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Pudong Gaoqiao Riverside Forest Park

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Gaoqiao Riverside Forest Park, located in the northernmost part of Pudong New Area, is an important link of tourism resources in downtown area, Chongming Island, Hengsha Island and Jiuduansha. On the 2km coastline of the park, there are "Three Rivers converging", with one fifth of the original dense forests. There are bird paths, fish paths and insect paths in the wetland, and spring flowers and autumn fruits are everywhere.
Park overview
The park's unique geographical location is an important link to the tourism resources of downtown, Chongming Island, Hengsha Island and Jiuduansha. One third of the park area completely retains the sub ecological landscape and plant community gradually formed in the 1950s. In order to protect these most "primitive" sub ecological forests and let tourists get close to the nature, the park has specially laid wooden plank road to let tourists cross the water system and forest area, and opened up bird path, fish path and insect path.
In Binjiang Forest Park, we can see more than 5000 rhododendrons of more than 20 varieties in four series, including spring Rhododendron, Rhododendron, Rhododendron in summer and Rhododendron in mountain. Among them, Rhododendron in mountain has never been planted in Shanghai, and it comes from wild mountains in other places. The Rhododendron Garden here is also the largest special garden in Shanghai at present. Mid April is the most beautiful season for azalea.
There is an orchard area in the park. There are more than 2000 orange trees, as well as hawthorn, jujube, persimmon, Bayberry and other fruit trees. In the golden autumn, there will be many fruits. At that time, tourists can come to pick, weigh and charge. In addition, the park also has tea rooms and coffee bars along the river, where tourists can have a rest, tea tasting and river view.
Landscape introduction
The view of "Three Rivers meeting" from the perspective of 12km coastline
Riverside Forest Park is located at the northernmost end of Pudong New Area, near the Yangtze River Estuary in the north and the Huangpu River in the West. It occupies the unique geographical position of "Three Parallel Rivers" in Shanghai, namely, the Huangpu River, the Yangtze River and the East China Sea The "riverside coastline" integrated with the park is reconstructed from the seawall in the north of Pudong New Area and the flood control embankment in the east of Wusongkou of Huangpu River. There are also three "hydrophilic platforms" along the coastline, which connect the park and the river.
Landscape 2 1 / 5 of the original dense forest
The continuous green forest has become a unique landscape of riverside Wetland Park. A large number of camphor trees with curved bodies, the leaves accumulated over the years are thick on the lawn, and there are all kinds of unknown wild flowers everywhere On the east side of the park, there are forests of Metasequoia and cedar everywhere. The path in the forest still keeps the original stone road, which has been covered with layers of withered Metasequoia leaves. In the orchard area, there are hawthorn, jujube, persimmon, bayberry, loquat and more than 2000 orange trees. In autumn, citizens can come here to pick fruits.
There are bird paths, fish paths and insect paths in landscape 3 wetland
There is also a "treasure" in the forest park, which is located on the west side of the park, accounting for more than 200 mu. Walking on the scattered waterfront stone road, among the patches of Metasequoia, maple and Magnolia, the local trees such as Sapium, Fengyang are interlaced. Along the fluctuating terrain, several streams pass through the forest and gather at the low place, forming a shallow lake of more than 60 mu. Plants such as iris and shallot are full of life, and birds sometimes skim over the water.
There are more than 50 kinds of aquatic plants here. In summer and autumn, the lotus flowers and lotus flowers bloom in the water, while the reeds grow on the bank. Natural lake island, swamp wetland, stream, forest land and other original natural landscapes form a "mixed forest and stream" landscape atmosphere and recreation space. Not only that, because the original natural waterways are preserved, there are many fish and amphibians that are not seen in the urban area. During the transformation of the park, special attention has been paid to the preservation of "bird's way", "fish way" and "insect way", so as to make the forest continuous, the water system natural, and the ground cover plants interconnected, providing the animals with space for reproduction. Form a good circulation system between animals and plants and a crisscross ecology of local and wild interests.
Landscape 4 spring flowers and autumn fruits are everywhere
The rare alpine rhododendron is planted on a "small mountain package" in the Rhododendron Garden, climbing up the small slope along the Qingshi Road, with undulating moire stones on both sides, waterfalls and streams descending smoothly; nearly 5000 rhododendrons of 100 mu will open in April.
There are more than 1000 magnolias in the Magnolia Park, including Huangshan magnolia, Hongyun magnolia, Huanghua magnolia, Erqiao magnolia, ziyulan and Tianmu Magnolia. It is reported that Binjiang Forest Park has spring flowers and autumn fruits in spring, and flowers are blooming all the year round.
Traffic condition
■ Binjiang Park line
It is reported that Binjiang Park line stops at Gaoqiao station (starting station), Qingxi road and Longlu station, North Pudong Road station, oil refinery station, lujiazhai station, dunliangxiang station, hutangqiao station, chenjiazhai station, Lingqiao station, Lingqiao new village station, cangfangbang station, Gongyuan road and Binjiang Gongyuan station (terminal station).
It is understood that tourists can take bus 81, 508, 602, 640, 793 and 962 to Gaoqiao and Gangcheng road

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