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Be quite distinct from each other

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The pronunciation is j ī ng w è i f ē n m í ng. It is an idiom from the natural landscape. The Weihe River is the largest tributary of the Yellow River, and the Jinghe River is the largest tributary of the Weihe River. When the Jinghe River and the Weihe River meet in Gaoling District, Xi'an City, due to the different sediment concentration, they present a unique landscape of one clear and one turbid water and one river, which are not compatible with each other, forming a very obvious boundary. Later generations compared the clear boundary or the clear right and wrong with the clear turbidity when the Jinghe River flows into the Weihe River, and also used to describe the clear turbidity of human character, and compared with two different attitudes towards the same thing.
The basic explanation of Chinese phonetic alphabet j'ung w è i f ē n m í ng Yang Yi Lu
Idiom interpretation
It is also called "dividing the Wei from the Wei". Also known as "jingweiziming".
Jing: Qing; Wei: turbid;
Jingwei River, the two rivers are clear, turbid and different, converging but not mixing. The metaphor is very clear.
Jinghe River is clear, Weihe River is muddy. When the water flows into Weihe River, it is clear and turbid. Metaphors have clear boundaries or clear right and wrong.
"The book of songs, the wind in the valley": it's just like this.
Jing Wei is divided into Ming Dynasty and Yuan Rong never plans to revenge (Lin Boqu's "harmony with Zhu Zong in Taihang rhyme")
Literature and science are not entirely different.
Jing Wei is divided into Ming Dynasty and Yuan Rong never plans to revenge. (Lin Boqu's "harmony with Zhu Zong in Taihang rhyme")
Weihe River is the largest tributary of the Yellow River, which originates in Gansu Province and enters the Yellow River through Shaanxi Province; Jinghe River is the tributary of Weihe River, which originates in Ningxia. The two rivers meet in Gaoling District of Xi'an city. The well-known idiom of "distinguishing the Wei River from the Jing River" comes from the intersection of the two rivers. It is said that at the confluence of Jingshui and Weishui, there is clear turbidity, clear boundary but no confusion, which is used as a metaphor for clear boundary.
The ancients thought that the Jing River was turbid while the Wei River was clear.  According to the textual research, in autumn rain sigh by Du Fu, a poet of Tang Dynasty, "where to divide the turbid Jing and the clear Wei", it is probably the embryonic form of this idiom. So, can we still see clear water and turbid water flowing in the same river and incompatible landscape at the intersection of the two rivers now? It's still possible.
What's going on here? Is it really the ancients' fault? In fact, from the perspective of the region, the Weihe River flows from Guanzhong Plain and 800 Li Qinchuan from Guanshi mountain in Gansu Province to the Yellow River, while the Jingshui river flows through the Loess Plateau in the whole process, which is an area with  serious soil erosion. As far as the sediment concentration of river water is concerned, it should be that the Jingshui is larger than the Weishui. According to statistics, at present, the Jinghe River transports 304 million tons of sediment to the Weihe River every year, with an average sediment concentration of 196 kg / m3; before the Jinghe River was not included, the Weihe River transports 178 million tons of sediment every year, with an average sediment concentration of 26.8 kg / m3. In terms of numbers, it's still a clean slate, especially in the dry season. However, in modern times, due to human activities in the Weihe River Basin, especially in the upper reaches, the environment is seriously damaged, and soil erosion is also an important problem. Because of the mineral composition of the soil in the area where the Weihe River flows, when the sediment content of the Weihe River reaches 10 kg / m3, the water color will be red and yellow. On the surface, there are still distinct natural landscapes, but the water color of Weihe River is deeper than that of Jingshui river. It's not the ancients who made a mistake. It's the human-made impact on the environment of the later generations, wh
Because of this idiom, there are many people who come to Jingwei meeting place every year to see "clearly defined".
English explanation
Concise explanation
as different as the waters of the Jinghe and the Weihe;
entirely different;
make a clear distinction between purity and impurity。
Example sentence
1. There is no clear line between professionals and amateurs in the field of Science: there are exceptions to any rule.
No clear-cut distinction can be drawn between profe ional and amateurs in science: exception can be found to any rule.
2. It can also be said that rational, diligent and talented people can be divided into two categories: the first category is that work and entertainment are completely different; the second category is that work and entertainment are integrated.
It may also be said that rational, industrious, useful human beings are dividing into two classes: first, those whose work is work and whose pleasure is pleasure; and secondly, those whose work and pleasure are one.
3. In fact, the logic truth and the fact truth are not completely different, and the difference between them is not absolute.
In fact, the logical truth and the factual truth are not entirely different, and the difference between them is not absolute.
4. The clear demarcation line between traditional media and Internet is also disappearing. The intersection is that both are information providers.

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