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Shanghai Wildlife Park

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Shanghai Wildlife Park, located at No. 178, Nanliu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, is the first National Wildlife Park in China, which is jointly constructed by Shanghai Municipal People's government and China national forestry administration. It covers an area of 153 hectares (about 2300 mu), and is 35 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai. It was officially opened to the public on November 18, 1995.
On May 8, 2007, Shanghai Wildlife Park was officially approved as a national AAAAA tourist attraction by the National Tourism Administration. There are more than 200 kinds of rare wild animals from home and abroad, such as giant panda, golden monkey, golden antelope, crested ibis, giraffe, zebra, antelope, white rhinoceros, cheetah and so on, and more than 10000. The park is divided into two major visiting areas, namely vehicle access area and pedestrian area.
Shanghai wildlife park is a theme park integrating wildlife breeding, exhibition, breeding and protection, popular science education and leisure entertainment, and won the honorary title of national popular science education base in 2015-2019 On June 1, 2019, Shanghai Wildlife Park held a naming ceremony, announcing that a 10 month old giant panda baby was officially named "July 7".
Shanghai Wild Animal Park Location: No.178, Nanliu Road, Nanhui District, Pudong, Shanghai climate type sub monsoon climate tropical area of 153 hectares (about 2300 mu), opening hours: 8:30-16:30, peak season opening hours: 8:00-17:00, national AAAAA tourist attraction ticket price 130 Yuan / person: famous scenic spots such as giraffe, giant panda, South China tiger, etc. completed on November 18, 1995. It is suggested to spend 3-6 hours playing, suitable for all seasons
Historical development
In 1995, the animal arena of the performance Department of Shanghai Wildlife Park was built. It is the first special venue for animal performance in Shanghai wildlife park.
In November 1996, an animal performance field, also known as the beast mountain performance field, was built. Since its completion, the beast mountain performance venue has undertaken a number of wonderful theme programs such as the national animal games, animal fashion show, new year's Gala, etc., and the level of animal performance is in the leading position in China.
In 1996, the construction of Sea Lion Performance Hall can see the most wonderful sea lion performance in the world.
On October 6, 1998, after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Africa, Shanghai Wildlife Park welcomed a group of special guests - South African wildlife. These 9 species and 150 animals arrived in Shanghai, China by special plane, including 34 giraffes, other white rhinoceros, Oryx, Sabina, springbok, blue horned horse, black horned horse and South African sea lion.
On May 8, 2007, Shanghai Wildlife Park was officially approved as a national 5A tourist attraction by the National Tourism Administration.
geographical position
Shanghai Wildlife Park, the largest national wildlife park in China, is located at No. 178, Nanliu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, covering an area of 153 hectares, 35 kilometers away from the city. The center of the park is 31 ° 0.1 'north latitude and 121 ° 7' east longitude.
Main venues
Pedestrian area
In the pedestrian area, not only many rare wild animals, such as giant panda, African elephant, Asian elephant, giraffe, chimpanzee, gibbon, lemur, flamingo, crested ibis, can be seen, but also many characteristic animal behavior displays and interactive experiences can be presented.
Flamingo exhibition area
The Flamingo exhibition area is the first sight of Shanghai Wildlife Park, where nearly 200 birds live in groups. Therefore, flamingo has become the "welcome bird" of Shanghai wildlife park. Flamingo, named for its red color, is mainly distributed in India, Africa and central and South America. It has a life span of 20-30 years and feeds on shrimps, clams, insects, algae, etc. Red is not the original feather color of flamingo, but the plankton it ingests. At the same time, the brighter the red is, the stronger the flamingo's physique is. The more attractive the Flamingo is to the opposite sex, the better the offspring it breeds.
Kangaroo slope
Kangaroo slope of Shanghai Wildlife Park covers an area of 2000 square meters. The green lawn is spacious and bright. There are more than 30 grey kangaroos and red kangaroos. They live here. They are gentle. Visitors can feed kangaroos near them, touch their babies, hold their mother's hands and take photos with them.
Takin Museum
The lingniu Pavilion of Shanghai Wildlife Park covers an area of 2000 square meters. Rockeries, waterfalls, tall trees, material tanks, water tanks are arranged in the exhibition area. Stones are used on the ground. The combination of stone and sand makes the water permeability very good, which is very helpful for the health of animals. The biggest characteristic of antelope is rock climbing, so the biggest characteristic of this venue is that it is designed completely according to the animal habits to meet the climbing requirements of golden antelope.
Giraffe Pavilion
The walking area of giraffe hall in Shanghai Wildlife Park covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. There are tall trees, material troughs, water tanks, and the ground adopts the combination of stone sand ground and grassland. Tourists can feed giraffes with leaves and experience the pleasure of close contact with giraffes.
Giant Panda Museum
In the giant panda exhibition area, half-year-old giant panda twins move their round bodies to meet tourists.
Sino American Museum
Tapirs in China and the United States live in dense tropical rainforests. They are good at swimming and climbing. They like to live close to water sources and rich in vegetation. In order to make their living environment as close as possible to their "Hometown", Shanghai wildlife park has equipped rockeries, waterfalls, trees, shrubs, grasslands, etc. in the exhibition area. This ecological display is more in line with the living habits of tapirs in China and the United States, so that they can enjoy swimming, wading and climbing.

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