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Hot pepper

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Spicy pimple is a kind of snack in Huxian county. It looks oily but not greasy. It has all colors and flavors. This is a very special paomo. Unlike the mutton paomo, which is cooked, the mutton paomo is half cooked, and he uses Guokui mo. The color of spicy pimple is bright, pimple is delicious, and the soup is sour and spicy. Very attractive, it is a very spicy snack.

Huxian county is rich in red peppers for generations. There are various ways to eat Hot peppers, including vinegar and hot peppers, syrup and hot peppers, dry spicy noodles, soy sauce and hot peppers. The best way is to sprinkle hot peppers with oil. The spicy oil broth, which is made by sprinkling hot oil on it, can be mixed with noodles, can be matched with a variety of pasta, and can also be made into steamed bun. It is a kind of multi-purpose soup food.

The spicy oil broth is prepared by sprinkling hot oil, but not by sprinkling hot oil, but by soaking it in warm oil. It doesn't feel hot and spicy. It gives off a pleasant and attractive taste.




History and culture 

It is a traditional snack in Huxian county. In Huxian county and Zhouzhi area, there is a saying that "the skin of qinzhen, the noodles in soup, and the garlic in chili pimple". Qin town is a town in Huxian county. People in Huxian County treat their relatives and friends with spicy pimples as the top grade. Moreover, they have a lot of research on the spicy oil broth in this pimples soup. First, the spicy oil is not thick, and second, the lips are not red. If the oil is thick and the lips are red, it means that the host is kind to the guests; otherwise, it's light to treat the guests, and we need to gossip. Foreigners come to Huxian county to enjoy spicy pimples.




Hot pimples: 

Material Science:

Pork, flour, shrimp, vinegar, mushrooms, sweet sauce, rapeseed oil, garlic sprouts, refined salt, five flavor powder, alkali noodles, leek, cabbage, oil sprinkled with hot pepper.


Cut the shrimps into small pieces, dice the mushrooms with bubbles, clean the tips of the pig's hips, cut the rice into large pieces, and cut the garlic into shreds. Put the rapeseed oil in the pot. When the pot is 80% hot, pour in the pork dice. Stir fry for 5 or 6 minutes. Add the cooking vinegar. Stir for a few times. Add the sweet sauce, shrimp and rice dice, refined salt and five spice powder. Add the broth. Simmer and stew over low heat until it is cooked and rotten.

Make facets. Melt the alkali noodles and refined salt with warm water, pour in white flour and dough, knead until smooth, roll them into 0.5cm thick flakes, and cut them into 6.5cm large triangular flakes.

Wash the cabbage and leek, chop them, add the shrimp, rice, five spice powder and salt, and mix them into stuffing.

Put the stuffing on the triangular face, fold back one corner of the face at two-thirds of the face, and then fold back the other two corners inward, press firmly, it becomes a pimple.

Put the broth in the pot, boil it with a strong fire, and pour it into the pimple. When the soup is boiled, add the minced pork, oil and pepper, salt. Cook for two minutes, then add the diced mushroom and shredded garlic, and put them in a bowl.

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