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Dianshan Lake Scenic Spot

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Dianshan Lake, located at the junction of Qingpu District of Shanghai and Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province, covers a total area of 62-63 square kilometers. It is the largest fresh water lake in Shanghai. Dianshan Lake is the source of Huangpu River, the mother river of Shanghai. It receives the water from Wujiang area of Taihu Lake in the upper reaches, flows into the lake through 24 river branches, such as Jishui port, dazhushe, Baishi alum, etc.; flows into the Huangpu River through the East-West Maohe River and Xietang River in the blocking port.
Dianshan Lake is a weak tidal lake, which not only has the function of regulating runoff, but also has many functions such as irrigation, breeding, shipping, aquaculture, water supply and tourism. Lake area is rich in fish, shrimp, crabs and so on, which is a good place for aquaculture. The Su Shen route, which passes through the lake area, is an important water passage connecting the southern Jiangsu and the urban area of Shanghai. It is one of the main water sources in Shanghai.
Dianshan Lake, with beautiful scenery, is known as "Oriental Geneva Lake". Around the lake, there are five national AAAA level scenic spots, including famous ancient towns such as Zhujiajiao, Zhouzhuang, Jinxi, Shanghai Grand View Garden, Oriental Green Boat, Shanghai Sun Island, Chenyun Memorial Hall, etc. It is the training center of Shanghai rowing, dragon boat, sailing and other water sports. In 2006, Dianshan Lake was awarded the Sixth Batch of National Water Conservancy Scenic spots.
Since the 1990s, due to the discharge of pesticides and fertilizers around the lake and industrial waste water from villages and towns, eutrophication has occurred in some parts of the lake According to the data of the bridge in 2017, the water quality of Dianshan Lake is at the level of class V, and the main pollutant is total nitrogen.
Dianshan Lake is located in the border area between Jiangsu and Shanghai. Because of the smooth water system, it has historically been the shipping hub, the land of fish and rice, and the developed commercial area in southern Jiangsu. With the formation of the Yangtze River Delta city group, the region has become a hot area of investment and tourism.
The geographical location of Dianshan Lake is Qingpu County, Shanghai, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. The boundary area is 62-63 square kilometers, and the volume is 160 million cubic meters
Name evolution
Dianshan Lake was formed by ancient MATENG lake and guhu Lake in Song Dynasty. Therefore, the picture books before Song Dynasty had no name of Dianshan Lake. According to the records of Shanghai city and place names, in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was Dianshan in the lake, which was called Dianshan Lake. Because of the Dianshan and Xueshan beside the lake, it was also called Xuedian lake. There is a record of Xuedian Lake in the annals of Yunjian in Shaoxi (1190-1194) of the Southern Song Dynasty. Yang weiframed a poem named Dianshan Lake in the Yuan Dynasty, and Weijing, a scholar in the Song Dynasty, a poem named Dianshan Lake until the Qing Dynasty. Generally, two names of Xuedian lake and Dianshan Lake were used together. Qingpu County annals, Vol. 4, underwater, 1144, Xuedian lake, Guangxu period, Qing Dynasty. A Dianshan Lake is in the west of the county. Wang Chang of the Qing Dynasty had a poem named "after the rain, climb the Dianshan mountain and look at Xuedian Lake". According to Qingpu County annals published by Guangxu, "Xuedian lake is located in the west of the county, where there are mountains and dwellings. It comes from baiclam river of Wujiang river passing through the emergency water port, with several hundred Li around.". It also says "Dianshan, in the center of water in Song Dynasty Later, the tide and sand silted up, and gradually formed the enclosed field. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, it was more than five li from the lake to the north of Shanxi. " After the founding of the people's Republic of China, it was generally known as Dianshan Lake, but the name of Xuedian Lake remained.
Location context
It is the junction lake between Qingpu District of Shanghai and Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province. According to the records of Qingpu County annals, the boundaries of Dianshan Lake are as follows: Dianpu River (jiukaihe) in the East, Dongxiang port in the south, Jishui port in the west, and duchengtan in the north; blocking port in the southeast, xidunpu in the northeast, baishiji port in the Southwest (bamengdang in the old name), and Zhusha port in the northwest. From west to East, Jishui port is 8.5km away from Dianpu River; from north to south, duchengtan is 13km away from Dongxiang port, which is consistent with the old records; from northeast to southwest, xidunpu is 12.5km away from bamendangkou; from northwest to Southeast, Zhusha port is 9km away from Dianpu River, which belongs to Kunshan County boundary in the north. It is 1.5km from the west of bamengdang and 5km from the west of Jishui port, and it is the boundary of Wujiang county. Yuandang (Yuandang), which is adjacent to Dianshan Lake in Wujiang County, was originally Dianshan Lake Bay, and then became an independent lake due to the siltation of Lutan.
Dianshan Lake is a gourd shaped lake with a length of 15.3km (14.5km, 18km), a maximum width of 3.3km (9km, 8.1km) and a circumference of 35km. The area of the lake area is 62 square kilometers according to Qingpu County records, Shanghai toponymy records, Shanghai water conservancy records, and 63 square kilometers according to Jiangsu Province records, geography records and Kunshan county records (corresponding to the water level of 2.36 meters). Qingpu District of Shanghai accounts for three quarters (47.5 square kilometers) of the water surface, which is the largest natural lake in Shanghai, and Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province accounts for one quarter.
The area of Dianshan Lake has a shrinking process. According to Li Daoyuan's "notes to the water classics" (about 524), a river runs 70 miles southeast into a small lake, which is the second stream. It flows from the southeast of the lake, which is called valley water. According to the Wujun tujing (completed in 1038), there are four lakes in the northwest of Xiaohu, namely white clam, Mateng, Gu and Dai Wangwei. The description of Xuedian Lake in yunjianzhi (1190-1194) of Shaoxi in the Southern Song Dynasty is "there are mountains living in the 72 Li northwest of the county, the west of the lake is called Xiaohu, and the south is connected with Sanmao". It is also called "around the lake, there are hundreds of Li, confused, which is Mateng or guhu". Yang Weizhen's theme is: "half empty Pavilion, Dianshan temple, three sides of the boat with a boat at the mouth of the lake.". When the reed leaves ring, the wind is like rain, and when the waves are flat, the water is like the sky. The wine in the village is tasteless and tasteless. You can buy bass for nothing. Tomorrow, in the boundary of Wujiang county After that, I stopped to hang three sages with you (Note: three sages refer to Fan Li in the spring and Autumn period, Zhang Han in the Western Jin Dynasty and Lu guimeng in the Tang Dynasty). " The last two sentences of the poem show that it is a day's journey to cross the lake. It can be seen that the lake in the song and Yuan Dynasties should be broader. 

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