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Dongyue Temple in Xi'an

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Dongyue Temple in Xi'an
Key cultural relics protection units of Shaanxi Province. Located in changrenli primary school, north of changlemen, ancient city of Xi'an. It was built in Zhenghe period of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty to sacrifice Daizong (Mount Tai).  During the reign of Hongzhi (1488-1505), Wanli (1582) and Guangxu (1895), there were expanded repairs.
Dongyue Temple was built by the feudal ruling class to sacrifice "Daizong".  "Daizong", also known as "Daishan", is the Taishan Mountain in Tai'an City, Shandong Province. It is one of the five famous mountains in China. In the feudal society, people believed in gods and ghosts, and the rulers set up religion by means of the Shinto. They thought that "the mountain is high and there is spirit", so they built temples, shaped gods and sacrificed. Mount Tai was the East Mountain in ancient times, ranking the first among the five mountains, so it is particularly common to build Dongyue Temple.
The original building scale of this temple is very large. The Zhengshan gate faces south, and there are side gates in the East and West. The north gate leads to the current East Road. The East and west sides of the temple are symmetrical wing rooms, with the main hall, the middle hall and the back hall in the middle. In front of the hall are stone archways, stone lions and stone tablets recording the deeds of temples. The stone archway was built in the seventh year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1579 A.D.), with the four characters of "Dai Yue respects and worships" on it, and the carved work is fine.
The existing buildings are mainly the main hall and the back hall. The hall is 5 rooms wide and 3 rooms deep. Surrounded by porches and verandas, there are 24 bright red columns. On the front of the column base are reliefs of Erlong opera beads. The others are flowers with excellent carving. The front of the hall is decorated with dragon head. Diaolianghuadong, magnificent, still can see the past grand occasion. There are still large murals on the East and West Gables, which are still colorful.

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