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Fengjing ancient town

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Fengjing ancient town, which belongs to Jinshan District of Shanghai, is located in the southwest of Shanghai and borders with five districts and counties of Shanghai and Zhejiang. It is the most important "Southwest gateway" between Shanghai and southwest provinces.
Fengjing town is a famous historical and cultural town in China, and also one of the eight sceneries in new Shanghai. Historically, Fengjing town is known as the famous town of Wuyue because it is located at the intersection of Wuyue and Yue. Fengjing town is a typical ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River. The ancient town is surrounded by water networks, with crisscross rivers and 52 bridges. The oldest existing bridge is Zhihe bridge in the Yuan Dynasty, which has a history of nearly 700 years.
There are 29 streets, 84 lanes and lanes in Fengjing. Up to now, there are four ancient buildings, Heping Street, produc tion street, Beidajie street and Youyi street, with a total area of 48750 square meters. It is a large and well preserved ancient water town in Shanghai.
Chinese name Fengjing ancient town foreign name Fengjing ancient town alias Fengjing town administrative area category town area under the jurisdiction of Jinshan District Shanghai Jinshan District No. 281, Zhufeng Road, Fengjing town, Jinshan District, Shanghai telephone area No. 021 postal area code 201501 geographical location is located in the southwest of Shanghai, with the border area of 48750 with five districts and counties of Shanghai and Zhejiang Square meter population 67800 (2014) Dialect Wu dialect Fengjing dialect climate conditions subtropical monsoon climate famous scenic spots Fengjing archway, 300 garden, dingcong cartoon hall Airport Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Railway Station Jinshan north station license plate code HUC
geographical environment
Fengjing, an ancient town, is located in the southwest of Shanghai. Historically, she was known as the famous town of Wuyue because of her location at the intersection of Wuyue. Today, she borders with five districts (cities) of Shanghai and Zhejiang (Jinshan, Songjiang, Qingpu, Jiashan and Pinghu), and is the most important "Southwest gateway" between Shanghai and southwest provinces.
According to the status of the central town determined in the master plan of Shanghai city and the overall requirements of Shanghai's national economic and social development, and in accordance with the outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan of Fengjing town, Fengjing town will make full use of its location advantages, environmental capacity advantages, and potential economic development capabilities. By the end of the planning period, Fengjing town will gradually be built into a commercial, transportation, leisure, residential Cultural tourism and other modern livable cities and towns with reasonable scale, complete infrastructure and public facilities, developed economy, convenient transportation, beautiful environment and distinctive features matching Shanghai international metropolis are the leading functions of cities and towns. Therefore, the nature of Fengjing town is determined as: strong economic town, important commercial town, famous cultural town and new ecological town.
Historical evolution
Fengjing town became a city in Song Dynasty and was officially built in 1275. It is a civilized ancient town with a history of more than 1500 years. It is located between Wu and Yue. Fengjing town is a typical water town in the south of the Yangtze River, surrounded by water networks and crisscross rivers. It is known as "three steps, two bridges, one view and ten ports". There are many small dikes in the town, which look like lotus leaves. The forest is shaded, the lushe is scaly, the flow is fast, and lotus flowers are planted all over the town. It is elegant and beautiful, so it is also known as "qingfengjing", "Fengxi" and "Furong Town". It was selected as the second batch in September 2005 List of famous historical and cultural towns in China.
At the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, Nanxun, wangjiangjing and Shengze in Zhejiang Province were called four famous towns in Jiangnan.
Since 1430, Fengjing town has been divided into North and south, with the boundary river in the town as the boundary, Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province in the South and Songjiang in Jiangsu Province in the north.
In March 1951, the whole town was under the jurisdiction of Songjiang County.
Since October 1966, it has been under the jurisdiction of Jinshan County (Jinshan District), Shanghai.
The buildings in Fengjing ancient town are mostly of Ming and Qing styles, all of which have the characteristics of traditional Jiangnan powder walls and black tiles. The houses are mainly made of two-story brick and wood structure. There are wing rooms and patio between the front and back rooms, hall, instrument door and hall in the deep courtyard of the mansion. The front and back buildings are connected by walkways, which is called the walking horse hall building. The roof is mostly guanyindou and Wushan screen wall. Most temple buildings are palace style. The total area of ancient residential buildings is 48750 square meters, of which 9 have been listed as the first batch of immovable cultural relics in Shanghai.
The ancient town has a wide water network, crisscross rivers and numerous bridges. It is known as "three steps, two bridges, one view and ten ports". The ancient streets along the river are lined with trees, and the ancient town is quiet with water lanes; 39 ancient stone bridges span the river, including 1 in the Yuan Dynasty, 11 in the Ming Dynasty and 21 in the Qing Dynasty.
The Ruihong bridge built in the Ming Dynasty is located at the mouth of Hongqiao river. In the early Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a "Hongqiao Massacre" called "the earliest strike movement of workers in China". The Beijing Museum of Chinese history recorded and displayed the story. In the 22nd year of Kangxi (1683), a monument was erected in the holy hall for this purpose.
Fengjing is the birthplace of Jinshan farmer's paintings, which are famous both at home and abroad. Fengjing people love life, blue printing cloth, furniture carving, kitchen mural, lantern, paper cutting, embroidery, weaving and other folk arts have a long history. Rich folk culture and art gave birth to Jinshan peasant paintings. Jinshan farmers, who are mainly Fengjing farmers' painters, have created Jinshan farmers' paintings with strong local flavor and unique artistic style, which have a wide range of influence at home and abroad. There are many famous painters' ancestral houses in the town, and Cheng Shifa's ancestral house in Heping Street has been restored and opened. Dingcong cartoon exhibition hall in North Street is located in the Chinese and Western style building on the second floor. The museum displays Ding Cong's life and more than 100 comics. Humorous drawing often makes people linger. The Jinshan farmer Painting Exhibition Center in Shengtang lane of South Street is in the reading building of CAI Yitai, the number one scholar in the Qing Dynasty. It is elegant, but a pair of pictures reveal a strong local flavor.

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