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Zhang Yan Park

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Zhangyan park is located in Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai. According to historical records, it can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty and was originally a private garden.
Zhangyan park is located at No.20 Huayuan Road, Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District
brief introduction
Zhangyan park is located in the middle of Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, with an area of 41 mu. It is a little closer to the city river in the old street of Zhangyan.
It was originally a private house used by Wu Liang, a famous local family in Yuan Dynasty. After several generations of management, it was expanded into a well-known "Wujia garden" by the time of Wu Liang (Zhenshi) in Ming Dynasty. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the garden was sold to the Qian family and became a part of the Qian family's Yizhuang, commonly known as "Qian family garden". During the period of the Republic of China, the family of Qian family gradually declined, and the garden was sold to other families, but people still called it the garden of Qian family.
The garden was desolate in the early period of liberation. Since 1953, the park has been named "people's Park". In 1956, the government mobilized the masses to arrange and reconstruct some scenic spots. In 1958, Zhangyan Park was initially built and opened free of charge in 1960. During the "Cultural Revolution", because people were busy with the "Cultural Revolution", the construction and management of the park stagnated. After the "Cultural Revolution", the park was rebuilt and tickets were sold to tourists since 1980. Wei Wenbo, the former Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Secretariat, wrote the park name for the park.
Park layout
Zhangyan park is not big, but the overall feeling is that the green area is OK. When you meet The Place where flowers and trees are luxuriant, the path is narrow, and you have to walk sideways. It is lush everywhere. If it is summer, of course, it is the first choice for summer. After walking for a while, I moved out of a corridor from the green shadow. Before entering the corridor, I heard a hazy cry, but the voice was not loud. I walked through the corridor and found that it was like a paradise for the old people when I walked on the high ancient buildings. They were all seriously "coming here". They said "my slave" with a pair of faces of vicissitudes. On their faces, they had experienced Zhang The wind and frost of the changing weir.
They didn't pay attention to me, just like I didn't pay attention to them. I went around the corridor for a while. There was a small bridge behind the house that divided the park into two parts. The bridge was small and exquisite. Because there was not much space behind it, they came back from the other side of the bridge and walked forward. They met a big iron cage and a few little monkeys. Seeing me coming, they were interested and quickly pasted the cage Trying to get close to me, I seem to want to say something to me. The monkey is put here. The manager undoubtedly wants to open up the biological atmosphere of the park and station "highlights". But I think the overall layout of the park is a little out of line.
In the small world, there are corridors, bridges, lakes and pavilions, but there are many scenic spots. This is not because I walk along a path to the corridor Pavilion on the lateral side, and on the other side there is a bridge, which is an antique stone bridge. It's kind of elegant to be placed together with the lake water and the grass and trees beside it. When I pass through the bridge, I'm also a person in the scenery. Looking forward, there is a small square similar to the lawn, on which there are some simple stones, quite in the style of modern art.
The most attractive one is a corner near the gate of the park. There is a small mound with a pavilion on the top of which is made of reeds. Walking up the ancient and scattered stone steps, there is a spiritual experience of visiting the ancient and exploring. On the top, the pavilion near the front is delicate and small. In addition, the simple and ancient pines on both sides and the orchid grass in the open place, it seems that "bamboo forest seven" The boundary where "Xian" recites poetry is very leisurely. It is just a stone lion which has a long history and is full of moss. Some of its faces are fierce, serious and unusual, which destroys a little atmosphere.
Several long ancient stones have been horizontally erected to form stone chairs. I admire the local conditions and ingenuity of the people who decorate them. One of the steles was placed properly, while the other was sleeping in another place somehow.
The overall layout of the park looks like towering trees, connected paths and pavilions, secluded and clear. Although there is a pity for the small brush strokes in some details, it can still be traced back to a bit of antiquity.
Legend of anecdotes
It is said that Hai Rui, a famous official in Ming Dynasty, once came to Zhangyan park. He said that he was still young. Of course, when he was not an official, he said that he was related to Wu Liang at that time. Hai Rui, who had a deep relationship with Wu Liang at that time, was sheltered in the shade of green when he was young. He read books in the garden with fragrant flowers and noses. It became a beautiful talk for later generations. He once brought two rare bonsai and ancient pines from Hainan Island, his hometown, to Wu Liang and transplanted them into trees On behalf of the Qian family, he built three ancient pine buildings, which are called the ancient pine buildings. In the xinxibing burning garden of Xianfeng, the two apricot and two pine ancient pine buildings were destroyed. The authenticity of it can no longer be verified.
Peripheral traffic
Self driving tour: take Jinzhang road and Songjin road to Zhangyan Town, then drive to No.20 Huayuan road.
Bus lines: take waiwei line from waiwei subway station; take Songwei line from Songjiang bus station, take jinzhangwei branch line, Jinshi line or Zhushi special line from Jinshan Zhujing bus station; take Weijia line from Jinshan Petrochemical bus station; take Fengqi line from Jinshan Fengjing bus station. Take the bus near the park. If you get to Zhangyan Town, you can walk to the park soon.

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