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Shanghai Town God's Temple

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Town God's Temple, Shanghai, is located in Shanghai's Huangpu District Fang Bang Road, one of the three major temples of the Yangtze River. City God, also known as City God, City God. It is one of the most important deities worshipped in Chinese religious culture. It is acted by the famous officials and heroes who have made great contributions to the local people. It is the deity that Chinese people and Taoism believe in guarding the city.
The legend of Town God's Temple in Shanghai was built by Sun Hao, a master of the Three Kingdoms, and was transformed into Town God's Temple during the Ming and Yongle years. The front hall offers sacrifices to Huo Guang, the Lord of Bolu, the great general of Jinshan God, and the main hall is used to seal the four products of Gaofeng to show the God of Bolu City God and prepare the imperial history of Qin Yubo. The back hall is the dormitory. There is a memorial archway built in 1535 in front of the gate. The stage was built in 1865.
Shanghai Town God's Temple palace building is a large southern style building with red walls and mud tiles. Now the main building in the temple is composed of the temple front square, the main hall, the yuan Chen hall, the God of wealth hall, the Imperial Palace, the city hall and the goddess hall.
Town God's Temple, Shanghai, located in the most prosperous and prestigious Yu Garden scenic spot in Shanghai, is an important Taoist temple in Shanghai. It was built in the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty (1403 - 1424). It has a history of nearly six hundred years ago. Shanghai and Town God's Temple also experienced ups and downs.
The name is City God Temple of Shanghai in Town God's Temple, Shanghai. The location of the subtropical monsoon climate in Huangpu District, Shanghai is 249. The area of the subtropical monsoon is 33286.6 square meters. The opening time is 8:30 to 21:00, and the ticket price of the scenic spot level national AAAA level scenic spot is 10 yuan / the main hall of the famous scenic spot.
The city to which the main hall belongs was founded by SUN Hao, Chijian, Huangpu District, Shanghai. In the early days of the Three Kingdoms, the City God, the great general of the Han Dynasty, the God of Jinshan, the God of Bo Lu Hou, the God of Huoguang, the God of the middle period, the God of the City God, Gao Feng, the fourth grade, Xianyou, the City God, Ming Dynasty, waiting to be made. In the later period of Qin Yubo, the God of the City God, Zhong Yi, General Chen gongzhenwei, marshal Chen Huacheng
A summary of Huang Temple
Shanghai Town God's Temple (City God Temple of Shanghai) has been traced back to history for more than 600 years. From the Ming Dynasty to the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Town God's Temple has become a famous tourist spot in Shanghai. As a Taoist temple, Shanghai Town God's Temple has a long history and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. With the development of economy, it has become a small tourism circle in Shanghai, Town God's Temple road and City God. Temple snacks and Yu Garden rings are around.
Showing the cultural details of Town God's Temple in Shanghai.
The City God, also known as the City God God, is one of the important deities generally worshipped in ancient Chinese religious culture. Most of them are the heroes of famous officials who have contributed to the local people. They are the deities that Chinese people and Taoism believe in guarding the city.
Qin Yubo (1296-1373), Han nationality, with the characters of Jing Rong, Jing Rong, Rong Qing and Kui Zhai. Shanghai county people, originally from Huaiyang (now Yangzhou, Jiangsu), are called qinjingrong.
Yuan Dynasty (late Yuan and early Ming) politicians, writers, calligraphers. Born in the Qin family of Hailing, he was a famous writer and poet in the Northern Song Dynasty. He was a gentle poet of the generation. He was the eighth grandson of Huaihai Gongqin Guan (Shaoyou), a direct Bachelor of LongTuge in Song Dynasty, one of the four Bachelors of Sumen. He was also the grandson of zhirou, an emissary of Zhongshu Province in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, an emissary of Shuzheng province and a visiting emissary of Shuzheng province. He was also the son of qinlianghao, an emissary of Guozi, a tax official of Xiasha salt transportation, and an emissary of West Zhejiang Province "Er Qin".
In the fourth year of yuanzhizheng (1344), he was a Jinshi. In the sixth year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty, he was granted Xianyou Bo, and then he was granted to the Duke of the sea. Later generations called him qinxianyou and Xianyou Gong.
Zhu Yuanzhang called Qin Yubo for many times: "Yubo is good at debating and discussing, and zhanzou understands the meaning of being emperor, which is called by the number of emperors. "Representative works: shanzhouci, ode to Jiuxian temple, letter of appointment to the Prime Minister of Shangzhong, letter of appointment to the Prime Minister of Shangzhong, and the monument to the magistrate of Zhixian County, Shanghai.".
He once served as zhaomo (the official in charge of grinding and auditing work in Huguang province), Yin of Gaomi County, Shandong Province, a doctor in Fujian Province, an official in charge of Xingtai, and the general manager of Yanping Road. During the reign of emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, he served as a scholar, a scholar, and a scholar.
After Qin Yubo's death, Zhu Yuanzhang was uneasy all the time. He called Qin Yubo "Xian You Bo" and "Shanghai City God's main hall" by himself, with "life is not my minister, death is my defense". Later, he was granted the title of the fourth grade Xianyou uncle of the City God (the fourth grade supervision department's Chenghuang Xianyou uncle), and was consecrated by the hundreds of incense.
Palace layout
secondary gate to an official residence
Yimen was the second main gate of the government in the past. There are two pairs of couplets in front of the instrument door. The first couplet of a pair of couplets is: it is up to you to accumulate good and evil in the world of Yang; the second couplet is: who has been let go of by the hell. This couplet means that in the world of Yang, it is up to you to do good or bad things in your life. But when people die, they go to hell. From ancient times to the present, the government of hell never let go of the bad people to be punished. The first couplet of another antithetical couplet is: why should we care more about the world? The second couplet is: the divine world has its own big multiplication and division. This couplet means that you don't have to worry about all kinds of losses or cheap things in your life. For the gods will repay or liquidate the goodness and wickedness of men.
There is a big abacus hanging behind the couplet. There are four words on the abacus, which are "not calculated by people". The abacus beads are up and down, symbolizing the "multiplication and division" of the divine world. There are two huge pieces standing beside the abacus. On the huge sum of money, it is written that those who are good will prosper, and those who are evil will perish. It means that those who do good things will surely prosper in divine calculation, and those who do bad things will surely decline and perish in divine calculation. 

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