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Tomato farm

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Located in Xinwu town of Songjiang in the upper reaches of Huangpu River, Tomato farm covers an area of more than 200000 square meters. The enterprise name is Shanghai kehaiyuan branch, registered trademark "tomato farm". The map location is between Xinbang exit of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway and Maogang exit of A30 suburban Ring Expressway, and the address is No. 1600, Yexin Branch Road, Xinwu Town, Songjiang District. It is a rural entertainment resort integrating accommodation, tourism, entertainment, catering, conference, shopping and leisure.
Tomato farm location: Songjiang new five town in the upper reaches of Huangpu River covers an area of more than 200000 square meters
Introduction to tomato farm
On the basis of agricultural cultivation and cultivation, tomato farm has built a number of tourism facilities with strong local and ethnic style in the architectural style of ethnic areas, which are composed of Mongolian village, Tibetan village, Xinjiang village, Miaojia village and Jiangnan village. There are 180 beds, 5 conference rooms (karaoke, automatic mahjong), 1 Restaurant and 1 conference training room. Rural tourism projects include rabbit hunting, archery, horse riding, fishing, donkey riding, animal watching, grassland activities, vegetable picking, Tibetan barbecue, boating and table tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton and other activities. It is an ideal resort for urban people's leisure and vacation.
Enter the tomato Farm Resort with national characteristics, ethnic customs, religious culture, Jiangnan Water Town, field scenery, rural interest, ecological agriculture and the proximity of various farm animals, return to nature. Poetry by the lake, picnic on the grass, stroll in the bamboo forest, enjoy the flowers and the moon, and relax. Let's get away from the noise of the city, return to the countryside, and clean the dust brought by modern times.
Introduction to sightseeing activities
Sightseeing tour, ecological tour, outdoor activity tour, rural one-day tour, conference tour, parent-child tour, family reunion tour, friends gathering, group activity tour, elderly care tour, fishing tour, club activity tour, development training, blessing tour, Pilgrimage Tour, festival activity, birthday celebration, wedding activity, wedding ceremony, funeral ceremony, recuperation tour, shopping tour, picking tour, training tour Three day tour, business gift certificate, white-collar weekend, Tomato Festival.
1. Room features: Inner Mongolia bag, Miao Village wooden house, Tibetan, Japanese and Uyghur houses, each village is equipped with a karaoke activity meeting room (with automatic mahjong), which is very suitable for small and medium-sized meetings, friend gatherings and family reunion.
2. Tourism landscape: the charm of Chinese national customs and culture is everywhere in the natural ecology. The Miao family with Inner Mongolia style is majestic and majestic. The gentle Islamic Southern breeze is simple and beautiful, and the gospel Valley seems to be in front of us.
3. Barbecue - Jiangnan barbecue Pavilion is built on reed Island, surrounded by water for fishing, where you can rest and talk, and you can order food and barbecue when you are hungry. It is a good place for a day tour.
4. Chickens, ducks and geese in the countryside - these scattered and released local things grow up eating small insects and grains. They are delicious and pure, nourishing and nourishing. They are no longer available in the market.
5. Meeting features: meeting in a quiet village with beautiful scenery, three meals a day, interesting embellishment and unforgettable memory.
6. Farmer's market - a small local market where farmers provide fresh vegetables, fruits and aquatic products for you to choose, take home or send to the restaurant for processing.
7. Outdoor camping - the western popular drive outing, the minority is called "Lin Yun", sit on the ground, have a picnic, put on some music, and all of us have a happy day together.
8. Ornamental animals - ostriches, peacocks, pigeons, rare chickens, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese, etc. are kept in groups and free range.
Food and beverage
The standard is 10 dishes and one soup for three meals in the morning, in the middle and in the evening. The raw materials are vegetables, melons and fruits produced by the farm itself, various poultry and animals raised naturally, and local products made by the farm. If you need to add vegetables, you can order the local chicken, local duck, local goose, pheasant, pigeon, cow, sheep, ostrich, hare, etc. they are all naturally raised to eat rice, green grass and grow up without feeding, which is delicious.
Transport line
Bus: Lianfeng line (South Mall tomato farm)
Self driving: from Xinzhuang to Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway, to Xinbang exit, turn right, drive along Yexin highway to the third intersection, see Yexin Road, turn left, go straight for 500m. Tomato farm location

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