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Yangpu Bridge

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Yangpu Bridge is a river crossing channel connecting Yangpu District and Pudong District in Shanghai, China. It is located on the Huangpu River waterway and is one of the components of Shanghai inner ring expressway.
Yangpu Bridge was built on May 1, 1991, completed on September 15, 1993, and opened to traffic on October 23, 1993.
Yangpu Bridge starts from Shanghai inner ring viaduct in the north, crosses Huangpu River waterway and Zhangjiang interchange in the South; the total length of the line is 8354 meters and the main bridge is 1172 meters; the bridge deck is a two-way six lane urban expressway with a design speed of 60 km / h; the total cost is 1.33 billion yuan.
Yangpu Bridge was built on May 1, 1991. It was put into use on October 23, 1993. The cable-stayed bridge, super large bridge and highway bridge are 8354 meters long and 35.5 meters wide, with two-way six lane design speed of 60 km / h. they are located in the area of Shanghai inner ring viaduct and Zhangjiang interchange District, Shanghai, China by way of Shanghai inner ring expressway, Jialu management organization, Shanghai Road Political Bureau
Construction course
On September 20, 1990, the former State Planning Commission approved the reply: "in order to form the starting conditions for Pudong Development during the" Eighth Five Year Plan "period and solve the cross river traffic problems between Pudong and Puxi, it was agreed to build Yangpu Bridge."
On May 1, 1991, construction of Yangpu Bridge started.
On April 8, 1993, Yangpu Bridge was closed; on September 15, 1993, Yangpu Bridge construction project was completed; on October 23, 1993, Yangpu Bridge was opened to traffic.
On May 31, 2014, Yangpu Bridge etc customer service network opened.
On August 9, 2017, Yangpu Bridge carried out bridge maintenance and repair works.
In September 2018, in order to welcome the China International Import Expo, Yangpu Bridge carried out the painting project and built a new landscape lighting system.
Bridge location
Yangpu Bridge is located in Ningguo Road area to the north of Suzhou River in Shanghai, China. The whole section is Shanghai inner ring expressway. It starts from Shanghai inner ring viaduct in the north, crosses Huangpu River Waterway in the upper part, reaches Zhangjiang interchange in the south, 5.3km from Suzhou estuary, 20.5km from Wusongkou, and 11km from Nanpu Bridge in the upper part in the West. Among them, the approach bridge of the Puxi Section of Yangpu Bridge crosses Yangshu along Ningguo road and Huangxing Road Pulu Road, Hangzhou Road, Shenyang Road, Pingliang Road, Hejian Road, Changyang Road and other intersections are connected at Zhoujiazui and the inner ring road viaduct; Pudong section approach bridge is along the inner ring road, crosses Pudong Avenue, Qishan Road, Boshan Road, Zhangyang Road, and connects with Yanggao Road through Luoshan Road Interchange.
Architectural design
building structure
Overall layout
Yangpu Bridge is composed of main bridge over water, Pudong on land, Puxi approach bridge, inverted Y-shaped bridge tower and each interchange ramp. The main bridge section is arranged from northwest to Southeast.
Design concept
In the design of the main tower of Yangpu Bridge, the A-type composition is adopted, except for the excessive radian when the straight line meets the straight line; the top of the main tower column is a semicircle gap with a diameter of more than 10 meters, and the top of the tower is processed into an inclined shape, with obvious outline and simple shape, which is like a soaring squid and a long sky fight, which means Pudong and Puxi echo each other, reflecting Shanghai's new posture after the reform and opening up State out of Asia, towards the world.
At the same time, the main bridge of Yangpu Bridge is like a rainbow across the Huangpu River, and the main tower is like a sharp sword piercing the sky. The steel cables on both sides of the tower are spread out in a fan-shaped way, such as giant strings, playing the sonata of dragon flying.
Design features
Yangpu Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with two towers and two cable planes crossing the river. It adopts the composite beam structure of steel beam and reinforced concrete precast slab. The tower type is inverted Y "diamond" shape. On both sides of Pudong and Puxi bridge towers, steel cables are suspended to connect the main beams, and the cable plane is arranged in a space sector. The approach bridge is prestressed reinforced concrete beam and reinforced concrete pier and abutment structure.
Design parameters
Yangpu Bridge has a line area of 100000 square meters, a total length of 8354 meters, a main bridge length of 1172 meters, a span combination of 40 (Puxi transition hole) + 99 + 144 + 602 + 144 + 99 + 44 (Pudong transition hole), a river slope width of 551 meters, a main span of 602 meters, a total width of 35.5 meters, six lanes, two-meter wide sidewalks on both sides, a main bridge tower height of 208 meters, a steel pipe pile group pile foundation diameter of 0.9 meters, a depth of 53 meters 32 pairs of steel cables are set on both sides of Pudong and Puxi bridge towers, totaling 256 in total, with a maximum length of 330 meters and a weight of 3 tons; the total length of the approach bridge is 6482 meters, including 3103 meters of Puxi approach bridge and 3379 meters of Puxi approach bridge; the total weight of the steel structure of the whole bridge is about 12600 tons, and the longitudinal slope of the bridge deck is ≤ 3.5% for the main bridge, ≤ 4% for the upper slope of the approach bridge and ≤ 3.5% for the downhill town; the main section of the bridge is a two-way six lane urban expressway, with class I highway  Road standard.
Facilities and facilities
Monitoring equipment
As of March 2013, the whole section of Yangpu Bridge is equipped with electronic police and other traffic monitoring equipment.
Lighting facilities
As of July 2018, in order to meet the China International Import Expo, Yangpu Bridge has completed the installation of landscape lights at the end of August and the lighting commissioning in September; after the completion of the project, Yangpu Bridge has different modes of landscape lights, such as normal, holiday, late night, etc., and shows its vigorous and upright posture at night.
Sightseeing facilities
Yangpu Bridge is equipped with a sightseeing elevator. Tourists can take the elevator from the ground to the main bridge surface and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River on the sightseeing sidewalks on both sides of the carriageway.

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