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Oriental Pearl

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-10 10:49
Oriental Pearl 1

First, learn about Shanghai, starting with the Oriental Pearl.
One stop experience to understand Shanghai's past, present and future.
Listening to the past - Shanghai urban history development exhibition hall: it shows the historical changes of Shanghai from 700 years ago to now, covering an area of about 10000 square meters, and has collected more than 100 vivid wax figures. It is an innovative Museum integrating history, culture, appreciation and entertainment.
Take a look at now - 259M full transparent hanging sightseeing corridor: the 360 degree, 150 meter perimeter and 72 pieces of toughened glass all transparent sightseeing corridor can enjoy three scenic spots of "world wonders" with more than 420 meters of super tall buildings side by side;
Creative future - the 78 meters "more on the sea" ring multimedia show: with the Oriental Pearl's bright vision for the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in the next 70 years in Shanghai.

Oriental Pearl 2 

Two, Oriental Pearl Introduction & design concept: Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and television tower (the "Oriental Pearl") was officially opened in November 18, 1994, with a total investment of 830 million yuan. The Oriental Pearl is located in the Huangpu river of Shanghai and the tip of the mouth of Pudong Lujiazui. It stands in the modern buildings of Lujiazui, and shows the magnificent scenery of Shanghai as an international metropolis.
The Oriental Pearl City has integrated many functions such as city sightseeing, fashion catering, shopping and entertainment, history exhibition, Pujiang tour, exhibition and so on. It has become one of the landmark buildings and popular tourist attractions in Shanghai. It has been listed as the ten largest new scenic spot in Shanghai, and is the first 5A tourist attraction in China. The Oriental Pearl City Square and zero meter hall are now open to the public free of charge. Public visitors can freely enter the square and the zero meter hall. The Oriental Pearl Tower is becoming a favorite place for people to enjoy and get used to leisure, shopping, friends gathering, family and family outing.
Oriental Pearl 3

III. introduction to sightseeing products:
1.351m space capsule
Experience the magic of the space world at the top of the tower
Experience the magic glamour of the space world at the highest sphere of the tower.
Through the mysterious space and time telescope of the universe, we can find the star space capsule sightseeing seat in the universe. We can also walk in the universe with the astronauts, and discover all the mysterious planets. We must doubt that you are in the magic space capsule located in the Oriental Pearl 351. We seem to be an outsider who can experience the shuttle and adventure in the world and will have the chance to experience it. Interaction with "alien" visitors.
Oriental Pearl 4

2. 263m subjective light layer 263m sightseing Gallery
Take a look at both sides of the Pujiang River to understand the vicissitudes and rich cultural heritage of Shanghai
A panoramic view of the beautiful scene on both sides of the Huangpu River, an insight into the big changes of Shanghai and its found cultural heritage.
In Shanghai, it's hard to realize the whole picture of Shanghai today! Only when we embark on the 263 m subjective optical level of the Oriental Pearl Tower, can we see the two sides of Pujiang, the modern metropolis style of Lujiazui financial and trade zone and the all kinds of buildings with different styles in The Bund will instantly appear in your eyes. At the height of Shanghai's bustling metropolis, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery in the same time and understand the great changes and rich cultural details of Shanghai. This moment, standing at such a height overlooking Shanghai, will be your pride in life!
3.259m transparent Observatory
Walk in the air, 360 degree transparent glass sightseeing Gallery
Walking on air, the only 360 degree completely transparent all Observatory in the world.
When you stand on the glass corridor of the Oriental Pearl Tower with a height of 259 meters, a circumference of 150 meters and a width of 2.1 meters, although the weight of each square meter is enough to live over 2 tons, the moment you step on the transparent glass, you can see the endless flow of traffic, and the mighty Huangpu River, which is not far away, is bold even if it is bold again. No matter you are looking down at the bottom of your feet or looking at the whole city, you can't help but experience the unprecedented sense of reality!
Oriental Pearl 5

4.95M high altitude VR roller coaster 95m VR roller coaster
Scream together, take off, cross Lujiazui together
Let's shoot and fly, let's Cross Lujiazui.
In September 16, 2016, the Oriental Pearl 95 meter "high altitude VR roller coaster" was officially opened to the public. "Scream together, take off, cross Lujiazui together." The indoor VR roller coaster, with the theme of flying over the Shanghai intercity height, transforms the original indoor roller coaster of the Oriental Pearl Tower into the popular VR (virtual reality) technology, breaks through the limitations of traditional roller coaster's vision and sense organs, and opens a new era of more exciting, more shocking, more interesting VR Intercity High Altitude adventure.

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