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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium





Shanghai marine aquarium is located at 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, next to the Oriental Pearl Tower. It is jointly invested by Singapore Xingya group and China Poly Group with a building area of 20500 square meters. It was opened to the public in February 2002 and receives more than 1 million tourists from all over the world on average every year. It has been awarded the title of "science popularization education base" of China and Shanghai, and it is also one of the largest artificial seawater aquariums in the world.

Venue overview

Basic situation

Shanghai marine aquarium is located at 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, next to the Oriental Pearl Tower. It is jointly invested by Singapore Xingya group and China Poly Group with a building area of 20500 square meters. It was opened to the public in February 2002 and receives more than 1 million tourists from all over the world every year. It was awarded the title of "science popularization education base" of China and Shanghai. Shanghai marine aquarium has a unique architectural style, with a unique exhibition area of biology and ecology in the Yangtze River Basin of China. It is also one of the largest artificial marine aquariums in the world.

Pacific Coliseum

Shanghai marine aquarium is a modern large-scale marine aquarium with international standards. It is divided into nine exhibition areas: China, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, cold water, polar region, coast and deep sea. More than 450 species, more than 12000 rare fish and endangered rare creatures from five continents and four oceans are on display. There are 155 meters long underwater tunnels in the aquarium, which is also one of the longest in the world.

Among them, the most distinctive are the electric eels in South America, the sawfish and archer fish in Australia, the penguins in Antarctica, and the style of the treasure grass sea dragon and ribbon sea dragon in the town hall. While marveling at the graceful figure of jellyfish, tourists will enjoy six different marine customs in the deep sea area, including the breathtaking "Shark Bay".

The building layout is like a pyramid. The overall building is composed of the main building aquarium and the auxiliary building. The specific distribution of each floor of the main building is as follows:

First floor: there are hall, ticket office, gift shop and restaurant; visitors can take escalator from the first floor entrance to the third floor to visit aquarium;

The third floor: fossil exhibition, Wulin Conference - aquatic organism survival competitive bionics exhibition, SOS saving sharks exhibition, rare aquatic organism exhibition area in the Yangtze River Basin, China exhibition area, South America exhibition area, Australia exhibition area. After visiting the third floor, tourists go down to the second floor by escalator;

The second floor: it is divided into six exhibition areas: Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, cold water, polar region and coast. After visiting the second floor, tourists can take escalators to the second floor;

Basement 2: main part of aquarium, deep sea exhibition area. After entering an automatic walking tunnel, visitors will pass through the 650 cubic meter water view display tank and subsea tunnel, and finally return to the gift center and restaurant on the first floor from the exit of the tunnel to complete the whole tour.

In addition to displaying the world's unique freshwater and marine life, the aquarium also displays the world's rare species, such as grass sea dragon, ribbon sea dragon, jellyfish, penguin, spotted seal, shark, Chinese alligator and Chinese sturgeon. In addition to displaying aquatic organisms from five continents and four oceans, a preface hall is specially set up to introduce the human and geographical environment of each continent.

The exhibition space displays the geographical and cultural features of countries of origin of fish in different regions with decoration, theme, pattern and sound.

Theme exhibition area

China exhibition area: < / b > Shanghai marine aquarium is the only aquarium in the world that has independent exhibition areas in China and the Yangtze River basin to display unique aquatic organisms in China, most of which are national protected animals, including Chinese sturgeon, carmine fish, Chinese alligator, baby fish (giant salamander).

South America region: < / b > South America has the most species and quantity of freshwater fish in the world. As one of the largest freshwater scaly fish, giant bony tongue fish also thrives here. The Amazon is the world's most extensive River Basin, where few people, covered with large areas of tropical jungle, is full of mystery.

Australia: < b > although there are not many kinds of freshwater fish in Australia, most of them are endemic fish that are not found in other places. Why is that? This is because the Australian continent has been separated from other continental plates for about 50 million years, and the fish in the two places are unable to contact each other and carry out population hybridization. As a result, the freshwater fish in Australia has always maintained its own uniqueness.

Africa region: < / b > there are not only Nile River, Congo River and other rivers in Africa, but also great rift valley lake region in East Africa, where there are many kinds of fish, the most notable one is cichlids in Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. These lakes were formed 500 to 2 million years ago. At that time, a small number of fish entering the lakes from rivers adapted to their new environment. After numerous differentiation, they developed into today's prosperous society.

Southeast Asia: < / b > the Southeast Asia rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. With high forest coverage, magnificent natural landscape and rich biodiversity, it provides rich food and ideal habitat for the creatures living here. A variety of large Southeast Asian fish "live and work in peace and contentment" here, and the scene of prosperity is endless.

Cold water area: < / b > as the only spreading cylinder in cold water area - seal cylinder, its semi arc acrylic cylinder structure is another unique design of our museum. Here you can make close contact with four cute spotted seals.

