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Jinshan City Beach

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Jinshan City Beach is located in Jinshan District, southwest of Shanghai, on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is adjacent to Pinghu and Jiashan in the west, Fengxian District in the East, Hangzhou Bay in the south, Qingpu District and Songjiang District in the north.
"City Beach" is the most important part of coastline development and construction, and it is the most Shanghai style city coastal landscape in the Yangtze River Delta. The water area is 1.5 square kilometers. Jinshan City Beach is a national 4A scenic spot and the first coastal 4A scenic spot in Shanghai.
Jinshan City beach location of Jinshan District, Shanghai climate type subtropical monsoon climate covers an area of 7.2km opening time: 08:30 ~ 20:30 scenic spot level national AAAA scenic spot ticket price Monday ~ Thursday: 30.00 yuan / piece Friday ~ Sunday: 50.00 yuan / piece coastal landscape corridor of famous scenic spot
Binhai Commercial Street
The country of artificial sand beach the city of Shanghai Jinshan District, China suggests a half day of playing time, which is the best season from July to August
Jinshan City Beach is located in the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay and the south end of Jinshan District, with a total length of about 2km, extending slowly from northeast to southwest, named for its close proximity to the urban area. The total length of the City Beach is 3529 meters, and the area of the Baotan dam is 1.5 square kilometers. By using the method of high water and hidden dike, the turbid East China Sea is isolated and a clear blue sea water is created. Jinshan City Beach is a city scenery coastline integrating sea view, sea interest, sea music and sea rhyme, and also a bright scenery line full of romance, fantasy and reverie. Jinshan City Beach adopts physical precipitation, biological degradation, artificial wave making, natural circulation treatment, supplemented by land rainwater collection system and water animal and plant chain, to scientifically transform the beach and create a Jinsha green water city landscape shoreline.
Jinshan City Beach is located in the petrochemical seashore where Jinshan Prefecture is located, 72 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai, and only 40 kilometers away from Hongqiao and Pudong Airport in a straight line. Now there is Xinfengjin (A4) Expressway, which connects the inner and outer ring lines of the city; the same as the three (A30) Expressway, which connects Shanghai Hangzhou (A8) Expressway and Shanghai Qingping (A9) Expressway; and Tingfeng (A7) expressway Hejiajin (A5) Expressway, a half-hour traffic circle in Shanghai, will greatly shorten the operation time with the city and other provinces and cities, and promote the economic development of the region.
Main play items
Form. The gold sand beach of 20000 square meters, which is laid by hand, contrasts with the sea water. It is delightful to walk barefoot on it, rub the sand on the bottom of the foot, and touch the waves on the surface of the foot. Under the sun umbrella, you can enjoy your tea, relax your mind, look at the vastness of the sea and the sky, and listen to the singing of the waves, which makes you happy. The world first-class Beach Volleyball Hall has successfully held the world beach volleyball tour and the No A national beach football championship; elite world elite model competition, wind summer music season, happy weekend and other large-scale cultural activities, which add color to the vibrant Golden Beach; the 1600 meter long coastal landscape corridor, which is winding and slender, delicate and full of atmosphere, attracts numerous tourists to slow down the happy pace; Jinshan three islands surrounded by green waves, with its beautiful legends The unique resources add endless charm to Jinshan coastline; the modern and fashionable Binhai leisure commercial street is a good place for people to shop and have fun, with a variety of featured goods and s
Jinshan City Beach also has the only floating swimming pool in the world, which is the first natural diving point in Shanghai. Here you can experience the fun of swimming with groups of small fish. The sea swimming pool is located in the water area of the City Beach facing the sand drain hall. It is a floating swimming pool built in the middle of the sea with a buoy. It is 50m long, 25m wide and 1.5m deep, surrounded by water on all sides. The sea swimming pool is the latest concept of water entertainment project in the world, where the water quality is crystal clear. There is also a children's play pool for children on one side of the pool.
The artificial golden sand and clear sea water form a beautiful contrast, and the built landscape corridor nestles against the beach. On the top of the corridor is a white wavy ceiling. When the lights on both sides of the corridor are on at night, the whole corridor is like a long rolling pearl belt. The waves are undulating and beautiful. There are also a series of grand events here, such as "world beach volleyball match" and "wind summer music season", which have become the business card of Jinshan coastline.
Scenic spot management
In 2011, in addition to large-scale activities and sports events held in the city, closed management is required, and the full open management will be implemented on weekdays. Tourists can enjoy the summer by the sea without buying tickets during the opening hours.
The City Beach is open to the public at 8:30 every day. Tourists don't have to buy tickets to enter the beach. It is cleared at 9:00 in the evening.

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