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Shanghai Grand View Garden

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Shanghai Grand View Garden is located at 701 Qingshang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, on the west side of Dianshan Lake, 65km away from the urban area of Shanghai, covering an area of 135 mu, with a building area of about 8000 square meters. Originally known as Dianshan Lake scenic area, it was renamed Shanghai Grand View Garden in 1991, covering an area of 1500 mu. It is the key unit of Shanghai's spiritual civilization construction. After many renovations and expansions, it is a comprehensive amusement park integrating sightseeing, tourism and leisure.
The Grand View Garden of Shanghai is a large-scale antique garden designed according to the description of the famous work "a dream of Red Mansions" in Qing Dynasty. The landscape architecture group is planned and designed by Liang Yousong of Shanghai Landscape Architecture Institute The overall layout of Daguan building is mainly composed of stone archway, stone lantern, Qinfang lake, body renmude, winding path, palace gate, relief relief wall of "too virtual illusion" and wooden card workshop, forming the central axis of the whole park. On the west side, there are Yihong courtyard, fengcui temple, pear fragrance courtyard and stone boat. In the East, there are more than 20 groups of architectural attractions, such as Xiaoxiang hall, juwu yard, liaofengxuan, Daoxiang village.
Shanghai Grand View Garden has been awarded the national Luban Prize for architecture, the top 10 buildings for the 40th anniversary of Shanghai, the top 10 new leisure attractions, the excellent buildings for the 50th anniversary of new China, the top 10 tourism characteristic gardens in Shanghai, the seven civilization parks in Shanghai, and the advanced collective of national scenic spots by the Ministry of construction.
Chinese Name: the grand view garden area of Shanghai geographical location: No.701 Jinshang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai climate type subtropical monsoon climate covers an area of 1500 mu, opening hours: March to October: 08:15-16:45; November to February: 08:15-16:15, scenic spot level AAAA ticket price: adult ticket: 60 yuan / piece Student ticket: 36 yuan / ticket for the elderly: 30 yuan / ticket for famous scenic spots: Ethnic Culture Village, plum blossom garden, white garden, osmanthus garden, Grand View Garden of archaize architecture group country city of Shanghai, China recommended 4-5 hours of playing time suitable for all seasons
Historical evolution
In 1958, Shanghai landscape management office once built a nursery in Dianfeng and xicen on the South Bank of Dianshan Lake. Later, due to the national economic difficulties, the nursery was withdrawn from 1961 to 1962 and returned to agriculture.
On October 23, 1978, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture proposed the plan of building Dianshan Lake Scenic Spot. On the same day, Peng Chong, the third secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee, made an on-the-spot survey and decided to locate the site in yangshe. On November 17 of the same year, with the approval of the Municipal Planning Committee, it was agreed that a comprehensive planning and phased construction should be carried out to gradually build a relatively complete scenic spot. In the first phase, guanwangmiao and yangshe are constructed first.
Since January 1979, land acquisition has been carried out in two phases in Dianfeng group and yangshe group beside Dianshan Lake. The first phase covers an area of 308200 square meters, and the second phase covers an area of 593200 square meters, totaling 901400 square meters. All land acquisition work was completed on December 27, 1979.
At the beginning of 1980, the construction of greening while transforming the terrain, and the construction of basic works such as roads, bridges and culverts, and revetments began. In order to support the construction of Grand View Garden in Shanghai, the relevant departments of Beijing transferred Shishi to Shanghai. In the second half of 1981, "Yihong hospital" was first built in May 1984, and opened to visitors on May 27. Later, we will open up while building. The Qingshang highway and baishiji bridge in the tourist area were reconstructed by the Municipal Engineering Bureau in 1986.
Daguanyuan antique building complex was constructed 7 years ago and completed on October 15, 1988. The whole area was opened to the public on October 20, 1988. It was first named as Shanghai Dianshan Lake scenic area, renamed as Shanghai Dianshan Lake Grand View Park Scenic Area in January 1985, and named as Shanghai Grand View Park in 1991.
Design layout
The design of Daguanyuan is obviously different from that of Beijing Daguanyuan in that Shanghai Daguanyuan arranges a large area of artificial lake in the garden by using the characteristics of Jiangnan Water Town. With the gate - tirenmude - Daguan building as the central axis, there are more than 10 groups of buildings and more than 20 scenic spots, with a total construction area of 7837 square meters. The grand rockery with winding paths and secluded paths is designed as the entrance barrier. The background of the grand view building is digging lake and collecting earth to stack a 16 meter high hill, which constitutes the magnificent momentum of the water on the back of the grand view building. The whole park is centered on the great lake, connecting the scenic spots with the pond and Qinfang stream, forming a water system with main branches, dynamic and static. There are pavilions and pavilions beside the lake, curved bridges, stone boats and stone lamps in the lake, and Bridge pavilions on the stream, forming a landscape of Jiangnan with mountains, rivers and people. The Grand View Garden uses the Chinese traditional architectural concept that the garden must be sealed and separated, in which the momentum flow and cohesion center are obtained. A closed and centripetal small world with rich connotation is built, and the landscape level is increased, so that the architecture and environment are integrated into one, and the Grand View garden landscape in the dream of Red Mansions is reproduced.
Main attractions
Gate Plaza
In front of the square stands an 8-meter-high archway with a plaque of "illusion of the void". In the square in front of the main gate of the Grand View Garden, the large screen wall is 18 meters wide and 6 meters high. In the south is the granite carving "Nuwa mends the sky", in the north is the marble carving "Twelve hairpins in Jinling", and 14 portraits of the police magic fairy and Jia Baoyu. The main gate is a five bay atrium with three entrances and exits. A gold plaque of "Grand View Garden" is hung on it. In front of the gate stands a pair of 2.5-meter-high bluestone lions from Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Inside the courtyard are the vermilion gate and the beam column, the golden copper doorring, the brick carvings hang down, the craft is fine. There are also two side doors with brick plaque on the top. To the East is "Conghui Zhongrui" and to the west is "Vientiane".

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