Polar area: < / b > listen to the roaring wind, Penguin friends are waiting for you, welcome to come. Only see they wear "tuxedo" a shake, show their naive gentleman demeanor.

Coastal area: < / b > entering this exhibition area, you will be shocked by the diversity of marine species, the richness of colors and the strange living habits! You will never forget to write the horseshoe crab named "living fossil", the coral reef slope fish that can change gender, the grass sea dragon and ribbon sea dragon that are known as the "treasure of Zhenguan" of our museum!

Deep sea area: beyond the coastline, bay and coral reef, there is an open ocean, where many pelagic predators roam.

Special exhibition area: < / b > since the opening of the museum, the "special exhibition" which has been held all the year round has always attracted the attention of the outside world. It's called special exhibition because it's a thematic exhibition in the form of a special "Museum in the hall", which integrates and presents related organisms. It creates a better platform for more tourists to understand marine knowledge and biology comprehensively and pertinently, and it's also a science and education park that we focus on.

The most Aquarium

The only aquarium in the world that can keep caohelong, yeohelong, seahorse and Razorfish in the same exhibition tank for the longest time

The largest electric catfish on display in Asia

The only aquarium in the world with 6 golden grass carp in the exhibition tank

The only Sightseeing Tunnel in the world showing the Amazon rainforest

The only aquarium in mainland China showing the exhibition area of the Yangtze River Basin

The most successful project of shark egg development in China

The most expensive jellyfish display tank in mainland China

The only pair of sawflies in China

The largest aquarium in China (more than 320 species)

Aquarium with the largest number of sand tiger sharks in an exhibition tank in Asia

The only aquarium in mainland China where seals can be seen underwater

The first successful artificial breeding of ribbon sea dragon in Asia

Practical information

Business Hours

The daily business hours are < b > 9:00-18:00 < / b > and the ticket sales and admission are < b > 17:30 < / b > over.

Adjustment of business hours of summer vacation, golden week and Spring Festival in July and August

It is < b > 09:00-21:00 < / b >. Ticket sales and admission are completed at < b > 20:30 < / b >.

Please pay attention to the official website and on-site announcement during the business hours of special events.

Admission price

Adult ticket 160 yuan

Children's ticket [height 1.0-1.4m] 110 yuan (children are not allowed to visit the museum alone, but need to be accompanied by adults. Children under 1.0m can be accompanied by adults for free)

Senior citizen ticket [over 60 years old] 90 yuan (relevant certificates shall be presented when purchasing tickets and entering the museum, and only for personal use)

Soldier ticket / disabled ticket: 70 yuan (relevant certificates shall be presented when purchasing tickets and entering the museum, only for personal use)

The annual personal card is 388 yuan. It is designed for aquarium lovers. You can enjoy unlimited trips to Shanghai Aquarium all year round and enjoy many other preferential treatment. [preferential price for renewal: 318 yuan for renewal within the validity period]

The annual family card is 888 yuan. It is designed for families who love aquarium. It can make children more convenient to explore the mystery of aquarium in a year, and make parents enjoy more benefits. [discount price for renewal: 868 yuan for renewal within the validity period and two adults and a child under the age of 16 for 2 months]

All of the annual cards are real name cards, which are only for personal use. Photos are required.

Best travel time

As a cosmopolitan city, Shanghai does not have strict seasonal restrictions, but every spring (March to May), Shanghai Qingpu plum blossom, Fengxian rape flower, Pudong peach blossom and Songjiang bamboo shoots open for the second time, which is very beautiful. Autumn (September November) is the best time to taste Hairy crabs. The so-called "autumn wind rings, and the feet of crabs itch". At this time, hairy crabs have yellow feet, thick crab fat, and beautiful crab meat, which makes people salivate.

Clothing Guide

In July and August, the temperature in Shanghai is relatively high, and the air humidity is high, so it is not suitable for outdoor sports; in January and February, the winter is the coldest season in Shanghai, so you should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation; in June and July, the plum rain season in Shanghai, you should take rain gear when you go out.

feeding time

The residents of Shanghai Ocean Aquarium have fixed "dining" time. Divers will present these wonderful moments to tourists at different times. Welcome to experience these unique visiting moments.

Friendly tips: due to the daily habits of aquatic animals and other reasons, the feeding time may change without prior notice to tourists. Please understand.

Food and Beverages

Located in the north entrance of the first floor of the aquarium, is our large fast food restaurant, covering an area of 750 square meters, which can accommodate more than 300 people to eat at the same time. Its comfortable environment is integrated with the aquarium, which is worth your visit. In addition to providing delicious Chinese and Western packages, the restaurant is committed to continuous improvement and innovation to meet our distinguished guests. We can not only meet the food requirements of Asian and Western tourists, but also provide perfect services and attractive commodity prices for your trip to the aquarium.

