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Jing'an Sculpture Park

Source:http://www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-09 16:40
Jing'an Sculpture Park, the only special Sculpture Park in the center of Shanghai, is an open city park. It is people-oriented, green based, sculpture as the theme, exhibition as the means, greening and sculpture, sketch interpenetration, harmony and unity of the city park; at the same time for the general public to provide recreation, leisure and art nurturing venues, create a model of Shanghai central urban park green space and cultural facilities.
Jing'an sculpture park is located in the east of Jing'an District, the central city of Shanghai. It has a subtropical monsoon climate. The base extends to Chengdu North Road in the East, Beijing West Road in the south, Shimen No, It is adjacent to Suzhou River in the north.
Jing'an Sculpture Park foreign name Jing'an Sculpture Park Location: Shanghai Jing'an District climate type subtropical monsoon climate covers an area of 65000 square meters opening time 6:00-18:00 scenic spot level AAAA ticket price free famous scenic spot Jing'an sculpture scenic spot type Sculpture Park affiliated to China Institute City of Shanghai recommended 1 hour
geographical environment
Jing'an sculpture park is located in the east of Jing'an District, the central city of Shanghai. The base extends to Chengdu North Road in the East, Beijing West Road in the south, Shimen Second Road in the West and Shanhaiguan road in the north. It covers an area of about 65000 square meters. On the East, it is closely connected with various regions of Shanghai by the North-South Viaduct of the main traffic road. On the south, it is connected with Beijing West Road. On the west, it is adjacent to Shimen Second Road and Suzhou River in the north.
Among them, the Shanghai Museum of nature (New Museum) was built in the park. Currently, it is not open for free, including student ticket, elderly ticket and adult ticket.
Development and construction
The first phase of the park, with a construction area of 30000 square meters, was started in October 2007. The first phase of the park is composed of two landscape axes and a sinking square to unify each zone. The main road trees in the park are mainly Ginkgo biloba. The neat and unified plant landscape makes the whole park more magnificent. A sunken lawn area is formed at the intersection of the two road axes, and the surrounding areas are coordinated with the surrounding scenic spots by planting simple trees. The row of Acer in the colorful flower belt makes people appreciate the beauty of its color and leaves while enjoying its neat rhythm. The neat and simple axis and square landscape connect the three characteristic landscape areas of the first phase of the park: Spring Scenic Area, ornamental flower border area and autumn scenic area.
The second phase covers an area of 36000 square meters and is built on the underground building of the 500kV underground power transmission and distribution station of the State Grid, a supporting project of the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The second phase of the construction is cleverly conceived to transform underground and ground structures such as the power station into intangibles, to transfer visitors' sight with a zigzag corridor that seems to enclose the space, to quietly conceal the structures, to melt them into a comfortable atmosphere and exquisite garden landscape. Through skillful gardening engineering technology and artistic means, we have created and built an ecological, elegant and environment-friendly natural environment and recreation environment by means of transforming terrain (building mountains, stacking rocks, managing water), planting trees, flowers and plants, building buildings and arranging garden roads.
Design concept
Jing'an sculpture park is to create a precious urban open space for the center of Shanghai with clear spatial organization structure and distinct Park artistic personality, reflecting the purpose of "being loved, used and integrated by the people". The park has become a carrier to display and teach art, to promote the communication between people and art, and between people, to increase the cultural atmosphere of the city, and to provide a good place for citizens to have fun and study.
Overall layout
Jingan sculpture park is mainly composed of six landscape areas: 1) entrance square 2) mobile exhibition gallery 3) central square landscape area 4) Magnolia petal landscape area 5) plum garden landscape area 6) small landscape area.  Taking the mobile exhibition gallery as the main line, the whole park connects the theme landscape spaces, and places different creative sculptures in each landscape area of the park in a relatively centralized and organized way, forming a series of distinctive spaces, thus enriching the landscape composition of the park and enhancing the interest of tourists in exploration.
Main attractions
Meiyuan scenic spot
Using the concept of traditional gardening and modern garden expression, we have meticulously built an inner garden of nearly 10000 square meters, which is naturally integrated into the whole sculpture park. In the plum garden, the designer engraved the 1700 year old cultural treasure "plum blossom happiness spectrum" on the gallery wall to reproduce the ancient plum culture and art treasures.
Longlang South Square
Near gate 1 of Jing'an Sculpture Park, there is a hundred meter long Cherry Blossom corridor. Flowering in March.
Tree array flower zone
Located in the middle of the park, it introduces various flowers such as Mediterranean pod fans, Yinji Xiaola, etc., and arranges 12 flower belts orderly by using the tree array area. Each season, the flower belts will be arranged with six to seven colors of flowers.
Park characteristics
Jing'an Sculpture Park, as the only special Sculpture Park in the city center, is a city public product with ecological function, artistic function and cultural function that Jing'an District is dedicated to building for Shanghai metropolis and the general public. The overall landscape image of Jing'an sculpture park is simple and exquisite. It is a successful case that fully embodies the organic combination of modern garden design techniques and traditional garden design concepts. Each space scale in the park is pleasant. The space layout is combined with the sculpture planning and layout, and each site is connected through the landscape footpath to form a unified and orderly display space.

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