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Huxian farmer painting exhibition hall

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Huxian farmer's painting exhibition hall was built in 1976. It is the first county-level farmer's painting exhibition hall in China, covering an area of 7388 square meters. At present, there are 20 cadres and workers, and 6 professional and technical cadres.
There are eight exhibition halls in the museum, including Huxian county farmer painting history boutique exhibition hall, award-winning works exhibition hall, folk art supermarket, etc. The functions of the exhibition hall are: to contact, organize and guide the study and training of farmers' painters; to carry out the propaganda, exchange, artistic creation and research of farmers' paintings; to unite, consolidate, develop and strengthen the team of authors; to receive visitors to the exhibition.
The Chinese name Hu county farmer painting exhibition hall was built in 1976. It is located at No. 14, huazhan street, Huxian County, Shaanxi Province. It covers an area of 7338 square meters.
Huxian farmer painting exhibition hall is the largest folk art hall in China. It is located in the south of the middle section of huazhan street, Huxian County, Shaanxi Province, about 29 kilometers southwest of Xi'an city. Huxian farmer's painting exhibition hall was built in 1976, which was rebuilt from the original Huxian cultural museum. After 1989, it entered the stage of all-round development; after 1992, it gradually entered the stage of industrialization; in 2003, under the leadership of the current curator, Mr. Luo Zhijian, the exhibition hall carried out major reforms and finally developed into the scale of today. The Museum covers an area of 7338 square meters, with a building area of 2811 square meters. There are 8 exhibition halls with more than 500 works on display.

The farmer paintings on display are famous at home and abroad for their rich local flavor, simple regional characteristics and distinctive local characteristics. So far, Huxian farmers' painting exhibition hall has received more than 800000 international friends and 3.5 million domestic tourists from more than 90 countries and regions in the world. At present, there are more than 300 key authors, 38 of whom have visited 45 foreign countries for lectures, exhibitions and performances, and more than 19000 works have been exhibited in 68 countries and regions around the world. At the beginning of 2003, a folk art supermarket was opened in Huxian County, China. Farmer paintings, paper-cut, cloth art, iron art, straw paintings, shadow puppets, knot art, embroidery, black pottery and other exhibits fully demonstrate the unique folk characteristics of Huxian county.

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