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Donghai film and television Park

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Donghai film and television park is located in Nanhui District, 72 kilometers away from the downtown of Shanghai. It is a film and television location shooting base with Shanghai style jointly established by Shanghai radio and Television Bureau and Donghai farm. It is also a leisure resort. Seaside, island, small bridge, flowing water, residence, memorial archway, Yamen and stage make you dizzy. You can also play a role here as a "movie star". After the completion of the first phase of the project, three areas of life, production and outdoor shooting have been completed.
163 beds in Donghai film and television paradise city Shanghai, 70 rooms in total
brief introduction
In the living area of Donghai film and television Park, there are 70 guestrooms with 163 beds, with restaurants, chess and card rooms, karaoke ballroom, billiard room, meeting room, satellite TV and other equipment. In the production area, there are 960 square meters of studios. There are many scenic spots in the scenic area, such as "old Shanghai Street", "Ming and Qing Street" and "Jiangnan Water Town".  There have been hundreds of films and TV series filmed in this base. With fresh air and elegant environment, the park has a complete set of accommodation and conference facilities, as well as rare seafood dishes. It is one of the best places for Chinese and foreign tourists to travel and relax in Shanghai. Now the first phase construction of the base has begun to take shape, with three areas of life, production and exterior. In the living area, there are guest rooms, meeting rooms, management office buildings, restaurants and supporting boiler rooms, bathrooms, garages, etc. Customers have 70 rooms, 163 beds, and equipped with dance hall, karaoke hall, billiard room, etc., to accommodate all levels of Chinese and foreign guests. In the production area, there is currently the largest studio with an area of 960 square meters in Shanghai. At the same time, there are various auxiliary workshops such as scene making, make-up, costume props, lighting, art workers, etc., which can adapt to the shooting of various theme films and TV plays. In the outdoor area, a 4200 square meter old Shanghai street was built in 1991, including "Jinling East Road" street, "western style" street, and nearly 20 shantytowns in Zhabei District of old Shanghai. In 1993, more than 8000 square meters of "Jiangnan Water Town" and "Ming and Qing Street" scenic spots were built in the park. There are rivers, isolated islands, folk houses, memorial archways, temples, yamen, stage and other buildings, which not only have the flavor of Suzhou and Hangzhou, but also have the characteristics of Zhouzhuang, with various styles and magnificent scenery.
Self driving
Downtown - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Luoshan road - Yingbin Avenue (A1 highway) - Yuandong Avenue (A30 highway) - Chuannanfeng highway - Sansan highway
Nanhui bus station takes Pudong No.7 bus (the original South Third Line) or Longyang Road subway station to Longdong special line.
Related film and television shooting
The first phase of Donghai film and television Park covers an area of 180 mu, which is similar to the Wuxi location base of CCTV, but also has Shanghai style.  Since its completion and opening to the outside world on August 5, 1991, Shanghai TV's "Shanghai family", Jiangsu TV's "half an adventurer", Fujian TV's "Li Fangge selling wine", Chengdu TV's "no regrets in life", Shanghai studio's "new Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", Pearl studio's "Liu Haisu", Taiwan's "no tears in the world", Hong Kong's "Huangpu" More than 130 foreign films and TV plays, such as Qing Qing, the hero of the Great Wall in Singapore and little Jones in the UK, have been concentrated. The construction of film and television base not only provides good services for film and television shooting, but also drives the development of tourism. Up to now, more than one million people have visited the base for sightseeing and leisure. The "one million greening" project completed in the previous two years has become another leisure scenic spot, where flowers, plants and trees grow in the air, fish are flying in the lake water, photos are taken for fishing, and the fragrance is fresh and elegant. At present, the park is actively expanding financing channels, cooperating with domestic and foreign businessmen to build new film and television cultural facilities. At that time, Donghai film park will be more spectacular. It can be predicted that the rise of an "Oriental Hollywood" film and television city will not be far away, and it will make a beneficial contribution to the development of film and television culture and tourism. We sincerely welcome more domestic and foreign film crews to take pictures in the park, and more domestic and foreign tourists to visit the park for leisure.

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