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Shanghai Museum of traditional Chinese medicine

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Shanghai Museum of traditional Chinese medicine was founded in 2003, formerly the medical history museum of the Chinese Medical Association founded in 1938. It is composed of three parts: Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine / Medical History Museum of the Chinese Medical Association, Specimen Exhibition Hall of traditional Chinese medicine and school history exhibition hall. It was completed and opened in December 2004. The building area is 6413 square meters, the exhibition area is about 4000 square meters, and the annual opening day is more than 300 days.
The museum promotes traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine culture, popularizes scientific knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, and reflects the track of traditional Chinese medicine from formation to prosperity, from inheritance to innovation. It is the epitome of profound traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine culture. The museum is a popular science education base in China, Shanghai and Pudong New Area, a popular science tourism demonstration base in Shanghai, a national culture museum in Shanghai universities, and a patriotism education base in Pudong New Area. It is elegant, novel and atmospheric, displaying the charm of traditional Chinese medicine culture to the world.
Chinese Name: Shanghai Museum of TCM foreign name: Shanghai Museum of TCM category medical museum location: No. 1200, Cailun Road, Zhangjiang, Pudong New Area, opening time: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00-16:00 collection of fine works 1744, building area of cast acupuncture bronze person: 6413 square meters, exhibition area: 4000 square meters, opening time: December 2004 Ticket price 15 yuan
brief introduction
Construction investment
The museum has 9 exhibition areas and science popularization activity rooms, as well as library, multi-functional lecture hall, cultural relics warehouse, multimedia demonstration and teaching facilities. The total investment in building decoration and exhibition is more than 24 million yuan, including about 20 million yuan from Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine, and nearly 4 million yuan from Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Commission of culture and management and Pudong New Area government.
Medical history museum
。 It is divided into five special halls: comprehensive hall and health rehabilitation hall, acupuncture and massage hall, traditional Chinese medicine prescription hall, traditional Chinese medicine culture hall and traditional Chinese medicine science and Education Hall. The physical historical materials displayed reflect the important historical facts and major achievements of the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the past five thousand years, and play an important role in the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine history, popularization of scientific knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, promotion of medical exchanges between China and foreign countr
Exhibits and exhibits
The exhibits and display items in the Museum of history of medicine include: the sculpture of the bronze reliefs of traditional Chinese medicine, the sculpture of "essence and spirit", the sculpture of "Yin Yang and the five elements", the sculptures of "physicians and medical activities in the past dynasties", the scenes of the pepper and cinnamon unearthed in the Han Dynasty, the scene of the Tang imperial medical service, the five jiao drainage pipes of the Qin Dynasty, the eight diagrams of the Song Dynasty *, the Ming block printed edition of the acupuncture points of the bronze man points, and the Ming Dynasty, Mawangdui. Smoked, Ming Dynasty gourd shaped black glaze giant medicine altar, late Qing Dynasty "shibuzhai medical book" book board, etc.
Acupuncture and massage
The exhibition of treasures in the acupuncture and massage Hall: the official who compiled "yizongjinjian" given by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the bronze man of acupuncture and moxibustion cast in 1744, the stone needle, the stone needle medical appliance of the stone age, the map of the Ming Hall of bronze man engraved in 1665, the acupuncture and massage equipment, etc., reveal the development history and medical achievements of acupuncture and massage. The traditional Chinese medicine culture museum displays calligraphic and painting works of famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and prescription handwriting of doctors of all ages. The rehabilitation health care hall reflects the thoughts and methods of prevention and post conditioning of Chinese medicine from different aspects such as mental adjustment, daily life, diet, exercise and medication. There are pepper, Maoxiang and cinnamon unearthed in Mawangdui, Dan pill unearthed in the tomb of Wang Xizhi ' Right.
There are pulse apparatus, pulse model, multimedia software of tongue diagnosis, touch screen system of syndrome differentiation, intelligent person of acupuncture and moxibustion, intelligent person of massage. Acupuncture intelligent person and other exhibition items are high-tech exhibition contents after upgrading and transformation. They use modern information technology means to reveal the scientific connotation of traditional Chinese medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine specimen
With a history of nearly 50 years, the herbarium of traditional Chinese medicine is now a key discipline point of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. It is a platform for teaching, scientific research, foreign exchange and display, and the promotion and education of popular science of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a multi-functional and integrated organization integrating the collection, production, identification and preservation of various herbarium of traditional Chinese medicine. Collect more than 3000 traditional Chinese medicine specimens and proprietary Chinese medicine, introduce the form and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, and disseminate scientific knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Display rare and precious specimens such as musk, wild mountain ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, etc., more than 150 kinds of specimens of animal and plant traditional Chinese medicine immersed in liquid, traditional refined Chinese medicine pieces, famous and special new Chinese patent medicine, precious Chinese medicine wax leaf specimens. There is also a science popularization activity room where teenagers can "interact" with traditional Chinese medicine and develop interesting exercises of traditional Chinese medicine specimens.

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