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Hongmen banquet site

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 Two Qin cutting divisions successively entered Guanzhong. One was Liu Bang's army, about 100000 people, stationed in Bashang (now Hongqing fort, Baqiao District, Xi'an city); the other was Xiang Yu's army, about 400000 people, stationed in Hongmen, Xinfeng Town, Lintong (now Hongmen Fort); the other was about three chapters of the law, first entering Guanzhong and claiming the king; the other was "breaking the boat" and destroying the overlord of the Western Chu state, who had 100000 Qin troops. The two sides staged a good play "Hongmen meeting" in Shaanxi, which is still talked about.

In the first year of Gaozu in the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.), Xiang Yuji listened to fan Zeng and invited Liu Bang and other people to Xinfeng Hongmen to seek affairs. This was a sinister plan to hide murders. Liu Bang, who had already obtained information, boldly went there accompanied by Zhang Liang and Fan Xiao. During the banquet, Xiang Zhuang danced with sword. It was clearly to boost the fun, but secretly to kill Liu. Thanks to Xiang Bo and fan Kuai, it would be very dangerous. Later generations often use Xiang Zhuang's sword dance to show Peigong that although there are names on the surface, there are actually other plans. Later, when Liu Bang borrowed the toilet, he returned to Bashang. Liu Bang escaped the disaster and was named king of Hanzhong. After four years of hard struggle, he defeated Xiang Yu. Mao Zedong said: "it is advisable to chase the remaining brave after the poor, not to sell the name of the overlord of learning."
Today, there is an exhibition hall built in 1985 at Hongmenyan site. According to the scene of "Hongmen banquet", the exhibition hall made an image and vivid display. Visitors can participate in the performance and experience the psychological duel of wits and bravery.

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