In March of the first year of Jingning, Xiaowen, Empress Dowager Xiaozhao, empress Zhaoling, King Wuai, and King zhaoai's garden were abandoned." "Wei Xianwei Xuancheng biography" records more clearly: "empress Zhaoling, King Wu AI, empress zhaoai, empress Xiaowen, empress Xiaozhao, empress Weisi, Prince Li and empress Li have their own sleeping gardens, which are combined with all the emperors. There are 30 At the time of emperor yuan Prime Minister Xuancheng Seventy people said: I thought that the Ancestral temple was in the prefecture and should not be repaired. Play ok. Because the empress of Zhao Ling, the king of Wu AI, the empress of Zhao AI Weisi, the prince of Li, and the garden of Li Houyuan did not worship the temple, and the officials and soldiers were ordered to guard it. " According to the regulations of the Western Han Dynasty (volume XIX), there are 32 dormitories in the Western Han Dynasty. Among them, there are Zhaoling Queen's dormitories, Xiaowen Queen's dormitories, Xiaozhao Queen's dormitories, xiaoxuanxu Queen's South Garden, etc. there are no other Queen's dormitories with the emperor. According to the post Han Dynasty book, Emperor suzong and Xiaozhang, the emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty still "sent messengers to the temple of Zhaoling and then to xiaohuangyuan." Therefore, it is clear that Zhaoling will not be buried in Wannian mausoleum, but in Chen Liu's own mausoleum temple.
According to the analysis of the shape and location of the tomb, the tomb does not belong to the identity of Liu Bang's birth mother. The imperial mausoleum of the supreme emperor is built by ramming the earth. The four sides are 68m long and 17m high. The sealing soil of the tomb was not rammed. The bottom is 22 meters long from east to west, 26 meters wide from south to north, and only 8 meters high. There is a tomb path in the middle of the North headquarters of Weimu, which is 41 meters long and 6-20 meters wide. The shape and size of the two tombs are very different. In the cemetery, the tomb of the emperor is in the middle, while the joint tomb is next to the north wall of the cemetery, and the tomb path is outside the cemetery. Based on a comprehensive study of the shapes and relations of the tombs of the emperor and empress in other tombs of the Western Han Dynasty, the identity of the tomb owner is obviously inferior to that of other empresses, and it can never be the empress Zhaoling, the wife of the emperor and the mother of emperor Liu Banggao.
"Hanshu · emperor Gaodi: ten years" in summer and may, the Empress Dowager died. " If Chun and Jin Shao deny it immediately, they think that "there must be no empress Taishang's collapse." And Li Qizhu: "Gao Zu's stepmother also.". According to the common sense, in the feudal society where the emperor and his concubines were in groups, the emperor would not be the only one who lived alone with Zhao Ling. Therefore, it is speculated that the joint burial of wannianling mausoleum should be the wife of the empress dowager, who was buried here to match the food of the Empress Dowager.

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