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Shanghai Disneyland

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-10 10:49
Shanghai Disneyland  1

Shanghai Disneyland Resort is a world-class family entertainment destination specially designed and built for Chinese tourists. Here tourists can enjoy many days of leisure and entertainment. The entire resort opened in June 2016, including:
Shanghai Disneyland 9

A theme park - "Shanghai Disneyland", which is suitable for all people to play and built in the style of Magic Kingdom, consists of six theme parks, including "Mickey Street", "fantasy garden", "Adventure Island", "Tomorrow World", "treasure bay" and "fantasy world" with "Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle".
Shanghai Disneyland  2

Two theme hotels - including 420 rooms, elegant and unique "Shanghai Disneyland Hotel" and 800 rooms, full of children's interest "Toy Story Hotel".
An international shopping, catering and entertainment area - "Disney town" and "Walt Disney theater" will be located in it.
Shanghai Disneyland 10

A leisure area composed of quiet garden and sparkling Lake - "Xingyuan Park", integrates beautiful garden, cozy path and sparkling lake.
Shanghai Disneyland opened in June 2016, presenting a fascinating experience for Chinese tourists of all ages. You will be able to explore an unprecedented magical world, where everyone can light up their dreams. This is Shanghai Disneyland, full of creativity, adventure spirit and endless wonderful happy world. Here you can visit the world's largest Disney Castle - Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle, and explore six unique and unforgettable theme parks - Mickey street, fantasy garden, dream world, Adventure Island, treasure Bay and tomorrow world.
Shanghai Disneyland 3
I. theme park
As soon as visitors enter the entrance of Shanghai Disneyland, they step into "Mickey Street". It will be the first welcome Avenue in Disneyland around the world with Mickey and his partners as the theme. Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto will gather here. This colorful street is divided into four blocks, where tourists can hug and take photos with their favorite Disney friends. Among the various shops on the street, "m Street Shopping Gallery" will provide a rich selection of gifts and souvenirs in the park.
Shanghai Disneyland 4
"Fantasia garden" praises the wonder of nature and the joy brought by imagination. Its seven magic small gardens let tourists forget the clamor, or drive "Fantasia carousel" to whirl in the joy, or fly in the sky by "little flying elephant", or watch a number of landmark Disney entertainment performances in the park, such as Castle stage show and "lighting up the Fantasia: night light phantom show". Tourists can also enjoy the Disney theme float Tour - "Mickey's fairy tale special train" with a long route from multiple perspectives, and enjoy the colorful dancers with wonderful melody to interpret Disney's story.
Shanghai Disneyland 5

"Dream world" is inspired by Disney's animated films. It will be a large park in the park, and also The Place where the magnificent "magic fairy tale castle" is located. In this fairy tale fairyland, "crystal color adventure" takes tourists to wander through familiar Disney stories; "Seven Dwarfs mine cars" roam through the tunnel with diamond light; "little flying man's sky adventure" rides across the sky of Lundon in a spaceship; tourists can also accompany Winnie to explore the hundred mu forest and dream with Alice Travel through the fairyland maze.
Shanghai Disneyland 6.jpg

"Adventure Island" allows tourists to be in the newly discovered ancient tribes, explore the mysterious world and discover the deep treasures. The towering leiming mountain will point out a clear direction for the expedition to the island. Tourists either walk out of their own exploration road in the "heritage exploration camp", or cross the world and time and space in the "flying over the horizon", or take the raft of "Thunder Mountain rafting" to explore the hinterland of the island and explore the dark area where a huge mysterious giant beast lies.
Shanghai Disneyland 7

Treasure Bay is the first pirate themed Park in Disneyland around the world, allowing tourists to take part in the adventures of Captain Jack and captain David Jones. "Pirates of the Caribbean - the battle of lost treasure" uses cutting-edge robotics, animation, scenery and multimedia technology to turn the water ride project into a thrilling adventure. The adventurous tourists can also row "Explorer canoe" to visit the beautiful bay, step on the deck of Shanghai pirate ship, and enjoy the barbecue in "Barbosa".

Shanghai Disneyland 8

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