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Gulf tourist area

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The Gulf tourist area was founded in September 1998. Its name was changed from Xinhai commune (Preparatory), fengxinxiang and Fengxin town. Located on the Hangzhou Bay at the southern edge of Fengxian District, Shanghai, the district has a coastline of 13.7 kilometers and a total area of 17.2 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of one administrative village and two residents committees.
Here is the famous "bay international kite flying field", known as the "hometown of kites", a national 4A scenic area, Bihai sands, a kilometer long coastal sightseeing Avenue, a first-class standard Palm Beach golf course, an interesting and elegant Equestrian Club, a natural iron plate sand in the unique corner of Hangzhou Bay, a university park full of talents, the largest European and American campus in Shanghai Style Sea View Villas, including the first World Cup competition field of Shanghai coastal cableway water skiing, the largest coastal music fountain in Shanghai, the unique East China Sea Guanyin temple, the oldest water conservancy cultural relic in Qing Dynasty, Huating dongshitang, baowanrong Chinese Peking Opera costume art gallery, liuxiaolingtong art gallery, and No.1 camp Art District. The beautiful scenic spots, together with the traditional brand festival activities held every year, such as Kite Festival, equestrian Festival, dragon boat race, as well as "chasing the sea in spring, making the sea in summer, playing in autumn and worshiping the sea in winter", add a strong color to the atmosphere of leisure tourism in the bay.
In recent years, the Bay tourist area has won many honors, among which the national level honors include: the Bay women's militia post has won the title of "national 38 red flag collective", "Bihai Jinsha has won the title of national 4A scenic spot", and the Bay tourist area has won the title of "2013 'beautiful China' top ten Sea tourist destinations", etc.
With the development driven by innovation and the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan for cultural and creative development of Shanghai, a number of distinctive new projects have been launched, and the construction of the Bay will become Shanghai's dream of "the most beautiful ecological environment, the best livable health care, the best leisure tourism, and the best cultural creativity", which will surely be more brilliant.
Geographical location of the Bay tourist area the coastal area of Fengxian District in the south of Shanghai covers an area of 17.2 square kilometers
Fisherman's Wharf
Gulf International Kite field
Guanyin Temple in the East China Sea
Bihaijinsha, a famous scenic spot
Fisherman's Wharf
Gulf International Kite field
Guanyin Temple in the East China Sea
Shanghai Intellectual Youth Museum
No.1 camp art area
Liuxiaolingtong Art Gallery
Baowanrong Beijing Opera Costume Art Museum
Shell Nature Reserve
Brief introduction of scenic spots
Fengxian Bay tourist area is located in the coastal area of Fengxian District at the south end of Shanghai, on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay, with a total area of 17.2 square kilometers and 13.7 kilometers of coastline running east-west.
There is a coastal port of Jinhui port in the area, which is close to the port and the sea. It integrates Jiangnan Water Town, rural scenery, coastal beach and natural wild interest. It is a resort for urban residents to return to nature and enjoy nature, leisure tourism and business meeting activities.
"2016 innovation 'Internet wide tourism' and the fourth tourism integration and innovation (Sinan, China) forum" was recently held in Sinan County, Guizhou Province, and the highly watched "2016 most beautiful China list" was also released at the same time. Fengxian Bay Tourist Area won the titles of "the most beautiful tourist destination in China", "Fengxian cauliflower Festival", "zhuanghhang Fuyang Festival" and "the first batch of the most influential characteristic festivals in China" The "2016 most beautiful China list" is aimed at the tourism destination city (scenic spot), new cultural and creative brand (new landmark) and the most influential characteristic Festival. The list focuses on 10 aspects of the standards of "location resources, innovation and creativity, ecological green, cultural heritage, intelligent tourism, characteristic brand, leisure fashion, supporting services, management mechanism and social responsibility", which are published by the Internet The comparison of demonstration, expert advice, public concern, media monitoring and other links will finally come into being. Fengxian has won three awards this time, which is the recognition of the tourism industry for the charm of Fengxian's "want to leisure to Fengxian" tourism brand. Fengxian tourism will take this opportunity to further improve the tourism quality and promote the development of Fengxian's "global tourism".
Internal landscape
The first phase of the development of "nine scenic spots in the bay" in the Bay tourist area is as follows:
Seashore sightseeing Avenue: the newly built flood control Avenue, with a total length of 2.6km and a width of 13.5m, is equipped with simple and elegant street lights and a waist high tide wall.
Huating east stone pond: it was built in the third year of Qing Yongzheng, with a total length of more than 20 kilometers, just like a small great wall.
Shanghai international kite flying field, China: the first international kite flying field named by the State Sports Commission, holds international and domestic kite competitions every year.
There are more than 20 kinds of seashell seafood on the large beach outside the seashore sightseeing Avenue.
Fengxian national defense education base in Shanghai: there are warships, aircraft, tanks, artillery and other retired military equipment presented by the Chinese people's Liberation Army.
Seafood Street: with a total length of 408 meters, the whole street faces Hangzhou Bay, and the fishing boat wharf is next to it. It not only allows tourists to taste seafood, but also adds infinite interest to the trip by the sea view tower at the street entrance, the imitated European buildings on the street and several large Dutch funny cars.
Fishing center: there are nearly 267 hectares of fresh water and sea water farms in the area, with sea fishing, pond fishing and other projects.
Bay swimming pool: it has an area of 45000 square meters of sea water and 12000 square meters of man-made high-quality beach; island scenery - the fishing village Island (tanhu Island) located in the sea area of Hangzhou Bay, which is far away from the noisy city and full of natural interest.

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