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Car mirror Park

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Chejing park is the first self funded Park in Shanghai suburb, which is invested and built by Ganxiang auto mirror (Group) Co., Ltd. and covers an area of 75 mu. It was completed from the spring of 2001 to September of 2002. The whole garden is built in Suzhou garden style with close structure. Wuting lake is located in the middle of the park. There are pavilions, galleries, dragon walls, rattan bridges and other ancient buildings in the park.
Location of Chejing Park Shanghai covers an area of 75 mu, completed in September 2002
Park environment
Chejing park is the first town in the suburbs of Shanghai to build a park with self raised funds of nearly ten million yuan. Located in the outskirts of Jinshan District, Ganxiang town creates a good soft environment, and builds parks, ecological forests and cultural squares to make people's life better. Jinshan Ganxiang Chejing Park, with an investment of nearly 10 million yuan and an area of more than 100 mu, is the largest farmer Park in the suburban towns of Shanghai. It is mainly based on the overall layout of Jiangnan gardens, with elegant and atmospheric design, including pavilions, promenades, dragon walls, rattan bridges, Taihu stone rockeries, open lake, lush trees Farmers' Park embodies the integration of human and nature, which makes the nearby people who lack of scenic spots have places for leisure and entertainment, improves the quality of life of farmers in the suburbs of Shanghai, and also increases the attraction of local investment. This park, together with the local ostrich farm, ecological forest and flat peach garden, will build a new tourist attraction for urbanites.
Park characteristics
Standing on the Zhulu road from south to north, the first thing to be seen is the grand Chejing park gate building, which is about 25 meters high and 70 meters long. Six red columns, 5 meters high and 50 cm in diameter, support the huge gate building steadily. The park gate building is built according to the style of Chinese classical double-layer eaves, with black tiles and red eaves, four corners high and cocked up. In the rectangular red plaque between the two eaves, "Chejing Park ”Four big gold characters are shining in the sun. In front of the gate building is the same green brick road floor. On both sides of the ancient red gate is a 5-meter-high white marble lion. On the East and west sides are planted an ancient camphor tree 80 years old, about 20 meters high and 80 cm in diameter. The whole gate building is particularly simple, elegant and dignified.
Entering the gate of Chejing Park, it is a small rectangular green space. On the East and west sides, there is a partition wall with green tiles on the top. In the middle, there is a full moon shaped door opening for visitors to enter and exit. On the north, there is a green tile cloud wall beside the rockery and green bamboo. In the middle, there is a path leading to the inner park. The method of "restraining the landscape" in the construction of classical gardens has been brought into full play here, which embodies the implicit art and the style characteristics of bright door and deep landscape.
Chejing park is composed of three parts: the East, the middle and the West. It is mainly composed of five Lake pavilions in the middle, which are attached to the East and the West.
Across the East partition moon gate, the face is a north-south curved cement path, the west side of the path is Wuting lake. In the middle, there are mainly lawns and many hills piled up during the excavation of Wuting lake. On the hills, there are clumps of Jiangnan aeolian tail bamboos, which unfold in the shape of umbrellas. The delicate bamboo tips soar to the sky, and various kinds of flowers and trees are planted alternately, with different varieties and wrong flowering periods. Therefore, the garden has four seasons of flowers, red flowers and green willows, colorful and pleasing to the eye. Stone is set between the two sides of the cement path and the lawn Benches and wooden chairs are for tourists to have a rest. They are really a beautiful place for leisure and learning.
Stepping into the middle of the park, facing Wuting lake, the main body of the park, is named after the five pavilions built along the lake. Wuting lake covers an area of 18 mu, with a water depth of 1.5-2.4m. It was excavated when the garden was built. There are lotus, water lily and other things in the lake, and many kinds of fish, such as chain fish, goldfish, crucian carp and so on. In summer and autumn, lotus blooms, Water Lily blooms, fish flies in the water, and people visit the garden, which is full of natural interest, pleasing to the eyes, appreciating the heart, and peaceful. The paths along the lake are paved with colorful pebbles. They are curved, flat and comfortable. Walking on them, they feel comfortable and healthy. There are four water corridors with a total length of 110 meters in the East, West, North and South on the water surface of Wuting lake, with a blue tile top. The corridor is supported by dark red wooden columns. Under the eaves of the corridor, there are ancient wooden grid pattern decorations. At the bottom of the corridor, there are long wooden benches near the lake for visitors to have a rest and enjoy the lake scenery. It is amazing that the four water galleries are curved to a certain degree, each of which is built with an arched corridor bridge, which stands on the clear lake water and is hidden in the moonlight willow shadow of the lake. The arched corridor bridge is suspended on the lake surface, standing on the bridge deck, you can have a panoramic view of the park, which makes you feel relaxed and happy. The corridor bridge is located in the lake, but it is completely connected with all parts of the park, which is indeed the traffic hub of the park. In the garden, five pavilions stand around the lake, and the four corners of the spire are curved upward, which is really the representation of the architectural style of the ancient pavilion. Four red wooden columns stand on top of the pavilion, surrounded by wooden pavilions and bars, and red benches are set around the pavilion. In the middle of the pavilion, there are round white stone tables and cylindrical white stone benches, creating a quiet and elegant environment in the colorful landscape of the garden forest.
Entering the western part of the park, it presents a simple and nostalgic style. Among the flowers and trees, you can always see the old farm cars, greenhouses, treading on the water boards, and hear the lake water rushing into the fields. You seem to see the scene of farming cars and water plowing fifty years ago. On the high slope not far from the west side of Wuting lake, there are three bamboo buildings built near the water, which are made of bamboo. The bamboo walls, floors and roofs are made of green bamboo. It is suspected that the bamboo buildings of Li nationality migrated here. On the bamboo buildings full of natural interest, a pot of sweet Longjing or antique Dianhong was soaked, as if they came to a foreign land or returned to the ancient world. Among the flowers and trees in the west, there is also a two-story red imitation building, which is in the form of a T-shaped building in accordance with the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties

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