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Jiading Confucian Temple

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Shanghai Jiading Confucian Temple, also known as Xuegong, is a key cultural relic protection unit in China. It is located at 183 South Street, the south head of fahua tower in Jiading city. It was founded in the 12th year of Jiading in Song Dynasty (1219 AD) "to regulate Chonghong and Jia in other cities". It is called the first in Wuzhong. Before liberation, Confucius Temple suffered from the disaster of war.  After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of cultural administration allocated funds twice to repair the old view.  Although the existing buildings are only 67% of the original, they are still one of the more complete Confucian temples in China, which is called "the first in Wuzhong".
Jiading Confucian temple location: No.183, South Street, Jiading town, Shanghai opening hours: 08:00-16:30 admission price is free. The famous scenic spot Jiading Confucian temple is located in Jiading District, Shanghai City, China. Jiading town, Jiading District, Shanghai is suitable for playing season. It is recommended to play for 1-2 hours throughout the year Famous learning Palace
Basic introduction
Jiading Confucian temple, located in the South Street of Jiading town, Jiading District, was built in the 12th year of Jiading in the Southern Song Dynasty (1219 AD). It is called "the temple of Emperor Wen Xuan" and "the first place in Wuzhong" to regulate Chonghong.
Jiading Confucian temple was built in the 12th year of Jiading in the Southern Song Dynasty (1219). In the past 700 years, it has been renovated, rebuilt and built more than 70 times. Now it covers an area of 17 mu, and the temple system includes: one Dacheng hall with 5 couplets, in front of which there is a platform, 12 East and West verandas, three Dacheng doors with 5 couplets, one east and west corner doors, one pan Chi and three stone bridges, three lattice star doors, one stone pillar archway of "Yanggao", "Xingxian" and "Yucai", more than 10 meters of stone bars connecting the archway, 72 stone lions on the pillar head, three famous official temples, one land temple, and three ritual gates Couplets, 3 couplets in Xiangxian temple, 1 couplet in terms of loyalty and filial piety. The learning system includes: 5 couplets in the Minglun hall, 3 couplets in the front porch and 3 couplets in the ritual gate.
The Confucian temple construction system is not large-scale. At first, there were only the main hall and the Huacheng hall. In the ninth year of Chunhu (1249 A.D.), three archways were built in front of the grand hall, huangpan pool, and Shiqiao gate, namely "Yanggao", "Xingxian" and "Yucai". After 14 years, the main hall was rebuilt and named Dacheng hall. In the Yuan Dynasty, it was rebuilt into the Ming Lun hall.
Jiading Confucian temple is now the Chinese imperial examination Museum, which has five exhibition halls. They respectively introduce the history of the imperial examination system, the whole process of the imperial examination, and the papers of many top scholars. Confucius Temple introduced a lot of scholars who had passed the scientific examination and then became famous. Almost all the celebrities since Sui and Tang Dynasties mentioned that there are many precious historical materials in it. It introduces a lot of stories about scholars, as well as pictures and books.
Confucius statue place
The main hall of the Confucius Temple is The Place where the statues of Confucius are placed, as well as the instruments used for sacrificing the saints, many of which are musical instruments, such as chimes, chimes, guqin, Sheng Xiao, etc.  Around the wall near the beam of the house are some stories about Confucius teaching and between Confucius and his disciples. There are also statues of Confucius and 72 disciples in the hall.
There is an academy in the Confucius Temple, the famous mountain lake academy, and an examination hall imitating the imperial examination hall. There are some wax figures in it, which vividly show the state of examination at that time.
Architectural style description
The final building structure is that there are three stone pillars and archways in front of the gate, and two East and west "Xingxian" and "Yucai", respectively built in the ninth year of song Chun (1249) and the 13th year of Yuan Zhi Zheng (1353). The three arch bridges in front of the gate are very similar to the arch bridges in the Forbidden City, three side by side. The two sides of the gate are the inscriptions of Confucius Temple renovation or others' donation, many of which are carved by successive county magistrate of Jiading. The most recent stele was set by Jiading County Magistrate in 1991.
The "Yanggao" archway in the middle of the passage is about 9 meters high, with four facing double eaves. It was built in the fourteenth year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1586). Along the archway, there are stone pillars, on which stand 72 stone lions with different postures, symbolizing the 72 sages and disciples of Confucius. The buildings on the same axis with the "Yanggao" archway are Lingxing gate, panchi bridge, Dacheng gate and Dacheng hall. Dacheng hall is the main hall of offering sacrifices to Confucius. It is five rooms wide and five rooms deep. It has a double eaves and a rest mountain. It is solemn and solemn. In the east of Dacheng hall, the Ming Lun hall is spacious and magnificent. It was the place of "preaching, imparting and dispelling doubts" in the old times. Although Dacheng hall and Minglun hall were rebuilt in the early years of Guangxu, they still retained the architectural style of Ming Dynasty. Now there is a "test room" in the Confucian temple to introduce the ancient imperial examination system to visitors.
In the Ming Dynasty, Taoli garden was opened in the east of Confucius Temple. It was required to build pavilions and pavilions such as Lu Jufang, wenlaiju, and Zhongfang Pavilion. They were in the front half of Confucius Temple and Guicheng Jiangmen (South Gate of Jiading town today). Liuguang temple, which was built in the days of Tiansheng in the Northern Song Dynasty, was not conducive to the examination because scholars thought it would hinder the fengshui of Confucius Temple. So in the Tianshun year, the county ordered to excavate earth and pile up mountains to block the temples, so it was named Yingkui mountain. Then another big pool was dug to lead the five waterways near the Confucius Temple to the front of the temple. Yingkui mountain is located in the pool, surrounded by green water, known as five dragons holding beads. This is huilongtan, which was chiseled in the 16th year of Wanli (1588 AD) and has a history of 400 years. The scenery of huilongtan reflects the Confucius Temple, so Jiading Confucius Temple has both the beauty of landscape pavilions and become a major feature of Jiading.
In front of the gate of the Confucius Temple is the corridor. There are Xingxian, Yucai and yanggaofang in the East and West. They are all three rooms and four columns. The "Yanggao" archway in the middle of the passage is about 9 meters high, with four facing double eaves. It was built in the fourteenth year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1586).
72 small stone lions with different postures were carved on the top of the pillar along the stone railing. It symbolizes Confucius' 72 sages. The buildings on the same axis with the "Yanggao" archway are Lingxing gate, panchi bridge, Dacheng gate and Dacheng hall.

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