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Dongtan migratory bird reserve

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Chongming east beach is located at the easternmost end of Chongming Island in Shanghai. It is close to the estuary of the Yangtze River in the north and south. It stretches slowly eastward to the vast east China Sea, and is far away from the north and South continents. Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve starts from Xijia port in the South and ends at Baqian port in the north. In the west, the boundary is the dike built in 1968. In the East, it ends at 3000m water line outside the zero meter line of Wusong elevation. The water area, land and beach of Chongming Island belong to the semi-circular channel line. Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve covers an area of 326 square kilometers, which is a typical estuarine wetland in the Yangtze River Estuary. Among them, the natural reserve covers an area of 265 square kilometers in The Bund, including 120 square kilometers for the beach above the zero meter line of Wusong elevation, and 145 square kilometers for the water area within 3000 meters outside the zero meter line of Wusong elevation. The area of artificial wetland in the dike is 61 square kilometers.
Dongtan migratory bird reserve category nature reserve location: Chongming Island, Shanghai, covering an area of 326 square kilometers, is honored as one of the most important wetland conservation species in the world: white geese, green heron, middle egret and black faced Spoonbill
brief introduction
Dongtan migratory bird protection area is located in the east end of Chongming Island, bordering the estuary of the Yangtze River in the north and south. It is formed by the continuous deposition of sediment in the Yangtze River, with a total area of 450000 mu, and is still extending outward at the speed of 150 meters (about 13 mu) every year.
There are 265 species of birds recorded in Chongming Dongtan Bird Nature Reserve, including 140 species of waterfowl living in wetland, 34 species of national key protection; 156 species and 54 species of Snipes listed in the agreement between the governments of China, Japan, China and Australia on the protection of migratory birds and their habitats, respectively. In addition, during the migration season, the number of eight wading birds staying in Chongming East Beach exceeded 1% of the world population, and 80% of the birds recovered from Australia in mainland China came from Chongming east beach. The east beach of Chongming is also a necessary passage for the annual river tracing and river descending migration of various organisms.
Bird species
The water here is clean, the soil is clean, the fertile land breeds endless reed marshes, a crab crawls out of the cave to look for food; the vast Yangtze River raises all kinds of aquatic products, and the fish is fat and the crab is strong; the pure land grows all kinds of pollution-free vegetables, melons and fruits; 30000 hectares of beach is also one of the few wild bird parks in the world, where birds are flying and swans are swaying in spring and autumn, There are more than 130 rare migratory birds listed in the list of protection, and the number of border birds is about 1 million. In particular, the number of Cygnus, a national first-class protected animal, wintered in Dongtan has reached 3000-3500, and the total number of transit resident migratory birds from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries has reached 20-3 million. Among them, there are first and second categories of protected birds, such as white geese, green heron, middle egret and black faced Spoonbill.
Main development
In 1992, Chongming Dongtan was listed as a priority conservation sequence in China's biodiversity conservation action plan, which belongs to the wetland ecosystem type of international significance. In 1999, Chongming Dongtan was admitted as a member of "East Asia Australia Wade reserve network" by wetland International Asia Pacific Organization. In January 2002, Chongming Dongtan was designated as an important international wetland by the Secretariat of the Convention on wetlands. On September 14, 2002, Dongtan tourism was officially launched. The long dike is erected with boulders to commemorate, the trestle is built to get close to the wetland, the bamboo tower is built to overlook the East China Sea, and the post station is built for tourists to relax. The East Beach lifts the mysterious veil. Dongtan migratory bird protection will be the focus of Chongming tourism development. According to the development layout of the master plan, wetland park will be developed, Dongtan sunrise will be observed, watchtower, birdwatching platform and bird museum will be built, participatory amusement projects will be developed, and "farmhouse Tour" will be developed. At that time, it will become a tourist attraction integrating leisure, sightseeing and amusement.
Traffic routes
You can take a boat to Baozhen at Wusong Wharf (4 shifts a day) or Baoyang Wharf (10 shifts a day), and then take the fort front line to Dongtan. Self driving route: urban area - Yixian elevated road - Tongji Road (A30 Road) - Baoyang road - Baoyang road Wharf - chekedu - Baozhen South Road - Baozhen North Road - Chenhai road - Beichen road - Baichen Road
Catering: return to Chenjia town after bird watching in Dongtan. There are many rare seafood here, and the price is cheaper than other places.
Best time for bird watching
The best time for bird watching in the East China Sea is in the morning, because the sunrise in the East China Sea is a natural attraction of Chongming. The east beach of Chongming is at the forefront of the East China Sea. It's killing two birds with one stone to be able to watch both birds and sunrise in the morning.

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