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Lupu Bridge

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Lu Pu Bridge
Lupu Bridge is a river crossing channel connecting Huangpu District and Pudong New Area in Shanghai, China. It is located on the Huangpu River waterway and is one of the components of Shanghai inner ring expressway.
Lupu Bridge was built in October 2000, completed the closure of the main bridge on October 7, 2002, and opened to traffic on June 28, 2003.
Lupu Bridge starts from Shanghai South North Viaduct in the south, crosses Huangpu River waterway and ends at Luban Road Interchange in the north; the total length of the line is 8722 meters and the main bridge is 750 meters; the bridge deck is a two-way six lane urban expressway with a design speed of 60 km / h and a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan.
Chinese name Lupu Bridge foreign name Lupu Bridge was built in October 2000. It was put into use on June 28, 2003. The type of arch bridge, super major bridge and highway bridge are 8722 meters long and 29.8 meters wide. The two-way six lane design speed is 60 km / h. It is located in the area of Shanghai North South viaduct and Luban Road interchange Shanghai Road Administration Bureau, South North Viaduct, Shanghai, China
Construction course
In August 1999, Shanghai Huangpu River Bridge Engineering Construction Office collected the design scheme of Lupu Bridge.
On October 25, 2000, the construction of Lupu Bridge started.
On October 7, 2002, Lupu Bridge was closed.
On June 28, 2003, Lupu Bridge was opened to traffic.
In 2010, in order to welcome the opening ceremony of Shanghai World Expo, the lighting equipment of Lupu Bridge was changed.
In September 2018, in order to welcome the China International Import Expo, Lupu Bridge carried out the coating project.
Bridge location
Lupu Bridge is located in the Huangpu River section of Luwan District, Shanghai. It is the South extension of the North-South viaduct in the city center. The bridge is 7.2km away from the Xupu Bridge in the West and 3.5km away from the Nanpu Bridge in the south. It starts from the South-North viaduct in Shanghai, crosses the Huangpu River Waterway in the south, and ends at the Luban Road Interchange in the north. The Puxi Section is located on the North Bank of the Huangpu River in the south of Luwan District in the center of the city, and is connected from the South-South viaduct in Shanghai. The Pudong section is located in the south of Pudong New Area.
Architectural design
building structure
Overall layout
Lupu Bridge is composed of main bridge on water, arch ring, arch rib, land Pudong, Puxi approach bridge and interchange ramp. The main bridge section is arranged from southeast to northwest.
Design concept
The bridge body of Lupu Bridge is in a beautiful arc shape, like a rainbow lying on the wave, flying over the Pujiang River. According to the characteristics of the wide water area of the bridge itself, and in order to make the bridge well integrated into the whole urban space, the designer has integrated three different types of bridge design techniques, namely, cable-stayed bridge, arch bridge and suspension bridge, and taken the river water color as the back view of the main body of the bridge, so that the river can reflect the spectacular and beautiful reflection of the bridge, making the bridge itself a public and tourist appreciation A good place for landscape and leisure tour, and finally selected the plan of the half through arch bridge.
Lupu Bridge is presented as a half through arch bridge with an arc, which can not only shorten the span of the main bridge to the maximum extent under the premise of ensuring the requirements of the main channel, but also distinguish the three major bridges of Nanpu, Yangpu and Xupu that have been built at that time with its soft and smooth curve and closed and transparent space.
Design features
The main bridge of Lupu Bridge is a steel arch bridge with spatial basket and half through arch beam composite system. Strong horizontal cables are arranged between the cross beams at both ends of the main bridge to balance the horizontal thrust of the middle span arch rib. The stiffening beam is supported on the arch rib through suspenders or columns; the side span stiffening beam is respectively consolidated with the arch rib at the intersection of the middle span and the side span; the two ends of the middle span stiffening beam are supported at the intersection of the middle span arch beam On the beam at the junction, the end support is a longitudinal sliding support, and damping limit devices are set in the transverse and longitudinal directions.
The cross section of the arch rib of Lupu Bridge is in the shape of a gyroscope, and the T-shaped stiffening is adopted for the stiffening of the arch rib; the cross section of the tie beam in the triangle area of the side span is closed steel box girder, which is consolidated with the arch rib, column, beam at the end of the side arch and the beam at the joint section of the middle span arch beam; the open steel box girder in the middle span is supported on the arch rib by the suspender, and the two ends are connected with the beam at the joint section of the middle span arch beam through the support.
Design parameters
The total length of Lupu Bridge is 8722m, and the planned shoreline width of Huangpu River at the bridge site is 480m, of which the total length of the main bridge is 750m, with a span of (100 + 550 + 100) m, a rise span ratio of 1 / 5.5, and a vertical curve radius of 9000 m for the main bridge deck; the top width of the arch rib of the bridge is 5m, the bottom width is 3M, the plane inclination is 1:5, the transverse spacing of the arch foot is 51m, and the transverse spacing of the arch top is 11m; the total width of the bridge deck is 29.8m, which is There are two-way six lanes, of which the width of the six lanes of the main approach bridge is 25.5m, the width of the four lanes is 18m, the width of the two lanes of the ramp is 8.5m, and the width of the single lane is 7.5m; the maximum longitudinal slope of the main line is 5.0%, the maximum longitudinal slope of the ramp is 6.4%, and the standard transverse slope is 2%.
Facilities and facilities
Lighting facilities
In order to welcome the opening ceremony of 2010 Shanghai World Expo in China, the overall shape of Lupu Bridge is intended to be rainbow flying; LED dynamic light is used to show the sky rainbow, which is in contrast with the white Nanpu Bridge.
Electronic monitoring
As of September 2018, the whole section of Lupu Bridge is equipped with electronic police and other traffic monitoring equipment.

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