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Chongming school palace

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Chongming school palace, now known as Chongming Museum, is located in the South Gate wharf of Shanghai. It was built in the fourth year of yuantaiding. It is one of the only three school palaces in Shanghai. It is also an important cultural tourist attraction and patriotism education place.
Location of Chongming school Palace
brief introduction
Chongming academy is one of the only three in Shanghai today. The site, also known as Chongming Museum, is a municipal cultural relics protection unit. Located in the South Gate wharf of Chongming, Shanghai. The original length of the school palace base is 144.2 meters in the East, 148.3 meters in the west, 80 meters in the north and 80 meters in the south. There are halls, palaces, halls, ancestral halls, pavilions and other buildings, with exquisite architectural art. In Qing Dynasty, it was rebuilt 10 times. Since the Republic of China, Chongming school palace has been used by primary schools and other units. After three renovations in recent years, it gradually recovered the pattern of that year and expanded to 23.21 mu, becoming the largest Confucian temple in Shanghai. The main buildings of the palace are the East-West memorial archway, lingxingmen, panchi, Dengyun bridge, east-west official hall, halberd gate, Xiangxian temple, famous official Temple, loyalty and filial piety temple, Dacheng hall, east-west veranda hall, Zunjing Pavilion, chongshengci and other buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. They are magnificent in momentum and scale, which makes people linger and forget to return. At present, the ancient buildings such as Minglun hall and Yimen have been repaired.
In the fourth year of yuantaiding period (1327), a complex of temples and schools was built. From the song and Yuan Dynasties to the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the Chongming sand suffered from the sea tide, and the prefectural and county-level cities were forced to move from five to six, and the school palace was built repeatedly. Today's Chongming palace was rebuilt by Tang Shihan, a county magistrate, in the southeast corner of the moat in the second year of tomorrow's opening (1622), and has undergone many repairs since then. At the beginning of the Republic of China, there were Wanren palace wall, Lingxing gate, panchi, Dengyun Pavilion, halberd gate, Minghuan temple, Xiangxian temple, Zhongyi filial piety temple, Dongwu and Xihu, Dacheng hall, Chongsheng temple, baiting and respect Pavilion in the academic palace; Confucianism included gate, Yimen, Land Temple, sasou club, Minglun hall, Yingzhou academy, Wenchang palace, Kuixing Pavilion, Xuehai hall building, teaching office, Zunjing Pavilion, discipline office and Bowen room , Yue Li Zhai, Dou level office, discipline office, Bo Wen Zhai, Yue Li Zhai, Dou level office and other buildings. Since 1913, a school has been set up in Xuegong, and chongshengci and zunjingge have been used as school buildings. In 1942, the Japanese invaders occupied the school palace and changed the Confucianism Department into a barracks. The Dacheng hall and the east side and the west side of the palace were destroyed in the war. After 1946, the school palace was successively used as school buildings, and the ancient buildings were changed into classrooms, dormitories and office rooms. Since 1966, Xuegong has been used by many units, such as the industrial bureau of the county social team and the county science and Technology Commission. In May 1981, the school palace was listed as a county-level cultural relics protection unit. In May 1984, it was listed as the third batch of cultural relics protection units in Shanghai. In 1997, the Dacheng hall and the East and West buildings were restored at the original site. In 2001, Minglun hall and Yimen were restored.
Appearance furnishings
In front of the gate are two Ginkgo trees with a history of 350 years and three people holding each other. The gatekeeper is a pair of big stone lions with great momentum. The biggest building of the school palace is Dacheng hall, like the main hall in the temple. This is a place to sacrifice Confucius. The east side and the west side are the dormitories of 72 senior students. Now Dacheng hall is temporarily used as an exhibition room of ancient ships. The East verandah of Dacheng hall is mainly the photos and deeds of famous people in Chongming, as well as some ancient artifacts unearthed in Chongming. Xiwu is the Huangpi desert Art Museum. The two buildings behind Dacheng hall are Chongming folk custom exhibition hall. In addition, there are Wanren palace wall, Lingxing gate, Dengyun bridge, halberd gate, Minghuan temple, Chongsheng temple, Zunjing Pavilion, etc., which are well preserved buildings in the Ming Dynasty in Shanghai. In front of the gate, five ginkgo trees about 18 meters high have been 377 years old, echoing with two unique and spectacular stone and wood brand houses under the trees, creating a strong ancient meaning, making people suddenly have a "long mind of heaven and earth" The feeling of cangran. Chongming County Museum is an important cultural tourist attraction and patriotism education place on Chongming Island. There are three exhibitions in the museum, namely "the formation and development of Chongming Island", "cultural relics in collection" and "natural museum". It systematically introduces the long history and cultural heritage of Chongming, and the most distinctive places in the school Palace are ancient ship exhibition room and Chongming folk custom exhibition hall Fang.
subject matter of text
The theme is clear, the context is clear, the content is full and accurate, and the exhibits are rich. The exhibition of "Chongming Island history and ancient ship" arranged in Dacheng hall and East and West verandahs of the academic Palace consists of preface hall and six units. The exhibition uses cultural relics, models, sculptures, sand tables, setting boxes, pictures, advanced audio-visual means, popular and concise text descriptions, which truly reflects the formation of Chongming Island and its development and construction achievements in politics, economy, transportation, water conservancy, culture and other aspects. Among them, the two ancient ships of Tang and Song Dynasty on display are unique and precious cultural relics in Shanghai, which can be called the treasure of the town hall; the Chongming sand ship, one of the four ship lines in China, is famous at home and abroad for its unique functions.
The display of "Chongming folk custom" in the Zunjing Pavilion and Chongsheng temple, through the vivid and lifelike scenes such as market town, folk family room, farming, textile, etc., represents the hard work and simple life of Chongming people, and gives people a real experience. Among them, there are not only the vivid display of the commercial landscape of Chongming old street at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, but also the lifelike representation of the typical traditional residential house "four hall head house ditch" and its indoor home furnishings in Chongming. In addition, nearly 30 common production tools with different functions are also displayed in the farming and weaving part. In addition, there are fixed exhibitions such as "Huangpi Mo Art Museum" in Chongming County Museum. Chongming District Museum warmly welcomes all walks of life

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