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She Shan Cathedral

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Sheshan Catholic Church, also known as Sheshan Notre Dame Hall, is located at the top of the West Sheshan mountain in Sheshan National Forest Park. The church was founded by French missionaries in 1871 and completed in 1935. In 1942, the Pope of Rome granted the church as the Basilica, making it the center of Catholic pilgrimage in the Far East. Therefore, it has the reputation of "the first church in the Far East".
From a distance, the church at the top of the mountain is connected with the mountain as a whole. The red brick wall is obviously compared with the green mountain forest, which is dignified and majestic. The whole church is long in the south, short in the north, wide in the East and narrow in the west, which is a classic asymmetric building. Sheshan Catholic Church is a pilgrimage holy place for Chinese Catholics, and many new people often come here to hold weddings. Even if you are not a believer, you can feel the sacred and solemn religious atmosphere inside. But please respect the religious belief. Please do not take photos in the church.
Every year, tens of thousands of Catholics from all over the world come here to make pilgrimages in May and December.
On the zigzag path from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there are 14 bitter road pavilions, each of which contains a relief sculpture of the crucifixion of Jesus, three holy pavilions and the half hillside Notre Dame Hall of Zhongshan. When pilgrims go to Sheshan, they all go up the zigzag bitter Road step by step.
Location of Shanghai Sheshan Catholic Church 8:00-17:00 opening hours at the top of West Sheshan Garden, No. 9142, Qingsong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Introduction to the church
Sheshan church, also known as Sheshan Cathedral, Sheshan Cathedral, Sheshan cathedral and far east virgin hall. Located at the top of Sheshan mountain, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, it is the famous holy land of Notre Dame in Chinese Catholicism, as well as the Notre Dame hall in Rhode, France.
In 1942, the hall was granted the title of "minor basilica" by Pope Pius XII of Rome. It is the first temple granted by the pope in the Far East. In 1946, the Holy See granted the coronation to our lady of zose. Sheshan is the only active national Catholic pilgrimage center in China.
It was founded by French missionaries in 1871 and completed in 1935. As early as 1844, the French missionary nangelu came here to survey the terrain and prepare to build a house. Since then, religious facilities have been continuously expanded.  It integrates a variety of architectural styles, adopts four non structures without wood, nail, steel and beam, which can be regarded as a model of asymmetry.  Since the 1940s, it has been a world-famous Catholic Holy Land, and also the most important pilgrimage place of Catholicism in China.
Development history
Birth background: Catholicism was introduced very early in Songjiang and Qingpu areas near Sheshan. During the period of prohibition for more than 100 years, Catholics in Hengtang, zhangpuqiao and other villages kept their faith underground. In 1844, after Catholicism regained its legal status in China, nangelu, the president of the French Jesuit society in the pastoral area of the south of the Yangtze River, came to Sheshan. He believed that this place was full of bamboo forests and quiet environment, so he could build a prayer house for the elderly and infirm missionaries in the missionary area. South Gallo died in 1856. In 1863, Elbi, the succeeding president of the French Jesuits, came to Sheshan from Xujiahui and built five bungalows in the middle of the mountain for the priests to recuperate, with a small hall inside. In 1864, father Du Ruolan, the chief priest of Songjiang, built a hexagonal pavilion on the top of the mountain to worship the Virgin Mary. At the foot of the mountain, Zhang puqiao and other local believers began to make pilgrimages to Sheshan.
On March 1, 1868, Lang Huairen, the bishop of the pastoral area in the south of the Yangtze River, consecrated the chapel and the Madonna. This statue of Madonna was drawn by a Chinese assistant monk Lu, three, who imitated Paris's "after the victory of Madonna" and renamed "the Blessed Virgin Mary in teaching."  On May 24, 1868, hundreds of pilgrims came to Sheshan. At that time, the small hall couldn't hold it, so we had to put up tents to hold mass.
Construction of cathedrals: in 1868, the priests and churches were attacked in many places in Anhui and Jiangsu (see Yangzhou teaching plan). Even in the streets of Shanghai, where Sino foreign relations have always been more harmonious, there have been posters of hostility to foreigners. French missionaries of Jesuit Church were deeply disturbed. Father Gu Zhensheng, President of Jesuit Church in Jiangnan acting pastoral area, arrived at Sheshan and knelt down in front of the statue of Virgin Mary in hexagonal pavilion to make a wish: if Jiangnan acting pastoral area can survive the crisis safely, it will build a cathedral on the mountain. In September, Gu Zhensheng issued a notice to all priests, asking them to mobilize donations from believers and build the cathedral as soon as possible to thank the virgin for her protection.
Sheshan cathedral was designed by the assistant friar Ma Liyao of Jesuit Church. On May 24, 1871, the foundation laying ceremony was held, and the pastor Lang Huairen held an open-air mass attended by 6000 believers. Many pilgrims took part in voluntary labor and moved heavy building materials from the flat to the top of the mountain. By April 15, 1873, the Greek style hilltop hall was built, and Lang Huairen came to the church to pray. At the same time, a zigzag bitter road was built from the half hilltop to the hilltop, and 14 bitter road pavilions were set up at each corner. On May 1 and 24 that year, Lang Huairen went to Sheshan again to host the pilgrimage ceremony. There were about 10000 to 15000 pilgrims. Since then, Sheshan virgin has become a special principal protector in the pastoral areas of Jiangnan Dynasty. In May of that year, it was called the first virgin month in Sheshan history.

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