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Louguantai National Forest Park

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Louguantai National Forest Park is located in the south of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, 15 kilometers southeast of Zhouzhi County, north of Zhongnan mountain. Louguantai National Forest Park covers a total area of 27487 hectares, with an altitude of 501-2997 meters. The plants are distributed in a vertical band, with distinct seasonal climate changes.
Louguantai National Forest Park is named after the Western Zhou Dynasty. Li Er (Lao Tzu), the founder of Taoism, once wrote the Tao Te Jing for five thousand words. The park is planned to be four amusement parks: donglouguan, xilouguan, tianyuhe and Shouyangshan. Louguantai National Forest Park is one of the first 12 forest parks in China approved in 1982.
Louguantai National Forest Park covers an area of 27487 hectares, opening hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00, admission price: 70 famous scenic spots Laozi lectern
Shangshanchi Park, a famous scenic spot of huannuquan, is 501-2997 meters above sea level. The official network price of Xi'an Qujiang culture and Tourism Co., Ltd. is 55 yuan. Xi'an, a city of China, Shaanxi Province, suggests that the best time to play is 2-3 hours. The best season is March November
Humanistic history
Historical evolution
In 1983, the Ministry of forestry approved the establishment of Louguantai National Forest Park in Shaanxi Province.
In July 1992, it was promoted to National Forest Park.
In December 1992, longruiquan drilling was successful, with good medical and health care functions.
In 1997, it was rated as one of the top ten landscapes in Xi'an.
As of the end of 2012, there are more than 50 scenic spots in the park.
After 30 years of development, Louguantai Forest Park has formed a comprehensive national forest park in terms of forest tourism, cultural display, biological protection, popular science education, leisure and entertainment.
Related poetry and Fu
Louguantai, a new tune of poetry
Li Lei (founder of the new style of poetry)
The bamboo sea overflows the ark,
A blue ox lies on a pine cloud.
Linquan wind dance,
Birds sing well.
Free from all kinds,
The world and the sun are new.
I have forgotten to enter the country,
The road needs no question.
environmental resource
geographical environment
Louguantai National Forest Park is located in a complex geographical structure and has a unique landform. The cliffs and crags on both sides of the river are grotesque, with deep stone gorge and beautiful valley. In terms of faunal distribution geography, Qinling is the intersection area of Oriental and paleoarctic animals. The two major faunal species infiltrate each other. The faunal species are diverse and rich, with obvious characteristics of primitive and relict. It is known as "green treasure house" and "biological gene bank".
Resource situation
Mountain resources
Louguantai National Forest Park is located in the East fold belt of the North Qinling Mountains, which makes Zhongshan District form many Canyon sceneries. The cliffs and crags on both sides of the river are grotesque, with deep stone gorge and beautiful valley. There are many kinds of water falls, waterfalls, Bitan and mountain springs. There are 34 waterfalls, 51 Bitan, 25 strange stones and 8 cave caves along the stream. The stream sometimes runs through the forest and around the foot of the mountain.
Water resources
Louguantai National Forest Park has clear and good water quality and weak alkalinity. Its chroma, smell, taste, turbidity, iron, fluoride, arsenic, chloride, mercury and other contents do not exceed the scope allowed by the state, so it can be directly used for domestic water. The climate is cool and humid, and the average temperature in July is 3-5 ℃ lower than that in Xi'an city. In Louguantai National Forest Park, except for a small number of villagers in the shallow mountain area, the deep mountain area has few people, fresh air, and a quiet and elegant forest ecological environment.
plant resources
Louguantai National Forest Park has beautiful scenery and different seasons.  Different climate and soil form obvious forest vertical landscape belt spectrum.  According to the altitude, from the bottom to the top, there are: pine and bamboo landscape forest belt, cork oak landscape forest belt, pine oak landscape forest belt, red birch landscape forest belt, fir landscape forest belt and subalpine meadow shrub landscape belt. There are rich seasonal changes in the forest and different sceneries in the four seasons. Spring, colorful; midsummer, green rich; autumn, colorful; winter, pine and bamboo Yingxue.
Main attractions
Guanyin Mountain
Guanyin Mountain was visited twice by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty in 137 B.C. and was named "Mount Tianfeng". It is said that Guanyin Bodhisattva showed his spirit and changed its name to Guanyin Mountain. There are many temples on Guanyin Mountain, most of which were built in Sui and Tang Dynasties and flourished in Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are Guanyin main hall, Queen's palace, Niangniang hall, Lingguan hall, mountain temple, Wanxian hall and other temples. Most of them are built on the top of the mountain, and they are magnificent.
Shouyang mountain
Shouyang mountain is not only a famous historical mountain, but also one of the main Daoists of Taoism. Because of the story that Boyi and Shuqi died of starvation on the mountain, it was written by Sima Qian, a historian, at the top of the biography of the characters in the historical records, and became famous.  There are Taibai temple, Wanxian temple, Tieban temple and other cultural relics.
Laozi tomb
Laozi's tomb is about 3 kilometers west of Louguantai, Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province. Lao Tzu, Li Er, was born and died unknown. In the late spring and Autumn period (about 500 years ago), he was born in qurenli, Li Township, kuxian County, Chu state. He was once a member of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. He is the founder of Taoist school and the author of Tao Te Ching. In the notes to the water classics by Li Daoyuan of the Northern Wei Dynasty, it is recorded that the water flows out of the South Mountain and then out of the valley. In the west of Daling in the north, it is called Laozi's tomb. Laozi's tomb is located on the West Bank of the jiuyu River, near the mountain. The elevation of the mountain is 730 meters. There is a natural stone cave named wulaodong on the top, which is 2.18 meters high and 1.40 meters wide. It is immeasurable. According to the Ming Dynasty "rebuilding the temple of my old cave" stele, there are stone letters in the cave, buried the skull of Laozi. At the top of the mausoleum is the Taoist temple of wulaodong. There are two tombstones, one is the Ming Dynasty's monument to the reconstruction of the temple of wulaodong and the other is the tombstone of Bi Yuanli, governor of Shaanxi Province in 1776. The three character stele of "Tomb of Zhou Laozi" written by Bi Yuan, governor of Shaanxi Province, a famous scholar in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty.

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