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Scallion Patty

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-30 17:42

Scallion big meat cake, a famous snack in Shaanxi Province, is golden in color, crispy in skin and fragrant in stuffing. Big meat, or pork, is a delicacy handed down from the Tang Dynasty.




< History and culture 

It is said that during the Tang Dynasty, people came to Chang'an (now Xi'an city) to pay homage to Xuanzang in order to appreciate Xuanzang's return from the western regions. Later, a royal chef brought the food to the palace, which was carefully improved to become a very unique Royal snack. As time goes by, this unique Royal meal spread to the people and was called "Thousand Layer meat cake" has been passed down for thousands of years. Now Beijing people almost know that the "court crispy beef cake" is this "Thousand Layer meat cake".




 the method of scallion big meat cake

1. Mix 500g flour with alkaline water to make dough, then add water and make dough, mix the remaining flour and rapeseed oil to make pastry.

2. Roll the dough into strips, pull the agent, and then rub the agent into strips, smear a layer of oil on it, and fold it back.

3. Mince the big meat with pepper powder and salt to make meat filling.

4. Press the flat agent, roll it into pieces and take the filling, spread it on one end of the dough, put the scallion on the filling, sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the surface, then wrap the filling, spread a layer of pastry on the other end, pick up the end of the filling with your right hand, press it while rolling, and then twist it into a spiral shape and press it into a pie.

5. Bake the biscuits in the oven for 25 minutes until both sides are golden.

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