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Shanghai People's Square

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Located in Huangpu District of Shanghai, Shanghai People's Square is the political, economic, cultural, tourism center and transportation hub of Shanghai, as well as one of the most important landmark buildings in Shanghai. Formed in Shanghai after the opening of the port, originally known as the Shanghai horse racing hall, was The Place where the upper class held horse racing and other activities.
In a broad sense, people's Square is mainly composed of an open square, people's Park and some surrounding cultural, tourism and commercial buildings.  The people's Square, which is located in the center of Shanghai, covers an area of 140000 square meters. In the past, it was used as a place for people's processions and gatherings in the city, with a capacity of more than 1.2 million people. It is also the starting point of national highway 318.
The people's Square, known as the "city green lung", is located in the center of the city. It is a garden square integrating financial administration, culture, transportation and commerce To the north of the square is the location of Shanghai Municipal People's government, to the northwest is the Shanghai Grand Theatre, to the northeast is the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, to the south is the Shanghai Museum, and the people's Avenue passes through it. 17 meters wide green belts are set on both sides of the square, with a total greening area of 80000 square meters.
Under the situation of reform and opening up, it is inevitable to transform the people's Square. After more than six years of construction, the comprehensive transformation project of the people's Square, which was started in May 1988, has made a new appearance to the people of Shanghai on the eve of the 45th Anniversary of the national day. The transformed people's square has become a cross century political and cultural center in Shanghai, which integrates culture, greening and beautification.
Chinese Name: Shanghai People's square of Shanghai foreign name: People's square of Shanghai geographic location: climate type, subtropical monsoon climate, Huangpu District, Shanghai covers an area of 140000 square meters, open all day, ticket price is free, area of East China can accommodate more than 1.2 million people, total greening area is 80000 square meters
The origin of the Plaza
In November 1950, in order to unify the plane coordinate system of Shanghai, the land and political situation of Shanghai at that time measured the whole city. The origin of the survey is the flagpole on the roof of the international hotel, so the plane coordinate system of Shanghai city is determined. The international hotel is on Nanjing West Road on the north side of people's Square. People's Square is the starting point of 312 (Shanghai Huo line), 318 (Shanghai Nie line) and 320 (Shanghai Ruili line), three national trunk roads (i.e. "National Road"), all of which take people's Square as the "0" km starting point, which is also the end of 204 National Road (Yantai Shanghai line).
Change of square
Before liberation, people's Square and people's Park were famous horse racing hall.
During the Opium War
In 1861, Hogg, the director of the Horse Racing Association at that time, colluded with the British Consul in Shanghai to propose to Shanghai Daotai that a circle of land should be drawn as the track for horse racing. At that time, with the acquiescence of the local officials of the Qing Dynasty, he drove his horse and whipped his whip. Starting from the gate of the first department store, he turned to the West and made a big circle to the south. Then he circled it according to the traces of the horse's hooves. He forcibly expropriated 466 mu of farmland in the circle with low prices, forcing more than 30000 farmers to leave their homes, and built the "Shanghai horse racing hall" called "the first in the Far East".
Counter-Japanese War
It used to be the barracks of the Japanese aggressor army and the club of the American Army during the war of liberation.
Early liberation
The people's government took back the horse racing hall and gradually rebuilt it into a people's Park, people's Square, people's Avenue, etc. The Racetrack hall building has been transformed into a library, the grandstand has been transformed into a gymnasium, and the former gambling house has become a place for Shanghai People's culture and entertainment.
With the need of reform and opening up and the development of Shanghai City, it is on the agenda to completely transform the people's Square. At the end of 1993, the people's Square was reconstructed comprehensively and completed on October 1, 1994, the 45th Anniversary of the national day. The comprehensive transformation project of people's Square includes main building, municipal supporting and greening construction.
The main building is now seven. In the north of the central axis is the municipal building, and in the original sports palace stands is the Shanghai Grand Theatre.  To the East is the urban planning hall. Northeast of the people's Square is the subway station. On the south side of Renmin Avenue, there are three large-scale underground buildings in turn. To the southeast is the belt type underground shopping mall, to the south is the largest urban underground substation in Asia, and to the southwest is the largest underground parking garage in Shanghai. To the south of the central axis of the people's Square is the Shanghai Museum. First of all, the municipal supporting facilities of the people's square have preserved and renovated the granite pavement with a length of 600 meters and a width of 32 meters, so that the style of the people's Avenue in the hearts of Shanghai citizens remains unchanged.
On both sides of the road, a 5.5m wide green isolation island and a 6.5m non motor vehicle lane are built, and colored sidewalks are paved. Wusheng road has built starting and ending stations for the original eight bus lines, outlining an arc-shaped "Moon Island". Wusheng road parking lot has become one of the distribution centers of tourist buses. The large-scale greening construction of the people's square has made it connect with the 120000 square meter people's Park and become the two leaf "green lung" of the downtown of Shanghai, greatly improving the environment of the downtown. The reconstructed people's Square records a new page of Shanghai's history and becomes a new urban landscape with a new image and style of Shanghai.
People's square has become a symbol of Shanghai's urban civilization with its new functions of administration, culture, ecology, transportation and commerce, and its solemn, open and bright image. In 1995, it was rated as one of the "top ten new landscapes in Shanghai in the 1990s" and "top ten tourist attractions".
Multifunctional facilities
In the underground of the people's Square, there are also several huge municipal and commercial facilities.

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