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Jingwei Wetland Nature Reserve

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  Jingwei Wetland Nature Reserve is located 20 kilometers north of Xi'an city. Weihe River, Bahe River and Jinghe River converge here. Waterfowl and its wetland ecosystem are the main protected objects. The construction scope includes Baqiao, Weiyang and Gaoling Baqiao, Jinghe and Weihe River confluence area, with a total area of 63.527 square kilometers. It is a typical river wetland landscape in warm and semi humid areas. It is an important habitat for waterfowl with more than 140 species of birds. It is also a transit, wintering and breeding place for migratory birds in China.

Before the 1950s, there was a vast distribution of swamp forest from Zhangjiabao to the Weihe River in the northern suburb of Xi'an. The branches of the river were crisscross, the reeds were ten thousand hectares, and there were many kinds of wild animals and plants. However, after 30 years of deforestation, only now Jingwei wetland still retains a relatively natural landscape, with an area of about 6500 hectares. The decrease of wetland results in the drastic decrease of water quantity of Weihe River, and the ecological self purification capacity of Weihe River is fragile. If we don't pay attention to it, the groundwater in Xi'an will be completely polluted within 30 years.
Wetlands, also known as marshes, are made up of land and water. Some wetlands are covered and soaked by water all the year round, and some are partially or completely dried up for weeks or months in a year. In general, cattail, rushes or Acer are growing in wetlands. It is neither land nor water, which is the unique dual attribute of wetland.
At the beginning of 1999, Xi'an wildlife management station put forward the idea of establishing Xi'an Jingwei wetland provincial nature reserve. After nearly two years of demonstration, it was approved and started project construction. It plays an important role in purifying groundwater quality, reducing sand and air pollution, and stabilizing the ecosystem of Xi'an. In addition, the wetland reserve can effectively protect 140 species of more than 20000 birds.
Xi'an Jingwei Wetland Nature Reserve is located in the intersection area of Weihe River, Jinghe River and Bahe River in the north of Xi'an city. It starts from Weihe bridge on Xihan road in the East, reaches Weihe bridge on Xitong road in the west, borders on Bahe bridge on caolin road in the south, and reaches 200 meters above the tableland on the North Bank of Weihe River in the north. The total area is 3029.83 square meters. Xi'an Jingwei wetland is an important river wetland and water bird concentration distribution area in the Weihe River Basin. It is an important "post house" for migrating birds. It has typical river wetland with abundant migratory bird resources. At the peak, the bird population is close to 20000. Famous scenic spots are "distinct from the Wei River", "Baliu wind and snow".
Xi'an Jingwei wetland Provincial Nature Reserve is located in the intersection area of Jinghe River, Bahe River and Weihe River, with a total area of 3029.83 hectares and a total wetland area of 2380.87 hectares. There are 169 species of wild animals in the reserve, two of which are state-level key protected animals, the great bustard and the Golden Eagle. The reserve is a good habitat for migratory birds and an important "post station" for migration. It has 14 orders, 30 families and 91 species of cormorants, herons, egrets and other birds, known as "natural bird watching Park". The development and utilization of wetlands can not only increase social wealth, alleviate the contradiction between population growth, food, energy and other resources, but also help to protect the environment and prevent natural disasters. Therefore, wetland research and development has been paid attention to by many countries, and has become a new interdisciplinary subject.

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