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Jinshan Island Marine Ecological Nature Reserve

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 Jinshan Island Marine Ecological Nature Reserve

Jinshan island is located at 121 ° 24 'e
25 ′, 30 ° 41 ′ n
42 ′, the closest point to the land on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay (jinshanzi) 6
2 kilometers. It is composed of Dajinshan, XIAOJINSHAN and Fushan, with a peak height of 105
03 meters, the highest point on the ground in Shanghai. Jinshanwei was built in Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty and Jinshan County was built in Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty.
In ancient times, the three islands of Jinshan were originally on land, belonging to the same mountain, collectively referred to as Jinshan, also known as "Zhaoshan" before the Five Dynasties. During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there were villages and castles around the mountain, and there were ports in the Northern Song Dynasty; there were temples on the mountain, and there were "cold cave springs" of natural spring water. As the bank collapsed and retreated, it fell into the sea in the Song Dynasty, and three peaks appeared on the sea, forming the three islands now. Today, villages, castles and harbors have been sunk into the sea, and historic sites on the mountain have been annihilated.
After falling into the sea, Jinshan has become an offshore island, the throat of Hangzhou Bay, and has always been a key coastal defense area
Dajinshan mountain has steep cliffs, deep valleys, crags and strange rocks, trees and misty waves. For hundreds of years, it has been suspended in the sea alone, relatively less affected by human activities. The mountains preserve the original vegetation and rare plants that have long been extinct in the land of Shanghai area, which has important scientific research value. The island has a pleasant climate and no hot summer. It is a tourist and summer resort to be developed.
Jinshan three islands marine ecological nature reserve is the first nature reserve under the jurisdiction of Shanghai, which was established on June 5, 1993. The reserve is located on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan County, Shanghai, about 6.6km away from the coast of jinshanzi.
It consists of the core area (Dajinshan Island) and buffer area (XIAOJINSHAN Island, Fushan island and the sea area within 1 km).
The natural environment of the reserve is excellent, there are many kinds of organisms, and the natural vegetation is well preserved. It is The Place with the most abundant wild plant resources in Shanghai, and also the area with the cleanest environmental quality.
Therefore, it can be used as an important environmental quality control point in Shanghai, with high protection value. The main protected objects in this area are typical natural vegetation species in the middle subtropical zone, evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest, insects and soil organic matter, wild rare plant species, oysters near the river, etc.

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