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Xinchang ancient town

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Xinchang ancient town is located in the middle of Nanhui section of Hunan highway, in the south central part of Pudong New Area, about 36 kilometers from the downtown of Shanghai, 20 kilometers from Pudong International Airport, and only 8 minutes from Disneyland. It is one of the four towns in the former Nanhui area. There used to be the saying "jindatuan, yinxinchang, tongzhoupu and tiehuinan". In July 2002, Xinchang Town and Tanzhi town were merged. The total area of the town is 53.46 square kilometers, with a total population of 109000, including 52000 registered population. It has 13 administrative villages and 7 neighborhood committees. In recent years, Xinchang Town has won the honors of "famous town of Chinese history and culture", "hometown of Chinese folk culture and art" and "national health town".
After the merger of the two areas, Xinchang is located in the south central area of Pudong, which is not only the radiation scope of the industrial belt in the South-North central area, but also the coverage scope of the development belt of small towns in the East and the west, with obvious location advantages. The road network layout of "four vertical and four horizontal + rail transit", the driving radiation of Disney, the linkage effect of Zhangjiang Industrial Park, etc., have brought new opportunities for the development of the new site. In the 13th five year plan, the District Committee formulated and defined the goal of the rise of the central urban belt, among which Xinchang was listed, and became the first town among the whole central urban belt to define its functional orientation, that is, to accelerate the promotion and promote the economic development of the whole region around the protection and development of Xinchang ancient town.
Xinchang area was originally the south of Xiasha salt field, which was The Place where salt people used seawater to dry salt at that time. Later, the beach gradually grew out, and the salt field gradually became a place where salt people lived and exchanged goods. At the time of the new town, the salt production and salt kitchen were much larger than the salt fields in the west of Zhejiang.
Location of Xinchang ancient town, No.128 Haiquan street, Xinchang Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai climate type subtropical monsoon climate covers an area of 53.86 square kilometers, open all day, scenic spot level AAA ticket price is free, and some small scenic spots in the ancient town need to be charged with new historical and cultural exhibition hall of famous scenic spots
Third world second class workshop
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Origin of name
Xinchang Town was built in the second year of Jianyan in the Southern Song Dynasty (1128 A.D.), with a history of more than 800 years. Its name comes from the south migration of Xiasha salt field to form a new salt field, so it is called "Xinchang". In the early Yuan Dynasty, there were two branches of Songjiang branch of Zhejiang salt transportation department moving here. It is an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River formed by salt and prospered by salt.
With the continuous development of salt industry, merchants and Salt Traders gathered here, so the population of Xinchang increased dramatically. At that time, the town's gelou restaurant was crowded with merchants. Its prosperity once surpassed that of the county seat of Shanghai. It was reputed as "the new town of Suzhou" and was the largest town on the Pudong plain at that time. Later, due to the changes of salt field and war, Xinchang Town has experienced ups and downs several times, but it is still a very cultural ancient town of Jiangnan Water Town.  Xinchang ancient town passes through the narrow river course of the town, with exquisite stone arch bridges, houses built by the water, stone revetments on high bases, and saddle shaped water bridges of people along the river, which are very similar to the towns of Zhouzhuang, Zhujiajiao, etc.
The culture and education of Xinchang Town has always been developed. As early as in the song and Yuan Dynasties, Qu Shiyan founded Yixue here. In the annals of Nanhui County, there were records of Xinchang Town that "the second Dynasty of Kedi was called Sheng", and there were more than 20 places where poems were written, such as Nanping bookstore. In the 28th year of Guangxu, there were women's schools. In the 1930s, primary and secondary schools in the town were ready. After liberation, the cause of culture and education developed further. In the 1980s, the country's first co founded "social town cultural center" was established in Xinchang Town, which has the reputation of "small town big world". It has been praised by the Ministry of culture for many times and is one of the advanced collectives in the famous rural cultural center in China.
Original scroll
Xinchang ancient town now has 150000 square meters of ancient buildings, 1200 meters of stone revetment in yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and 69 ancient Yimen. In 2008, it was rated as the fourth batch of "China's famous historical and cultural town", and in 2009, it was named as "the first batch of Shanghai Cultural Industrial Park", which is a national AAA level tourist attraction. Its historical buildings and cultural relics protection units have their unique and precious historical, artistic and ornamental values. There are more than 100 ancient residential buildings, which were built in Zhang's house during the Xuantong period of the Qing Dynasty. They are four-way courtyard, hanging angle cornice, carved beams and painted buildings, which are extremely exquisite and elegant. Xinchang street is 1.5km long from north to south, and the laneway and the mottled Gables on both sides of the building have formed the artistic conception of "high mountain empty lane"; Hongqiao port, Baoqiao port, Houshi River and Dongheng port divide the ancient town into "well" shape. There are more than 70 water bridges and river ports on the river, including 15 ma'anshui bridges, many of which are carved with exquisite patterns of "dark Eight Immortals", implying good luck. Ancient houses on both sides of the ancient river stretch out, with dense streets and lanes The unique life style of typical people in Shuixiang since. Professor Ruan Yisan of Tongji University praised that "Xinchang ancient town is an important carrier to reflect the land formation and development of ancient Shanghai, the epitome of the evolution of modern Shanghai's traditional towns, and the real picture of the life of the old Pudong people in Shanghai."

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