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Bridge Township Jinze

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Qiaoxiang Jinze is located in the southwest of Qingpu District, which is the most southwest town of Qingpu District. Jinze town is 22 kilometers away from Qingpu City and 66 kilometers away from the downtown of Shanghai. Pangdianshan Lake in the north is bordered by xicen town in the East, Shangtu town in the west, Dashun town in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province in the south, and Luxu town in Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province in the west along national highway 318. There is a city river running from north to South running through the whole town, and there are many tributaries converging. Jinze Town, with a total area of 2644 square kilometers, is a typical land of fish and rice with numerous lakes, rivers and harbors.
Chinese name Qiaoxiang Jinze foreign name Qiao xiang Jinze Administrative Region category East China geographic location Shanghai Qingpu District Jinze famous scenic spots Ruyi bridge, Fangsheng bridge, Wan'an Bridge
Internal landscape
Jinze is an ancient town famous for its bridge. It is known as "the first bridge town in the south of the Yangtze River". The bridge with more water is its characteristic.  There is a section of river course 350 meters away in xiatangjie area. The five ancient bridges on the river course juxtaposed actually crossed the song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Therefore, there is a saying that "the ancient bridges of the four dynasties lead each other".
Wan'an bridge (Song Bridge): also known as wan'anting bridge, it was built in the period of JINGDING (1260-1264) in the Song Dynasty. It is an arc-shaped single hole stone arch with gentle slope and large span. It used to have the wonder of "water, sky and green". Puji bridge (Song Bridge): it is made of purple stone, commonly known as purple stone bridge. It was built in 1267 A.D. with the words "three years of Xianchun" engraved on the slate at the top of the bridge, it is the oldest arched stone bridge in Shanghai.
Yingxiang bridge (Yuanqiao): at the south end of Jinze Town, there are 6 columns and 5 holes. The bridge deck is made of bricks. The bridge body is very thin, such as the rainbow lying on the river. The "Yingxiang night moon", one of the eight sceneries in Jinze ancient times, refers to this.
Fangsheng bridge (Mingqiao): it was rebuilt in Chongzhen period of Ming Dynasty, because there is a general manager temple at the bridge head, also known as the general manager bridge. The bridge type is simple and elegant, and the arch bar is firm, which is the channel from the town to Dongyue Temple.
Ruyi bridge (Qingqiao): an arc-shaped single hole stone bridge, rebuilt in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, is the best preserved stone arch bridge among the existing ancient bridges in Jinze.
Jinze ancient town has many bridges, water and temples. There is a saying in history that "bridges and temples have temples, temples and temples have bridges". It is said that until the period of the Republic of China, there were also one view, two temples, three pavilions, four nunneries, thirteen temples and other buildings in the town. After historical changes, many temples connected with the bridge are no longer there. However, from the name of the bridge and the couplet carved on the side wall of the bridge, we can see a strong Buddhist meaning.  Some traces of temples and nunneries can be found beside many bridges, such as Xuantong Temple beside Tahui bridge, Emperor Temple beside old Lin Bridge, manager Temple beside Fangsheng bridge, Ancestral temple beside Ruyi bridge, Tianwang Temple beside Tianwang pavilion bridge, and Yihao temple at the end of Puji bridge, the most famous one.
Yihao temple was built by LV Yihao, the Prime Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty. It reached its peak in the Yuan Dynasty. There was a saying that it was "the top in the south of the Yangtze River". Zhao Mengfu, a calligrapher and painter in Yuan Dynasty, and Tang Shunzhi, a litterateur, have left their footprints here. Zhao Mengfu's handwriting is left on a famous "constant cloud stone" in Yihao temple.
It is said that the prosperity of Zhouzhuang and Zhujiajiao is closely related to their neighbors Shangta. How many merchants have come in and out of these ancient towns is hard to examine today, but it is amazing that these merchants who had trade relations with Zhouzhuang or Zhujiajiao came to Shangta when they chose The Place to stay. It is said that the name of Shangta town changed from "twin towers" to "Shangta" is related to this strange phenomenon.
Related Poems
It is known as "Jiangnan bridge town". According to Jin Zezhi's book compiled in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, "Jinze is surrounded by huge floods, with many rivers inside, and more bridges than other towns. It was called 42 Hongqiao in ancient times." However, according to relevant data and memories of local elders, only 28 ancient bridges can be found, which are seriously damaged due to their disrepair. Among them, Wan'an bridge, Puji bridge, Yingxiang bridge, tianhuangge bridge, Ruyi bridge, bianshui Hongqiao and other bridges are still in good shape and exquisite structure, which are attracting the attention of bridge experts and scholars at home and abroad.
Jinze town is located on the Bank of Dianshan Lake in the western suburb of Shanghai. There were 42 Hongqiao within 0.6 square kilometers of the town, and there are still seven well preserved ancient bridges. It is a bridge town of Jiangnan reputation.
Puji bridge in Zhennan is a single hole stone arch bridge made of purple stone. It was built in Xianchun period of Song Dynasty and is the oldest stone bridge in Shanghai.
More than a meter south of Puji bridge, there is a single hole stone bridge built of bluestone, named Fangsheng bridge. The abutment level is neat, the stone railing is solid, and there is a sense of flying in the distance.
Crossing Fangsheng bridge 50 meters south is Ruyi bridge, which is the most rigid, complete and beautiful stone arch bridge among the existing ancient bridges.
Then to the south, you can see Yingxiang bridge, which was built between Yuan Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty. It is an arch bridge with six columns and five holes. It is a composite structure of brick, stone and wood. The bridge is made of unique materials and has a beautiful shape. It was published in the people's pictorial.
In Zhenbei City, there is a stone arch bridge built at the same time with Puji bridge, named Wan'an bridge. There was a pavilion in the center of the bridge, so it is also called pavilion bridge.
50 meters from Wan'an bridge to NATO is a small and exquisite old Lin Bridge. Along the city river to the south, there is a tianwuge bridge in the place opposite to the tashihui bridge. This is the only three hole stone bridge in the town. The structure of the bridge is straight, harmonious and symmetrical. The shape of the bridge is unique and beautiful. The exquisite reliefs on the bridge deck are clear and recognizable.
The ancient bridge in Jinze is noted by bridge experts and appreciated by tourists. It is a tourist attraction in Shanghai.
Traffic guide
Transportation: take the long-distance bus to Pingwang at Zhixin long distance passenger station, no.249, Zhijiang West Road, Shanghai, and get off at Jinze, or take the Qingpu bus station to Qingjin line.

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