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Huating east stone pond

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Huating east stone pond, located in Fengxian. It was built in 1713, the third year of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, with a total length of more than 20 kilometers, just like a small great wall.
Chinese Name: Huating dongshitang geographical location Fengxian was founded in 1713 with a total length of more than 20 kilometers
Brief introduction of scenic spots
In the second year of Yongzheng (1712) in history, the sea overflowed in July, and the strong tide washed down a sea pond built in the past dynasties. Tian He and Lu she were flooded. The Qing court was shocked, and Zhu Shi, the Minister of the Ministry of official, was appointed to deal with the disaster the following year. Zhu Shi came to Huating to build a seawall. He was very depressed because of the frequent collapse. After that, a fisherman wrote a book to offer advice, so the bank took rice bran thrown into the tide and left traces as the line, took Putuo Guanyin stone as the bone, moved Penglai immortal soil as the skin, mixed glutinous rice soup as the slurry, and became ten years later, which made the land south silted up The east stone pond of Huating has lost the momentum of northward invasion due to the tide, and it has already lost the function of flood prevention. However, the unyielding struggle of ancestors against natural disasters has inspired the fighting spirit of future generations.
historical figure
In the early years of Yongzheng's reign in the Qing Dynasty, the tides of the sea broke down the Bank of the pond one after another. Yongzheng personally ordered the construction of the stone pond and made great efforts to supervise it. Shitang starts from Jinshanzui in the West and connects huajiajiao in the East (Fenghai village, Zhelin town today). The project takes a full ten years. It is known as "40 Li Jincheng", and it is said that "there is the ancient Great Wall in the north and Huating East Shitang in the South". Now it is a cultural relic protection unit of Shanghai.
Catering accommodation
Huating hotel is one of the landmark hotels in China's tourism industry,
It is the first five-star international hotel in Shanghai. It is located in Xujiahui, a new business and entertainment center in Shanghai. It is adjacent to the subway station and the inner ring elevated line, making it in a convenient transportation and superior geographical position. There are also shops, office buildings, restaurants and entertainment facilities near the hotel.

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