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Wusongpao Taiwan wetland forest park

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Wusongpao Taiwan wetland forest park: wusongpao Taiwan wetland forest park, with a total area of 53.46 hectares, is located in the east of Baoshan District, facing the water on the back of the mountain, facing the Yangtze River and Huangpu River in the East, facing the Paotai mountain in the west, ending at the back branch of Tanghou road in the South and Baoyang road in the north. The coastline along the river is 1974.13 meters long. Its southwest corner is the famous Wusongkou. In the Qing Dynasty, a naval fort was built on this terrain, so it was named Paotai Taiwan. The design of the park highlights the concept of ecological restoration and cultural reconstruction, which not only effectively protects the original beach wetland in the design, but also creates a charming wetland landscape of 11 hectares by using the combination of large and small ecological islands and the change of the tide rise and fall water level along the river bank.
Wusongpao Taiwan wetland forest park is located in the east of Baoshan District, Shanghai. It covers an area of 53.46 hectares. The opening hours are 5:00-18:00 (19:00 in summer). The admission price of AAAA grade scenic spot is 10 yuan. The famous scenic spot wetland belongs to the country. Shanghai City, China. It is suggested that the travel time be 2-3 hours. It is suitable for the whole year
Park Introduction
Gun Taiwan has always been an important coastal defense fortress. In the early 1960s, due to the need of war preparation, steel slag was used for backfilling to form gun Taiwan mountain, and a large area of steel slag land was formed along the river. Wusongpao Taiwan wetland forest park was built on the steel slag pile by using the original Yangtze River tidal flat wetland and adhering to the concept of "environmental renewal, ecological restoration and cultural reconstruction". It is a new mode of harmonious development of human and nature, economic construction and ecological protection, and has won the "China Human environment model award". The park has a land area of about 60 hectares, a beach wetland of about 50 hectares, and a coastline of 2 kilometers along the river. It is divided into five areas: Forest Leisure and sightseeing area, valley ecological corridor area, desert landscape area and waterfront wetland landscape area. It has Yangtze River Estuary science and technology Museum, shell theater, mine garden, cruise ship wharf, sports club and other places. It is a collection of popular science education, entertainment, sightseeing and tourism It is a large-scale park with functions of integration, wild interest and humanity.
In the Wusong Pao Taiwan wetland forest park, the lawn park has a lawn activity area of nearly 2 hectares. It is suitable for outdoor activities such as kite flying and picnic, with the background of Paotai mountain, which is verdant in trees. Carnival park is an outdoor playground suitable for children over 3 years old and young people. The quiet garden is surrounded by dense plants to form a quiet rest space in the riverside area Entertainment items in Wusongkou Pao Taiwan wetland forest park: items suitable for children include slide, swing, sand pit climbing, etc.; items suitable for teenagers include climbing Everest bravely - climbing device of about 6 meters high woven with net rope; public items include kite flying and picnic.
The park's wooden plank road, military culture square, competitive sports field and other landscapes and main roads have been completed. Thousands of trees have also been planted, forming two characteristic landscapes of forest and wetland. At the same time, the park has also become a demonstration base of patriotism education, with the functions of popular science education, leisure and entertainment, and sightseeing tourism, forming a beautiful landscape of Shanghai's water portal.
Historical evolution
After the Qing army entered the customs in 1644, it controlled most of the country.  As the portal of the Yangtze River, Wusong has been in a fierce competition for a long time. From the eighth year of Shunzhi (1651) to the twelfth year of the Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty attacked Wusong four times by Zhang Mingzhen's and Zhang Huangyan's fleets, and invaded the Yangtze River three times. In the 16th year of Shunzhi, Zheng Chenggong led his army into the Yangtze River and pushed directly to Nanjing. The Qing government was greatly shocked. In the 17th year of Shunzhi, langtingzuo, governor of Jiangnan, was ordered to build a fort at the mouth of yangjiazui, Wusong, on the West Bank of Huangpu River. In the 57th year of Kangxi (1718), another fort was built on the other side of yangjiazui. The two forts faced each other in Jiajiang. The East Fort was called the East Fort, and the old one on the West Bank was renamed the West Fort.
In 1842, the Opium War entered its third year. In the early morning of May 8, the British invaders attacked Wusong fort. Chen Huacheng, the commander of Jiangnan Navy, fought with the British army. The West Fort is the main position of Wusongkou, with 175 artillery, while the East Fort has only more than 20 artillery, which is an auxiliary position. As Niu Jian, governor of the two rivers, fled in the face of the battle, Chen Huacheng fell into a lonely battle and the Western Fort fell into enemy hands. When Wusong was lost, the gate of the Yangtze River opened, and the invading army drove in directly, forcing the Qing government to sign unequal treaties in Nanjing.
After the Opium War, the coastal defense situation changed, and the defense facilities were concentrated on the West Bank of the Huangpu River. The East Fort was not rebuilt, while the West Fort was rebuilt repeatedly. During the Sino French war in 1884, French warships blockaded the port of Shanghai, intercepted China's water transport ships and shelled China's patrol ships.
After the end of the Sino French war, in 1886, the northern fort was added at the northern end of the South Shitang in Wusong, which was the horn of the Western Fort. In 1889, Shizilin fort was built on the Bank of Yuepu Yangtze River. In the 26th year of Guangxu period (1900), Shen Dunhe, the general office of the self strengthening military barracks office, commanded the soldiers to blow up the West Fort, which was condemned by the public opinion. All the royal officials wrote impeachments one after another. Shen Dunhe was removed from office and punished by Xubian, and the West Fort eventually became a ruin.
After the destruction of the Western Fort, the Qing government ordered Liu Kunyi, governor of Liangjiang, to "quickly prepare and recover, so as to boost Nanyang's demand.". Liu Kun's first committee, Sheng Jun's commander ban Guangsheng, built a new fort at the south end of nanshitang, Wusong. It is called the South Fort, which is connected with the North Fort head and tail. It's 750 meters long, and it's called Wusong fort in general. In the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, Wusong fort was heavily defended by the troops stationed in Shanghai.

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