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Lujiazui Central Green Space

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Lujiazui Central Green Space





Lujiazui Central green space, located in the core area of Lujiazui financial and Trade Center in Pudong New Area and on the left side of the Pudong exit of Yan'an east road tunnel, is the largest open lawn in Shanghai. The central green space covers an area of 100000 square meters, with undulating terrain, mainly green, supplemented by waterscape, which is simple, natural, transparent and spectacular, forming a pleasant scene of modern financial city, known as urban green lung. The color abstract group sculpture "spring" in the Green Space Center fully shows the features of a modern city in Pudong New Area.

Lujiazui Central green space has become one of the best urban landscapes in Shanghai. Every year, there are rich cultural and artistic activities held here.


Layout of scenic spots

Lujiazui Central green space is located in the core area of Lujiazui financial and Trade Center in Pudong New Area, on the left side of the Pudong exit of Yan'an east road tunnel.

Lujiazui Central Green Space from the beginning of the entrance square, gives people a broad and rich impression of the times. The entrance of green space is a group of sculptures with the theme of "spring". This group of sculptures is composed of eight blooming steel mushroom lamps. Through the scattered changes of height, size and thickness, they show a vigorous and vigorous vitality with a strong sense of rhythm.

The central green space is mainly green, supplemented by waterscape, with undulating terrain.

The lawn area of the central green space is 65000 square meters, sown with German cold season grass species, evergreen all year round. The central green space is shaded by camphor trees, dotted with weeping willow, Magnolia, ginkgo, cedar, Magnolia, boxwood, red maple and other plants, adding infinite vitality and vitality to the green space. The lights, chairs and sculptures of the green space are carefully arranged and integrated with the environment.

In the west, it is a more than 600 square meter viewing tent with a full range of internal service facilities. It can carry out small and medium-sized performances, overlooking the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and the entire tent like a white conch near the lake.

Since 2012, the green space of Lujiazui center has added a new walking path of about 800 meters, and a series of facilities such as leisure seats and direct water dispensers.

Man-made Lake

The center of the green space is an artificial lake with an area of 8600 square meters in the shape of Pudong New Area. The road winding on the lawn outlines the outline of Magnolia. The road and water body are just like a high standard of Shanghai. A 40 meter high main fountain is set in the center of the artificial lake, surrounded by a secondary fountain. When the water is ejected from the fountain, the double-layer circular secondary fountain is surrounded by the towering main spray water column, which is like a silver dragon flying, very spectacular.

The south side of the artificial lake is a hydrophilic platform, on which there is a group of white European style awnings. Under the awning, there are stone round tables and stools, surrounded by low wooden fences. The combination of Chinese and Western Garden reflects the inclusiveness of the sea and rivers. There are two groups of sculptures near the lawn on one side of the hydrophilic platform. One group is that three foreign young people with backpacks are looking up at the tall buildings. The other group is that three white-collar young people are chatting. The west side of the artificial lake is a huge white conch like viewing canopy, which creates a leisure and comfortable place for tourists in the open green space. On the terraced front platform, there are modeling chairs with abstract avant-garde, green tablets and a tall building with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower as its axis.

Ying Chuan small building

In the south of the central green space, there is a house on the second floor of the third courtyard with four entrances, which embodies the typical style of the integration of Chinese and Western architectural culture. Because the Chinese style and Western style are twisted together in other places, the local people also call it the flower wringing house. This building, which is engraved with the vicissitudes of the years, is the only house that was preserved when the land of gold was moved. It has an elegant name, Yingchuan Xiaozhu, and its original owner is Chen Guichun. In the process of green space construction, the old house has been studied many times and renovated. After renovation, it has been used as the exhibition room of Lujiazui development.

Cultural Activity

From June 15 to 16, 2012, the youth culture theme activity of "Shanghai circle" jointly sponsored by 50 industry flagship units in Shanghai was held in Lujiazui Central green space, attracting nearly 10000 young people from Lujiazui to participate in the two days, which can be called a new breakthrough and bright spot in the cultural construction of young white-collar workers in Shanghai in recent years.

In July and August 2012, the third Shanghai summer music festival, jointly sponsored by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Pudong New Area People's government and Huangpu District People's government, was held with Lujiazui Central green space as the main venue.

On July 20, 2013, the children's opera "Noah's flood" created by Benjamin Britton, a famous British musician, was performed in Lujiazui Central green space. The flood of Noah is a one act opera created by the composer in the mid-1950s, which has a distinctive color of children's interest. The play interprets the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible from a new artistic perspective.

From March 26 to April 13, 2014, "Wanma Pentium Chinese dream - 2014 micro color painting new art experiment Exhibition" was held in Lujiazui Central Green Park. 108 well-known artists and designers jointly launched 108 Installation Art Horse works, which not only created a new urban landscape for Lujiazui, but also presented the pioneer art form of "micro color painting" and mobile Internet technology such as "color painting code".

Evaluation of honor

The open space of Lujiazui Central Green Space enables visitors to enjoy the spectacular outline of surrounding high-rise buildings in an all-round way, and creates a transition space with green, which becomes a huge ventilator in Lujiazui Central Area, improving the environmental quality of the whole Lujiazui area. The central green space and surrounding high-rise buildings jointly build and improve the urban landscape of Lujiazui Central area View and function system.

Lujiazui Central green space has become one of the best urban landscapes in Shanghai.

In January 2002, Lujiazui Central Green Land and Binjiang Avenue, located in Pudong, were appraised and certified by SGS Swiss SA international certification service agency and won ISO14001 certificate, which is the first case in the field of comprehensive green management in China.

Tour reference

Transportation: get off at Lujiazui Station of Metro Line 2.

Surrounding attractions: Shanghai world financial center, Oriental Pearl, Jinmao Tower, Binjiang Avenue, Pujiang tour, Shanghai aquarium.

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