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Songjiang Tangjingzhuang

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Chu á ng is the oldest existing building in Shanghai. It is located in Zhongshan primary school, Songjiang District, Shanghai. The stone building was built in 859 A.D. (the 13th year of Tang Dazhong). It is made of limestone. It was overhauled in 1962. It has 21 levels and is 9.3 meters high. There are 8 sides of the building, which are inscribed with the preface of "Buddha's top respects the Dharma of torronnie", as well as the building inscription. Other levels, such as pedestal, waist girdle, canopy and other parts, are exquisitely carved, including sea water pattern, lotus flower, cirrus cloud, Lishi, king of heaven, Bodhisattva, provider and Pan Long, crouching lion and so on. The whole building is tall and beautiful, with delicate carving, well-developed lines, full of human, animal and even flowers, with a great Tang art style. In 1988, Songjiang Tangjing building was announced as "national key cultural relics protection unit" by the State Council.
brief introduction
Songjiang Tangjing building is the oldest ground cultural relic in Shanghai. The building is 9.3 meters high and has 21 existing levels. At all levels, they are folded into graceful warps in the form of brackets, corbels, columns, canopy, waist eaves, etc. most of them are octagonal. The whole building is tall and beautiful, majestic and beautiful, with delicate carvings, well-developed lines, full of human beings, animals and flowers, with a great artistic style of the Tang Dynasty. In 1962, it was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanghai, and in January 1988, it was announced as a "national key cultural relics protection unit" by the State Council (see the right figure).
The inscriptions on the stone building record its origin. The stone building was built by the Buddhist believers in Songjiang in 859 (the 13th year of Tang Dazhong). The building is engraved with the Sutra of Buddha's top honoring torronnie, which is used to spend the souls of their dead relatives and help the living to get rid of disasters and diseases. According to the inscription, the building builders are Le'an Jiangfu and Wu Xingshen Zhifu, the former being Zhu's mother in Suzhou, the second younger brother and duo of the deceased The sick young children benefit from transcendence, the latter is their dead parents Transcendence - later, the government officials will "stand on the thoroughfare" (Tang Wuzong Huichang exterminates Buddhism, destroys temples and other Buddhist buildings, more than 10 years later, Songjiang people are afraid of damaging the Buddhist temples again when affecting the Scriptures, so they will not build the Scriptures in the temples, but built the thoroughfare). The building was supported by more than 150 people, including 13 officials and more than 30 women. The donation items include skirts, quilts, curtains, yellow shirts, silk fabrics, Luoshui, Jingzhu, etc. These reasons are explained in the building inscription engraved on the building body. The list of donors and the list of donations are also engraved under it.
Due to thousands of years of deposition and long-term unattended management, by the 1960s, nearly half of the warped buildings had been buried in the soil, and only the building body and above ten levels could be seen standing on the earth pier. All levels of the ground are inclined, with a maximum deviation of 23.93cm.  The building body and all levels of sculpture were severely eroded by wind and rain, with many cracks and fragments. Only one eighth of the building's railings were complete. The situation in the mound is unknown.
In 1962, with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of cultural relics, a special fund was allocated to repair the Tang Jing building, under the technical guidance of experts from the Research Office of Shanghai Museum, and the cultural relics restoration workshop was responsible for the specific restoration.  First of all, the soil layer of 3M deep within 100m around the earth pier and the warping building is cleaned up. It is found that there are still 10 levels of substructure below the building body inside the pier. The stone strips are surrounded by the substructure and a wall of 3M high is built. Then the stone and soil are piled outside the wall to form the earth pier. At The Place 1.6m away from the ground surface, the Song Dynasty brick ground with stone buildings was found.  According to the situation of cleaning up, it is inferred that the weathering and inclination of this building became more and more serious from Song Dynasty to Ming Dynasty. Therefore, the methods of enclosing stones, building walls and piling up mounds were gradually adopted to prevent the collapse of the building.  During the cleaning, six pieces of carved stones were dug out, which were originally from the building and fell due to damage.
In the same year, restoration work began. First, dismantle all levels of the building on the ground, and then excavate the underground levels. After digging to the first level of the bottom floor, it was found that there was a Tang Dynasty style brick paved apron around the building foundation. While excavating and disassembling, mark the orientation and grade of stone components at all levels, carry out rubbings, photography and research, and formulate repair plans. The weathered stone components are connected by drilling technology and entrusted to Shanghai Guangming jade mold factory for construction. Stainless steel materials, epoxy resin and other polymer materials are used for structural reinforcement. In May 1963, the small carving parts on the upper part of the warping building were tested and glued successfully. In August, all the 21 grade stone members were reinforced and glued. In September, the recovery installation began. In order to solve the problem that the ancient ground is too low and easy to accumulate water, it is decided to build a 1.60-meter-thick strip stone foundation in the underground to make the foundation of the warping building slightly higher than the surrounding ground. The foundation ground is paved with Tang style brick apron according to the excavation and research data. Then, the 21 grade stone components shall be hoisted and spliced horizontally in turn, and the gap between each grade shall be filled with ancient coin shaped copper plate, and the horizontal position shall be adjusted. In October 1963, after the completion of the restoration and installation, the surface of the building was sprayed with silicone rubber to prevent the bluestone from absorbing water and delaying the weathering of the surface of the bluestone. The restoration was completed in November 1964.
Today, the Jingzhuang in front of people has a dignified and stable body, a magnificent and beautiful momentum, a harmonious and beautiful shape; the combination of each layer, the configuration of girdle and the laying of the ground are very appropriate, which is of great ornamental value.
Architectural style and features
From the bottom to the top, on the base and steps of bluestone, the first step is the sea water base, carved with waves and waves, with fine lines. The second level round dragon girds its waist and carves a group of dragons through the cave. Due to severe weathering, some of them are incomplete and without basis. The third level lotus leaf cirrus platform is divided into upper and lower slopes and middle sides, with cirrus cloud, Foshan and temple carved, and single leaf lotus.

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