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Shanghai flower port

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Shanghai flower port is located in Nanhui new town, Pudong, beside Dishui Lake in the East China Sea Opened in September 2002, it is a modern agricultural demonstration park focusing on flower farmer training, flower planting, new product display, new product R & D and seedling export.
It has 30 hectares of modern greenhouse group, 50 hectares of new flower display and popular science leisure park, 3200 square meters of new flower R & D center, and uses solar energy to provide green energy for flower growth and seedling cultivation, providing national agricultural tourism demonstration points, national popular science education base, and national AAAA level tourist attraction.
Chinese name Shanghai flower port foreign name Shanghai flower port geographical location Nanhui new town east China Sea Farm climate type temperate monsoon climate covers an area of 1 million square meters opening hours 8:00-17:00 scenic spot level AAAA scenic spot ticket price adult 100 yuan famous scenic spot tulip belongs to the city of China Nanhui new town, Pudong New Area, Haishi suggests a day of playing time, the best season in spring and Autumn
Brief introduction of Huagang
Shanghai flower port is an important measure to adjust the structure of agricultural industrialization in Shanghai. It is an agricultural park oriented to the whole country, serving the whole country, training flower farmers and exporting flower planting seedlings.
Shanghai huahuagang new flower popular science exhibition park is the exhibition area of Shanghai huahuagang, covering an area of 28 hectares. The buildings in the exhibition park have their own characteristics. On the opposite side is a 30 meter long white artificial waterfall, gushing down from the rock. On the east side of the exhibition area stand three classic style windmills of Chinese carpenters, showing a strong rural style.
In addition, various traditional Chinese wooden bridges and wooden houses have been built in the area. With the main function of centralized display, promotion of high-quality and new varieties of flowers as the main function, the new flower exhibition garden has become a beautiful business card of modern agricultural tourism in Shanghai. In particular, the large-scale new tulip flower exhibition held every spring attracts a large number of public students to come for leisure and sightseeing, further expanding the new content of modern agricultural tourism.
geographical position
Shanghai flower port is located between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Yangshan deep water port.
Shanghai flower port will be built into a functional supporting area of Nanhui new city, a flower gardening radiation area of Shanghai World Expo, and an urban modern agricultural demonstration area.
Planning area
The planning area of Shanghai flower port is 10 square kilometers, and the core area is 1 square kilometers, mainly composed of four parts. 1. 60 hectares of automatic control greenhouse production area; 2. 28 hectares of new flower varieties exhibition area; 3. 7 hectares of education, R & D and promotion area; 4. 3 hectares of supporting service area. Its hardware and software construction is leading in China and advanced in the world Tulip new products exhibition area covers an area of 28 hectares. There are 3.2 million tulips planted in the park, with more than 300 varieties. The exhibition area is featured with various styles.
3.2 million tulip plants were carefully cultivated by horticultural technicians. After soil improvement, nutrient matrix injection and planting method adjustment, the flowering period can be extended to the end of April for a full month. With the completion of the exhibition area, flower enterprises and farmers can order new varieties needed for planting every year without going abroad.
A whole set of new varieties and new ways which are suitable for planting in various regions of our country can make flower growers reduce costs and improve benefits Nearly a month's flowering period can let the public appreciate the charming charm of colorful tulips. The exhibition garden holds three thematic flower exhibitions every year. In addition to tulip flower exhibitions from the end of March to the beginning of May, the theme exhibitions of lotus, water lily and other aquatic plants are held from the middle of May to the end of September every year, with more than 80000 plants and more than 20 varieties.
Shanghai flower port tulip new product exhibition park will become a new highlight of modern planting technology agriculture and sightseeing tourism agriculture. It also provides new tourist attractions for tourists to enjoy tulip in spring, lotus in summer and chrysanthemum in autumn. Agricultural experts call it a new urban agricultural management mode for farmers and citizens.
Experience activities
Xinhuanet, Shanghai, March 24 (reporter Ren long) the 12th tulip exhibition of Shanghai flower port will be held on March 26. The exhibition will gather more than 3.2 million tulip, hyacinth, Narcissus, Anemone and other bulbous flowers of 500 varieties. Shanghai flower port has introduced new tulip varieties from Holland every year for more than ten years, and more than 100 new products will be settled.
From March 26 to April 25, Shanghai flower port will also hold a multi meat flower exhibition in cooperation with the private owner of multi meat flowers, who will display thousands of multi meat treasures. During the flower exhibition, Shanghai flower port also has Dutch Lily exhibition, Dutch Chrysanthemum Exhibition, acrobatic magic show and special parent-child vegetable picking experience activities in solar greenhouse.
Traffic information
Longyang Road Metro Station:
Longdong special line (direct) 6:30-16:35 (every bus interval is 20 minutes, driving time is about 2 hours)
Take the longxinlu special line to mianchang station and transfer to Pudong No.7 or Longdong special line (about 1 hour and 40 minutes for driving + transfer)
Zhangjiang metro station:
Take the Zhangnan special line to Nanhui bus station and transfer to Pudong line 7 (about 2 hours' drive + transfer)
Lingang Avenue station of metro line 16:
Transfer to bus No. 1078 (5 minutes to arrive) - Shanghai huahuagang

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