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Oriental Land

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Located in Qingpu District of Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Land is the only large park in Shanghai that integrates development training, youth social practice, team activities and leisure tourism. Adjacent to the beautiful Dianshan Lake, covering an area of 5600 mu, including 2000 mu of water area. Oriental Green boat is composed of eight parks, namely, wisdom Avenue area, brave wisdom area, national defense education area, survival challenge area, scientific exploration area, water sports area, sports training area and life practice area.
In January 2016, the National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of environmental protection plan to identify the Oriental Green Boat scenic spot in Shanghai as a national eco-tourism demonstration area.
Chinese Name: Oriental Green Boat foreign name: Shanghai Oriental Land geographical location: Qingpu District, Shanghai, covers an area of 5600 mu, opening time: 8:30-16:30, scenic spot level AAAA ticket price: adult ticket 50 yuan, famous scenic spot wisdom Avenue, the country, the city of China, Shanghai City, recommended 4 hours of playing time, suitable for playing Season: March may, September November
Main attractions
Wisdom Avenue
Wisdom Avenue is a sculpture landscape road, 700 meters long. On both sides of the road, there are many famous Chinese and foreign scientists, thinkers and educators' sculptures, attracting many students to visit.
Simulation aircraft carrier:
A simulation aircraft carrier manufactured according to the original scale, with various entertainment facilities and aviation exhibition hall
Global village:
Global village has a variety of residential buildings all over the world, with residential functions, for tourists or students to live.
Island of knowledge:
It is a small island with plant knowledge as the main teaching content. Dozens of rare plants are planted on the island, and you can also look around the lakes and mountains.
Internal traffic
Tourism special line
Qingpu line a (set ticket) 021-64265555 (annual departure) departure time: 7:30-11:00
Yangpu stadium tourism special line 021-65803210 (departure on weekends)
Hongkou Stadium tourism special line 021-56961089 (departure on weekends)
Bus routes
Shangqing line: from Shanghai South Railway Station to Qingpu bus station (the end of the section, the starting point of Shanghai South Railway Station is in the South Square of Shanghai South Railway Station, and then transfer to Jinze and Shangta buses, such as Qingjin line and Qingshang line.
Shanghai Zhuzhou special line: from Shenkun road hub station to Zhujiajiao bus station, you can take No.71 medium volume bus to Shenkun road hub station in the urban area (people's Square, Bund, Jing'an Temple, etc.), transfer to Huzhu special line to Zhujiajiao bus station at the same station, and then transfer out of the station to Jinze and Shangta special line.
Rail transit
The terminal station of Shanghai rail transit line 17 is Dongfang Lvzhou. You can take Shanghai Rail Transit Line 2 and line 10 to Hongqiao Railway Station and transfer to line 17 to Dongfang Lvzhou station.
External traffic
Self driving line
Guide to Zhejiang's greenboat route to the East
Hangzhou departure - Shanghai Kunming Expressway - Changtai Expressway (to Jiaxing and Suzhou) - (Pingwang hub) - Shanghai Chongqing Expressway (to Shanghai Downtown) - under Jinze and xicen exit ramps - Open 720m right turn to Huqingping highway (11.1km to lvzhoumenkou)
Guide of Jiangsu green boat route to the East
Nanjing departure - Shanghai Chengdu Expressway - Suzhou north interchange to Changtai Expressway (in the direction of Shanghai and Huzhou) - Pingwang hub to Shanghai Chongqing Expressway (in the direction of Shanghai Downtown) - under the exit ramps of Jinze and xicen - Open 720m right turn to Huqingping highway (11.1km to the gate of Lvzhou)
Starting point of urban area
Starting point of urban area - inner ring line viaduct - Yan'an Road Viaduct - G50 Expressway (Huqingping Expressway) to Zhujiajiao exit - turn right and drive about 300m to Huqingping highway - turn left and drive about 4km to reach (East Green Boat gate 1)
Transportation in the park: sightseeing bus - 10 yuan for line a; 15 yuan for line B;
Charter price: 10 seats: 200 yuan / hour 13 seats: 300 yuan / hour 23 seats: 500 yuan / hour;
Bicycle (single person) 10 yuan / hour; bicycle (double person) 20 yuan / hour;
Four wheel leisure car - 40 yuan / hour
Pretty good place, nature, green oxygen bar, super big. It's suitable for tent picnic mats. It's hard to rent bicycles. There are almost no more than 4 people. They can only go by themselves. It's suitable for a large group of people to go together.
It's a big area. It's good to play with children at weekends. Puxi has been driving for about an hour. But the price is not cheap. There is not much in it. Flying kites is not bad.
The area is large enough, the children's Hai is huge, the environment is very good, the tickets are not cheap, and the cost of car rental is not low.
Ticket Price
The adult ticket is 50 yuan, the student ticket is 25 yuan, the 60-70-year-old ticket is 45 yuan, the children under 1.3 meters and 6 years old, the elderly over 70 years old (including 70 years old), retired cadres, active servicemen and disabled people are exempted with valid certificates. Some amusement items in the scenic area need to be paid separately.
Accommodation price
Green Boat Villa
Single standard room: 250 yuan / room, king bed room: 680 yuan / room
Room for three: 780 yuan / room
Superior double room: 780 yuan / room
Leisure Suite: 880 yuan / room
Superior Suite (including balcony): 1080 yuan / room
Landscape room (including sauna and balcony): 1080 yuan / room
Landscape Suite (including sauna and terrace): 1680 yuan / room
Japanese Suite: 2000 yuan / room
Extra bed: 100 yuan. The above rooms include breakfast and Oriental Green boat tickets.
Double standard room a: 552 yuan / room
Superior Suite: 1012 yuan / room
Extra bed: 80 yuan
15% service charge for each of the above, breakfast: 15 yuan / share
Deluxe double room of Lvzhou Hotel: 788 yuan / room.

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