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Jia Sanguan soup bag

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-30 17:40

brief introduction


Jia San is a famous person in Xi'an city. When you come to Xi'an, you should pay a visit to Mr. Jia San anyway, and taste his thorough innocence of people and the skill of Meilun Meihuan. Find Jia San, and you will find the real snacks. There are many snacks in Xi'an, "Jia San Guan Tang Bao Zi" is one of the biggest and most famous snacks in Xi'an.

Jia San Guantang also pays attention to the way of eating baozi: first, the time of steaming and hot eating is the best way to reflect its flavor; second, the technique is to clamp the end of the baozi with chopsticks, lift it gently, swing it left and right at the same time, so that the bottom of the baozi is gradually separated from the cage mat, then hold the baozi with a spoon, bite the baozi into a small mouth, then gently blow, wait for it to be slightly cool, suck out the soup, taste its fragrance, and finally Put the steamed buns into the saucer with sauce, dip a proper amount of sauce into it, and then taste it with delicate filling, thick soup and tough skin. If you eat it with Babao porridge or black rice porridge, it will have a different flavor.

"Jia San Guan Tang Bao Zi" is famous in Sanqin and the whole country. It has the title of one of the three famous and excellent foods in Xi'an (Dumpling Banquet, steamed bun with beef and mutton and Jia San Guan Tang Bao Zi). In the local area, there is a saying that "the number of baozi in Guantang is Jiasan", "the first cage in the ancient city" and "famous stars gather together, and all sages come together".




History and culture 

Jia San is the Hui people. The Hui people in Xi'an are almost all talented people who are engaged in business, finance and capital operation. At the same time, the Hui people in Xi'an have a long tradition of hard work, patriotism and education. Relying on the excellent national tradition and the professionalism handed down by generations, Jia San has created a series of delicacies named "Jia San" in the form of "pouring soup" after three years of initial creation, five years of foundation, ten years of concentrated discovery and 20 years of continuous innovation. The value and significance of "Jia San Guan Tang Bao Zi" is not limited to filling the gaps for Xi'an food garden, but also contains many things that make people think.



the method of Jia San Guan Tang Bao 

Production method: Sanxian soup bag, etc.

Main raw materials: flour, meat, seasoning.

Brief introduction: pours the soup baozi the material to be exquisite, the manufacture is fine. It's made of flour and scalded skin, with rib meat as filling, fresh bone marrow soup as filling, and more than ten kinds of top-grade seasoning as flavor. The steamed buns are delicious, tender and tender, with thin skin and soft tendons, exquisite and clear appearance, full-bodied soup, and not greasy at the entrance.


In the process of making Jia San Guan Tang baozi, the materials are selected strictly and finely, and the technology is complex and exquisite, which makes it deeply "halal three flavors", with unique flavor. Its characteristics are "halal delicacy, thin skin as paper, tender filling, fresh soup, and thick sauce".

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