Shopping service

Ocean memory gift shop

The gift shop located at the exit of aquarium exhibition area - "ocean memory" displays a variety of gifts. The product takes the ocean as the theme and its design is unique. There are plush products, crystal products, all kinds of toys, decorations, stationery, clothing and feature photography. Visitors to our gift shop is not only a shopping experience, but also an opportunity to collect good memories. At the same time, the unique decoration of the gift shop is also a great scenery that can't be missed when visiting the aquarium, and another highlight of the wonderful trip of the aquarium!

What are you waiting for? Take home the beautiful ocean memory!

Traffic information

External traffic

Parking lot

The total number of parking spaces open to the public is 50, with a charge of 10 yuan per hour and 5 yuan per half hour after one hour. The rental fee of parking space is 900 yuan / month. If the rental exceeds 6 months, the monthly rental fee will be reduced to 750 yuan / month.


Visitors can also take a bus to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, and there are many routes to choose from.

(bus lines: 81, 82, 85583774795798799870, 961971985992993, etc.)


You can take a taxi to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium directly. The aquarium is located next to the Oriental Pearl.


Tourists can take Metro Line 2, get off at Lujiazui Station, and walk 200 meters to Shanghai Aquarium. Line 2 can reach the center of the city. The Shanghai marine aquarium is only a short distance from the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

Internal traffic

Shanghai marine aquarium is the only aquarium in the world with a Chinese exhibition area and a theme exhibition of aquatic life and ecology in the Yangtze River Basin. Starting from the "Yangtze River" and passing through the Amazon jungle, I came to the "electric eel" pool in South America, across the water from Australia's "saw skate and Archer", wandering in the colorful Southeast Asia, enjoying the cold winter together with the penguins in Antarctica, enjoying the scenery of caohelong and ribbon sea dragon, the treasure of the town hall, marveling at the graceful figure of "jellyfish", crossing the "shark sea", including the breathtaking adventure Bay "is the world's Longest Undersea Tunnel with four different marine styles, 155 meters long

development history

Two thousand and fourteen

In February, the year of horse looks for "horse" -- "dragon horse spirit" display

May, labor day colorful African aquatic life -- new Africa exhibition area

Two thousand and thirteen

February, colorful eel display in spring

In May, the Wulin Conference - aquatic biology competition bionics exhibition hall

In July, the interactive activity of penguin Park was officially launched

In August, four sand tiger sharks introduced from the United States successfully settled in and exhibited to the outside world

In September, Sina Weibo was officially registered

In October, for the first time in Asia, the artificial breeding of halosaurus sativus was successful

Shanghai marine aquarium won the title of "Shanghai famous brand" for three consecutive years

Two thousand and twelve

In May, a science and Technology Week themed "sustainable seafood consumption" was held

In July, we launched an interactive program of water fish talk show

In October, the first exhibition in Asia - "ribbon Hailong" exhibition was launched

Two thousand and eleven

In April, it won the title of "Shanghai famous brand" enterprise

Two thousand and ten

In May, it won the title of national popular science education base

In December, an exhibition themed "secrets of jellyfish" was launched

Two thousand and nine

In July, we launched your 25 steps to Shanghai citizens. Its 25 year "SOS save sharks public service tour"

In October, it was rated as national AAAA tourist attraction

Two thousand and eight

In March, he entered the "life science" textbook of Shanghai junior high school

In October, successfully hosted the 7th International Aquarium Conference

Two thousand and seven

In April, the exhibition of deadly aquatic organisms was successfully launched

Two thousand and six

In May, a rare twin shark egg was displayed

In October, "discover Amazon" South Art Exhibition was launched, including Amazon's longest Quanzhen water and grass tank

In December, aquarium opened "free open day" for vulnerable groups

Two thousand and five

In May, yellow sea horses were successfully bred and some of them were given to the domestic brothers aquarium

In June, the world's only freshwater jellyfish, the peach blossom jellyfish, was exhibited

In September, together with wild aid environmental protection organization, we successfully launched "I love sharks Exhibition"

Two thousand and four

"Special exhibition of Chinese Zodiac" launched in January

In May, it won the title of Shanghai popular science education base

On June 11, 2004, the opening ceremony of Shanghai Marine Aquarium

In September, with the support of WWF (World Wild Fund) environmental protection organization, the "Yangtze River Basin rare water biology Exhibition" was successfully held for the first time in the world

In October, it won the title of Shanghai Marine Science Education Base

In December, it won the right to host the 7th International Aquarium Conference for the first time for China

Two thousand and three

In May, it won the title of science popularization education base in Pudong New Area of Shanghai

In October, "special exhibition of invertebrates" was successfully launched

Two thousand and two

February, officially open to the public

In August, the first million tourists came

In December, "goldfish Exhibition" was held successfully, showing the largest goldfish in the Guinness World Record

Two thousand and one

In November, the aquarium building was completed

In December, the first fish from all over the world arrived at the aquarium

Map annotation

Map annotation of Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

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