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West Sheshan Garden

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Xishe mountain has a forest area of more than 800 mu, and the main peak is 100.8 meters above sea level. The scenic spots in the park include: Catholic pilgrimage site, 14 Kulu statues on Jingji Road, xiudaozhe tower, congdaoren and Hushu Pavilion, etc. The famous Sheshan Observatory and Seismostation are also located in the West Sheshan It is the best and most characteristic forest park in Sheshan nine peaks.
Chinese Name: West Sheshan Park foreign name: West Sheshan park area: East China geographic location: Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
natural resources
Sheshan National Forest Park attracts Chinese and foreign tourists with its beautiful natural scenery, bright religious culture, dense bamboo forest, beautiful mountains and magnificent hilltop buildings Spring, summer and autumn are the beautiful seasons for Xishe mountain to display the charming scenery. The scenery is green, picturesque, dreamlike, and feels like a fairyland on earth. Visitors can pick up steps along the north gate or the East Gate Mountain Road. The road is quiet, with ancient wood, bamboo and green shade on both sides. The xiudaozhe tower is located on the east side of the mountain. There are towers in the mountain, and all the peaks are alive. The tower has seven floors and eight sides, brick and wood structure, more than 20 meters high, tall and steep, and like a beauty. The pagoda was built in 976-984 A.D. during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is surrounded by corridors. On each floor of the pagoda, there are small North and South gates that can pass through. It has a beautiful shape. For thousands of years, the road show tower stands on the edge of shade, adding luster to the landscape of Sheshan. There is the former site of Chaoyin under the tower and the tiger tree Pavilion beside it From the south gate to the hillside, there is Zhongshan church, which was built in 1844, more than a hundred years ago. There is a square in front of the gate, which can accommodate thousands of people. Three pavilions stand side by the square, which respectively worship the Holy Father, the Virgin mother and the image of Jesus. From the nave, there is a wide stone road, and there are pavilions at the corners. The wall of the pavilion is decorated with the image of Jesus' suffering, so it is also called the bitter road. At the top of the mountain is a red building, which is the famous Catholic Church. It was built by French missionaries in 1871, rebuilt and expanded in 1925 and completed in 1935. Majestic and magnificent. Next to it is a dome shaped building, which is the Sheshan observation station of Shanghai Observatory, where astronomers explore the mysteries of the universe From the west gate to the top of the mountain, there is a Panshan Road, which is nearly 3 li in length. It's very interesting to take a bus for sightseeing and enjoy the breeze and trees.
Main attractions
It is a Catholic church with the same name as the Notre Dame hall in Rhode, France, also known as the Far East Notre Dame hall. The church was founded by French missionaries in 1871. It was completed in 1935. It integrates a variety of architectural styles, adopts four non structures without wood, nail, steel and beam, which can be regarded as a model of asymmetry. Since the 1940s, it has been a world-famous Catholic Holy Land, and also the most important pilgrimage place of Catholicism in China.
Sheshan Notre Dame hall was built by French missionaries in 1871, rebuilt and expanded in 1925, and completed in 1935 The main hall is 56 meters long from east to west, 25 meters wide from north to south, with a building area of 1400 square meters. The building plane is Latin cross. The height from the temple base to the cross spire is 38 meters, including 17 meters to the vault and 22 meters to the sulfur glazed tile. There are 1000 seats in the main hall, which can hold about 1500 members.
This transitional style church in Rome, known as "four nothings", is a model of asymmetric architecture. Colorful glass is different in size and gods. The building shape is long in the South and short in the north, wide in the East and narrow in the west, with inner circle and outer tip, and inner stone and outer brick. The main hall integrates various architectural styles. Its arch and corridor are Roman style, its colonnade is Greek style, its spire is Gothic style, its olive shaped bell tower is Israeli style, its small dome at the east end is Spanish style, its clear water wall and bucket angle floor tiles are Chinese national style, and its sulfur glazed tiles are Chinese palace style. The palace is warm in winter and cool in summer, with excellent lighting. The wall groove between the colonnade and the bucket arch has a good function of moisture absorption and cleaning.
On September 12, 1942, Pope Pius XII of Rome granted Sheshan church the minor Basilica, the first temple in the Far East granted by the Pope.
Seismic station
The Sheshan seismic base station, which is located at the eastern foot of the West Sheshan mountain covered by bamboo trees, was formerly known as the Shanghai Observatory and has a history of one hundred years. Sheshan seismic base station belongs to the first-class station of the State Seismological Bureau, which is equipped with various advanced observation instruments and specialized personnel to provide high-quality seismic data and data at home and abroad. It has participated in the international joint earth survey for many times. Here, people can also see a lot of little-known seismic data, such as the Great Tangshan earthquake and Japan earthquake that shocked the world, as well as video data such as animals and earthquakes At the hillside of xisshe mountain, there is a church standing up. This is the Catholic nave. As early as 1844, the French missionary nangelu came here to survey the terrain and prepare to build a house. Since then, religious facilities have been continuously expanded. Today's Zhongshan church, built in 1894, has a sacrificial platform for the holy image, which can hold more than 500 people. In front of the nave, there is a round square that can hold thousands of people, and the surrounding scenery can be observed by the fence. On the hillside of the west side of the square, there is an open space. There are three holy pavilions, namely, the pavilion of the holy heart of Jesus, the pavilion of the Virgin Mary and the pavilion of Jos é. Since the s, it has been a world-famous Catholic Holy Land, and also the most important pilgrimage holy land of Catholicism in China. Xiudaozhe tower, located in the east slope of Xishe mountain, was built in the reign of the Taiping Xingguo in the Song Dynasty. It has 8 sides, 7 levels and more than 20 meters in height. It is a brick and wood structure tower. It is said that there is Xiuzhe, a practitioner who lives in seclusion here. When the tower is completed, it ignites fire and burns itself, so it is called xiudaozhe tower. Founded in the 25th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1899), it was founded by French missionaries. It is the earliest Astronomical Observatory in the modern sense in China and also the sky of China

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