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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall was completed in early 2000 and officially opened to the public on February 25, 2000. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, as an important window of Shanghai's foreign publicity, under the leadership of Shanghai municipal Party committee and municipal government, with the theme of "city, people, environment and development", shows the achievements of Shanghai's urban planning, construction and development to the people of Shanghai and even the world, lets the people of Shanghai know the urban planning, participates in the urban planning, and sets up a communication bridge between the municipal government and the people of Shanghai. After seven years of efforts, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall has become a civilized unit in Shanghai, a national AAAA tourist attraction, a national (and Shanghai) popular science education base, a patriotism education base in Shanghai, an environmental protection education base in Shanghai and a vocational internship base, and has passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality management system.
Chinese Name: Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall geographical location: Huangpu District, Shanghai, opening hours: 09:00-17:00, scenic spot level AAAA ticket price: 30 yuan, famous scenic spot "morning of Shanghai" art model, recommended 2-3 hours of playing time, China's city, Shanghai
In terms of exhibition means, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall combines tradition with modernity, highlights the use of high technology, and embodies the characteristics of comprehensive, open and public participation. It is a professional venue with rich deposits, complete facilities and comprehensive display of Shanghai image. The theme of exhibition is "city, people, environment and development". It was officially opened in February 2000. After five years of exhibition, it has received more than 2 million visitors. In 2004, according to the future development of Shanghai, adjustment and update were made again, which greatly enhanced the content and information, as well as the knowledge, interest, interactive participation and other aspects. It vividly and vividly demonstrated that the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall of the overall planning of Shanghai by 2020 is located in the east side of the people's Square and the people's Park to the north. It is an important window to show the achievements of Shanghai's urban planning and construction. It integrates exhibition, tourism, cocktail party, business and leisure. Planning hall is not only one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai, but also the latest urban tourism highlights in people's square area.
The construction area of the exhibition hall is more than 20000 square meters. In the exhibition area of more than 7000 square meters, Shanghai's urban planning and construction achievements are comprehensively displayed, which fully expresses the exhibition theme of "city, people, environment and development". It is known as the "window of the city" by the public. A large number of high-tech means are used in the museum to comprehensively display the future blueprint of Shanghai from 2020. The whole planning hall is highly professional, knowledgeable, interesting and artistic, integrating history and the future, giving people unlimited reverie. With its majestic momentum, large-scale exhibition style and modern first-class high-tech exhibition means, it vividly demonstrates the vicissitudes of Shencheng and the beautiful today and brilliant tomorrow of Shanghai.
With the theme of "city, people, environment and development", Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall fully displays the "yesterday, today and tomorrow" of Shanghai's urban development through detailed and authoritative materials and information, pictures, models, touch screens, multimedia demonstrations and other display means, which is the best choice to comprehensively understand Shanghai and deeply understand Shanghai.
In the exhibition hall, there are city models made according to the actual area of Shanghai reduced by 500 times, the old street style of 1930s, and the future urban landscape of Shanghai presented by high-tech means such as virtual reality and phantom imaging. Its main features:
1. Virtual reality: the first high-tech virtual film and television for tourists to watch in China.
2. Phantom imaging: the 14 meter long phantom imaging system, Nanjing Road, reflects the historical and cultural landscape of the first commercial street in China and is the longest phantom imaging system in China.
3. Information Port: Shanghai Information Port shows the recent development of information technology in e-commerce, industrial design, urban management, distance education, medical revolution and intelligent family. Through virtual reality, digital film, surface acoustic touch and other high-tech technologies, we can show you the infinite charm of the future network society.
4. Urban planning model: the urban planning model of more than 600 square meters vividly displays all the buildings above 6 floors in the inner ring road. This model is the largest urban planning model in the world. It shows you the blueprint of urban planning before 2020, which is the highest in Guinness.
Overall distribution
The exhibition hall covers an area of more than 3600 square meters, with a total construction area of 18390 square meters. The main structure is 43.3 meters high, including 5 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground. The museum is divided into three functional areas. Visitors stroll in the exhibition hall from bottom to top, and it will take two hours to browse it in a hurry.
The artistic model of "morning of Shanghai" in the first floor lobby, which integrates the landmark buildings of different periods in Shanghai, has a magnificent momentum and opened the curtain for tourists to visit. The huge relief of "one million people's relocation" and the largest indoor LED high-definition large screen demonstration wall in China set off the atmosphere with bright colors and high-definition pictures, and various demonstrations can be carried out as required.
The hall of historical and cultural city reflects the vicissitudes of Shanghai in the past century, and shows the rich historical and cultural connotation of Shanghai's urban development. With the help of various multimedia demonstration means such as simulation scene, film and television performance, phantom imaging, etc., the interaction and sense of participation of the exhibition are increased, presenting the unique urban cultural connotation of old Shanghai. Multiple complex images such as phantom imaging.

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